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PLAYBOOK: BARBACK (like a bartender, but not exactly)
PLAYBOOK: BARBACK (like a bartender, but not exactly)


Distribute these scores:

+2, +1, +1, 0, -1



SMOOTH:     (INVESTIGATE and ASSESS) (Barback may not have less than 0 here)



ON THE ROCKS - Take up to +3 bonus when you choose to SURVIVE. For each +1 you use, the Guide may choose to hold 1 - to use against you later.

IRRIGATION - If an ally or enemy ingests a liquid (even if itís just a drop) that youíve poured, you can attempt to control them. Roll +Trick. On a +10 they are completely under your control for 3 rounds. On a +7-9 theyíre under your control for 1 rounds. On a failure,
nothing happens.

BROKEN BOTTLE X2   ...1 hurt-- hand, messy
KNIFE: 2 hurt - hand, quiet
WATER CANTEEN: holds 3 days' worth of water (9 drinks)
GOLD - 30
HAIR OF THE DOG X2 you back 2 Vitality, and gives you +3 to your next BRAWN roll. (Unfortunately, drinking it also curses you with lycanthropy. You now need to feed on human flesh once a day, or (starting the following day) you'll become unstable until you do.)
LOADED DICE: You may reroll one of your rolls per day (resets at dawn).

You must take 3 drinks per day in order to survive. You may also trade a drink of water to change a roll to 12 or avoid harm.
Take four or more harm and youíre unstable.

Their mouths gape open, gasping for liquid. They dry out, skin chipping away, eyes shriveling in their sockets, dry tongue lolling for anything. So you pour them another glass of poison. They donít ask what you use to brew the thick ichor they shoot back, they just
ask for more...and you provide. Always.

Youíve poured for and poisoned enough people to know what makes them tick. But when youíre dealing with everyone elseís problems, you can forget who you are at your core. You get all the standard actions, but what exactly is bubbling just below your skin? What exactly is inside you...?

Choose one of these to start...

You have an inherent knowledge of where the water runs in this barren waste.
Once per day, you may tap into a hidden well to refill YOUR canteen entirely.

An addition of psychotropics to your brew has left all your bottles tainted with powerful
If you make physical contact with your BROKEN BOTTLE against an enemy or ally, they
begin hallucinate wildly. On a +10 they only deal harm to themselves throughout the
encounter. On a 7-9 they are unable to perform any actions for one round... on a failure,
they attempt to attack you.

This will be unpleasant. Luckily you have just the drink to steady your nerves.
You can choose to take a bracer shot (or give it to an ally) once per encounter. The
BRACER SHOT will give a -1 modifier to all stats, but the one who drinks it will only take one-half damage for the remainder of the encounter.

4 No. 9
Everyone knows it isnít whiskey, but theyíre all too sick from the fumes to ask further
You have three bottles of No. 9. When uncorked, they release a fume so powerful that it
can knock an enemy, or an ally, out cold in three rounds. Be careful.

Take a deep breath, cover your mouth, and pour one out for all who have fallen to the
Once per day you may pour a shot of DUST CUTTER onto the earth. This will allow you to control a DUST DEVIL for the remainder of the encounter.
Or, you may drink it, and get +1 for the rest of the day (until dawn) when dealing with the dead (or undead).

What we drink, we drink together.
When fighting a foe, if you choose to GIVE AID to someone, donít roll for any modifiers - you automatically help as though you rolled a +10.