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GM Sattler
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Sun 14 Jul 2019
at 18:12
Character Creation
We will use the standard Starfinder creation rules with the following exceptions:

Don't worry overmuch about your starting equipment.  I'll handle that.

You will get two extra skill points per level and one favored/known skill.

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GM Sattler
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Sun 14 Jul 2019
at 21:00
Character Creation
Character Background

I'm not very invested in knowing what your family was or what they are doing unless it is integral to how you see your character.  The default assumption is that they are far away and contentedly living their lives.

What is your character afraid of?

What is your character trying to do?

How does your character typically interact with others?

Your character is special.  This is not in question.  But why?  What makes them different from another person of your race and class?