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Distribute these scores:

+2, +1, +1, 0, -1



SMOOTH:     (INVESTIGATE and ASSESS) (Drifter cannot have lower than +1 here)

BRAWN:      (ATTACK and SHIELD) (Drifter cannot start with higher than +1 here)


On a 10+ you see the route or vantage point that will cause the least amount of harm to you (and your allies if you so choose) and YOU gain advantage against any foes in battle - add +1 HURT to all successful attack rolls. On a 7-9, you see the route or vantage point that will cause you the least amount of harm. On a failed roll you see nothing - but no harm comes to you just for looking, at least...

TRACKER - Nothing walks this land without you knowing where... all you need is time and something left by your prey. Once per day you may search for tracks or items abandoned by your quarry and use them to find exactly what you’re looking for.

At the start of each day you can choose to TRACK. Roll +SMOOTH.  On a 10+ hold 3, and on a 7-9 hold 1. You may use what you keep to ask any of the following questions to receive a truthful and detailed answer.

--Is this person or monster being truthful?
--Where do we need to be next?
--What is our prey’s motivation and weaknesses?
--Is there a less perilous route we can take to accomplish our goal?

PITCHFORK: 3 hurt - 2-hand, messy
WATER CANTEEN: holds 3 days' worth of water (9 drinks)
FOOLS GOLD: give this up to get +1 to a Trick roll.
TALL TALE: you've heard of this before... and that knowledge is valuable. (Give this up, and it turns out that The Tall Tale you heard explained this exact situation, scenario, monster, or curse in detail... and gives advice on how to handle it.)
BLOOD FROM A STONE: give this up for +2 vitality, and +2 to your next CREEP roll... OR use it to get +2 drinks of blood, if drinking blood is a thing you do...
GOLD- 10 pieces
BELL: a holy object, a symbol of hope.

You must take 3 drinks per day in order to survive. You may also trade a drink of water to change a roll to 12 or avoid harm.
Take four or more harm and you’re unstable.

They’re all the same - from town to town, waste to waste - these people bicker until there is bloodshed. You’ve survived each town’s demise, and you’ll survive this one.
You know two things to be true - this land will kill you, and it will do so because you are human. You get all the standard actions, but what exactly has kept you alive in the Casket Land for so long alone? Exactly what kind of survivalist are you...?

Choose one of these to start...

You know the land, you know what lives in it, and you know that to survive it, the only
option is to run.
If you choose to run and hide from a conflict - you receive no penalty, and no monster
will take an attack of opportunity against you.

You’ve seen things out here, and they have driven you mad. The only difference between
you and the madmen wandering the hills is that you hide your true nature slightly better.
You get +1 CREEP, and if you ambush or attack from a hidden place, you cause +2 HARM.

To survive, you must eat. At the beginning it was difficult, but after the first couple of times, the guilt faded and you began to crave the taste...
If you eat flesh from someone who's hurt, you regain health. Roll + BACKBONE. On a +10 you regain 2 VITALITY and damage your victim 2 harm, 7-9 you heal 1 hit and damage your ally 1 harm, however, on a miss, the victim you’re trying to eat gets an attack against you...

Where you go, death follows. You hide your marred skin and open sores under blankets
and bandannas, but the poison seeps through to any that would lay hands upon you.
ANYTHING (madmen, bandits, allies, monsters) that touches you immediately takes
+1 HARM.

You weren’t always wandering this place - long ago you belonged to the CULT OF CRUACH. You were ostracized and thrown out, but not before learning dark and terrible rituals.
If your enemy uses magic or rituals against you, Roll +CREEP. On a +10 you block their
attack and turn it back on them with +2 HARM added, on a 7-9 you successfully block
their attack... on a miss, +1 HARM gets added to the attack against you.