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GM Sattler
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Thu 15 Aug 2019
at 12:50
(Syzygy) Awakening
You don't know how long you've drifted in darkness.  There was no awareness of yourself, no awareness of the outside world.  There was simply the darkness.

Self-awareness was the first to return.  A sense of being, of person-hood.  Next was a sense of discomfort, of something being wrong.  A sense of heat and pain that seemed to be everywhere.  No, not everywhere, down, at the extremities.  Something... something was wrong.  Stirrings of consciousness, a sense that you had to react.  You try to escape, to retreat from the sensation that your body automatically categorized as a threat.  You brushed against something hard and cold and unyielding, in every direction.  Trapped!

The beginnings of panic set in.  Eyes unused to functioning cracked open, only to slam shut again against the unwelcome and unpleasant sensation of light.  Sounds, muffled and indistinct.  The burning sensation at your feet and shins continued to demand immediate attention.  Once again, your eyes slowly opened.  Cold... thoughts were coming easier now.  There were lines of frost, now melting away to run down glass.  You were encased in glass, a tube of some sort.  Cryochamber some distant part of your mind labeled it.  There was a jagged hole punched in the glass a short distance from your nose.  Dimly-defined figures moved on the other side of the glass, obscured by the frosted glass.  One of them was pushing something through the hole.  Something... that didn't make any sense at all.  Something that made you question whether you were dreaming or not.  First one, then two carrots were pushed through the hole in the glass.  Your feet burned.  Looking down, you saw that you were standing in shin-deep water.  Scalding-hot water.

Another of the figures outside pushes something large, almost the size of the figure itself, up to the hole in the glass and more scalding water was injected into your cryochamber.  Outside, something started giggling in a manic, high-pitched squeal.  Panic well and truly set in.  You have to get out!

OOC: Syzygy is trapped inside and must fight for his life!  As players, you have some narrative control.  One of the things about play-by-post is that back and forth with the GM can really take up a lot of time real-life.  To cut some of that down, you are given the ability to make up small details, provided that they don't contradict what has already been established.

The doors will not open.  The controls are dark and without power.  Look over your options Syzygy has, pick a way forward, roll a skill check or something similar to support your attempts.  Despite not knowing who you are, where you are, or how you got there, you have an instinctive knowledge of your abilities.

Syzygy has taken two Stamina and one Hit Point of damage from the scalding water.  This may progress if the exposure continues.

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Sun 18 Aug 2019
at 15:57
(Syzygy) Awakening
After taking a moment to settle his thoughts, Syzygy prioritizes his problems. He won't be killed by vegetables without some serious genetic modification on their part, but the rising burns are a serious threat. Syzygy begins to run his hands around the inside of his (cryochamber) pod. However, the reintroduction of the nozzle through the hole, again spraying him with scalding water, is enough to distract him from his search. It isn't enough to stop him from lifting his legs, wedging his knees forward and his feet back to lift himself above the level of the scalding water and raising his face above the hole and its hateful nozzle. "Danger below. No shadows, no hiding. Only way out is forward.", Syzgy thinks. He twists his shoulders as far to one side as possible. He then grabs the nozzle, pulling hard. Wrapping his hand around the nozzle in order to give his fist more weight, he punches with as much force as his confines allow at the weakened glass below the jagged hole...

OOC: Syzygy rolled 8 using 1d20+7.  Perception: locating release mechanism.
Syzygy rolled 11 using 1d20+7.  Perception: locating water source.
Syzygy rolled 21 using 1d20+10.  Acrobatics: escape attempt.

GM Sattler
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Fri 23 Aug 2019
at 00:43
(Syzygy) Awakening
The sharp blow was too much for the already stressed window to the cryochamber.  Already stressed with the extreme temperatures and cracks running from the hole punched in it, the usually tough material gave way.  Syzygy fell through a patter of safety glass, scraping his already scalded shins and feet.  On his way down, he knocked something or someone down from where they had been standing on a step ladder.  Both of you jumped to your feet at the same moment, and you came face to face with your tormentor.

