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Wed 31 Jul 2019
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Example post (What does a thread look like?)
Distant stars glitter coldly in the view port, crystal-clear pin-pricks of light blurred by the humidity inside.  Life support systems are failing, and the atmospheric refreshers have coughed to a stop hours ago.  The interior of the derelict cargo ship is dimly lit with the red-yellow emergency lighting that kicked in when the last of the fuel burned out.  Even the gravity plates are starting to fail, causing you to feel light-headed with the constant 'falling off a cliff' feeling that zero-G can give.

"Can anyo... ...me?  We desperately need... ASAP.  ...ond, over?"  The comms sputter in and out, relaying a distress call.  It could be someone in need of help, or a message set on automatic repeat by someone now dead and dust.  Still, focusing on the voice gives you something to hold off the oppressive feeling of isolation that has settled over you since you woke up.  If only you were truly alone...

"Why are you running?" whisper the voices again.  You want them to just leave you alone.  "You'll join us soon.  Everyone does.  Then you won't suffer any longer.  Soon soon soon soon.  See you soon.  See you find you catch you.  Sooner now."  Somehow you know they will never leave you alone.  Wishful thinking doesn't produce results.  Not here.

You need to get to the shuttle bays.  The map you scavenged from the network terminal doesn't show the collapsed passageways or inoperative lifts, but you know you're two floors away.  The pistol you took from the dead alien is uncomfortable in your hand, you lack the double-thumb that the grip was designed for.  Seven shots remain.  Not nearly enough, but it is all you have.

Ahead of you the corridor stretches, cluttered with debris and bodies and painted red with old injuries and the red emergency lights.  To your left, the airlock groans under the pressure of the heavy dying atmosphere of the ship.  You have to choose which way you will go.  Down the corridor and the hidden dangers that killed this ship, or test the mercies of the void with your damaged environmental suit.  Either way, you don't have much time.

OOC: If you decide on the ship's interior down the corridor, give me a stealth check, a perception check, and a navigation check with a logical skill of your choice.

If you decide to try the space-walk, give me a constitution saving throw DC 12 to hold your breath and a logical skill check to keep your suit from rupturing.

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Wed 31 Jul 2019
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Example post (What does a thread look like?)
The dangers inside the ship were unknown.  The void was a known, and one that Syzygy was not willing to face.  You couldn't fight back against physics, against inertia and zero degree temperatures.  You were at the mercy of the universe, and he was learning that there was no mercy to be found here.  Crouched in a low combat stance he began to glide down the corridor.  As he moved, he constantly scanned for threats.  A corner here, a half-open and jammed door there, there were enough vectors for an attack to keep his unfamiliar pistol constantly moving.

Beads of condensation began to form on the cracked visor of his suit and seeped into the microphone, causing it to crackle unpleasantly and making it hard to hear what was going on outside.  Lack of sleep and the constant feeling of being hunted had not helped matters any.  He felt the lack of food and sleep beginning to sap his strength and focus.  It didn't matter.  He would overcome this.  There was no doubt in his mind.

14:23, Today: GM Sattler, on behalf of Syzygy, rolled 15 using 1d20+8.  Stealth.
14:23, Today: GM Sattler, on behalf of Syzygy, rolled 6 using 1d20+4.  Perception.
14:24, Today: GM Sattler, on behalf of Syzygy, rolled 8 using 1d20+5.  Engineering to navigate ship.

GM Notes: Again, we're writing in the past tense just to keep everything consistent.  The player has chosen a course of action and begun it.  He made the checks the GM asked for in the previous post.  Noting an unusually bad perception check, he can go back and incorporate some reasons he might be doing poorly into the description of his actions.  However, it is important to note that the player does not decide whether or not the action is a failure or success unless the GM has already indicated such.  Examples might be through a private message to the GM, or if the GM has already stated the difficulty the roll is aiming for.

Highlighting the results of the rolls that you copy-paste from the dice roller can make it easier for the GM to scan through and figure out what is happening.

Whenever possible, try to end your post in a way that clearly indicates how you want to move forward.  Read your post and ask yourself 'if I were the GM, would I know what I'm trying to do?  How would I respond to the post I just made?'  If I had taken the first post and just posted about how tired the player character felt, that would leave the GM wondering what you are doing.