"Soup is out!  SOUP IS OUT!"  It shrieked, running in a small circle and clutching at its glass-encased head in panic.  Then, realizing that it had to fight, weapons sprung into its hands as if on springs.  To Syzygy's right, another goblin was surreptitiously trying to sneak into his blind spot while wielding a sharp set of prongs and a meat cleaver.  Roughly fifteen foot square, with no signs of an exit, the room felt crowded.  The cryochamber took up about a third of the space, and various hoses, articulating arms, and tanks leave the ceiling height difficult to move under without hitting your head.  There were a number of plates and bowls set out suspiciously looking like a picnic.  Various tools were scattered around the small room, which was unlit.  Neither Syzygy nor the goblins seemed about to let that stop them though!

"Cold and dark and gloomy too
Goblins skulk and goblins chew
food we find icy and blue
We be goblins, you be stew!"

OOC: I'm going to try dispensing with maps as an experiment.  One of them is in front of you, one behind.

Roll initiative!  If you beat a 4, you can also go ahead and post your combat intentions.

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Tue 27 Aug 2019
at 17:04
(Syzygy) Awakening
The darkness means little to Syzygy, however, the enemies on either side of him meant a great deal. Not content to allow these greasy vermin to surround him, Syzygy considers his options. His mind made up, he feints an attack the goblin to his right, with two goals in mind. Firstly, it lets the little cretin know he's seen and the darkness will offer him no shelter; secondly, and most importantly, it allows the opponent facing him to advance recklessly. As soon as the goblin is almost in reach, Syzygy vaults over its outstretched arms into the space it just vacated!
Assuming an athletic stance, Syzygy flexes his hands wide, readying himself to beat these rubbery buzzsaws barehanded. At that moment, he realizes his situation has changed. Looking down, a survival knife has seemly materialized from nowhere into his right hand! He more feels and senses than actually sees the panel to the hidden compartment in his thigh slide back into place without even a click. Bouncing on the balls of his feet, he allows himself a small predatory smile. Things were looking up.

OOC: Initiative: Syzygy rolled 18 using 1d20+8 ((10))
Acrobatics: Syzygy rolled 11 using 1d20+10 ((1))

GM Sattler
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Tue 17 Sep 2019
at 01:30
(Syzygy) Awakening
Finding bravery in numbers, the goblins flinched and shuffled reluctantly into battle.  The one behind Syzygy gave a yell all out of proportion to its size in volume, only to jump back with its blade raised defensively while the other one brought its pistol to bear.  Its rediculously-oversized energy coil glowed a poisonous red light as arcs of lightning began to run along its exposed coolant network.  There was an audible whine rising from low to high octaves.  It kept going, the goblin's vicious grin fading to puzzled incomprehension before with a thunderclap of sound and force the weapon detonated in its hands.  Bits and pieces of goblin went everywhere, painting the room with bits of green and red viscera.

OOC: Welp.
GM Sattler rolled 8 using 1d20.  Goblin Melee.
GM Sattler rolled 1 using 1d20.  Goblin Ranged.
GM Sattler, on behalf of Syzygy, rolled 16 using 1d20+5.  Reflex Save.

I won't roll stuff on your behalf all the time, but sometimes I will to cut down on wasted time.  Especially things like saves that don't really need input from the player.  Go ahead and describe how you avoid the blast, then its your turn to act.

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Mon 30 Sep 2019
at 19:52
(Syzygy) Awakening
Seeing the energy coil on the goblin's gun pulse in time with the quickening whine, Syzygy had instinct-level reaction to seek cover. He put the bulk of the cryochamber pod between himself and his hapless attacker. Using the flash and noise from the resulting explosion as cover, Syzygy lunges at the remaining goblin!

OOC: Syzygy rolled 25 using 1d20+11 ((14)).  Stealth: Trick Attack
Syzygy rolled 5 using 1d20+3 ((2)).  Attack

Boo. With that low of an attack roll, I didn't bother with the damage roll.