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Distribute these scores:

+2, +1, +1, 0, -1


BACKBONE:   (SURVIVE or give AID) (Miner cannot have lower than 0 here)



CREEP:      (CONJURE) (Miner cannot have lower than 0 here)

TENSION - If you suffer +2 harm in a fight, you gain +1 to all rolls and hits until the encounter is over. For every 3 hits you deal out, deal +1 Harm to a member of your group (the Guide will explain how it happens in the story).

LEFT TO DIE - Once per day (restarts at dawn), you are able to call upon the spirit of one of your comrades lost in the cave-in. They rise up and join you as as an ally for the remainder of the encounter - their stats are the same as yours. At the end of the encounter, they disappear back into the earth.

PICK AXE: 3 hurt-- hand, messy
WATER CANTEEN: holds 3 days' worth of water (9 drinks)
GOLD - 20
TNT X6 ...3 hurt to a close-together group... loud, messy, backfire
DEAD MANíS HAND: give this up to add +2 to a CREEP roll...

You must take 3 drinks per day in order to survive. You may also trade a drink of water to change a roll to 12 or avoid harm.
Take four or more harm and youíre unstable.

They sent you down into the darkness to gather meaningless trinkets that caught the light and left you there to rot. The things you saw down there, the things you did to survive... youíre above ground now, but youíll never truly leave the tunnels...

They left you there to rot but you learned secrets in decay. You get all the standard actions, but what sort of things did you learn down there in the dark...?

Choose one of these to start...


The earth couldnít stop you, what makes these fools think they have a chance?
No matter how many hits you take during an encounter, you keep fighting until itís all
over. You donít take status conditions nor go unstable until the fight is over.

All that time alone amongst the dirt and rocks...At first you thought you were hallucinating, but now that youíre back above ground you realize that they truly are at your beck and call.
You are able to call up small-medium sized rocks and use them as a projectile weapon
(+2 harm, ranged, messy, +1 backfire against all allies).

The air went foul in those tunnels, yet you survived. You became immune...and then you
began to emit the very toxins you sucked into your lungs.
When you exhale, you breathe out a potent toxin that both causes POISON and SUFFOCATION. The focus of your breath loses -1 VITALITY every round of the encounter, and all others around you lose -1 VITALITY every two rounds.

The food ran out, and after you ate what remained of your fellows, you turned to the soil around you. It spoke to you, and traded you control for a piece of what remained of your humanity.
Once per day, you are able to create a homunculus made of mud and dust (4 VITALITY, +4 HARM, ranged, loud, unreliable, +1 backfire against ALL allies). It rises from the earth, but pulls it out from under all around you.

You gave some of your breath to something in the darkness, and it breathed back destruction into you.
You are able to exhale a concussive blast. +3 HARM, ranged, loud, +1 backfire against
2 of your allies (the Miner must choose which two).

You began to crumble underground, and now the ground around you crumbles in response.
Your rage causes the earth to crumble around your enemies. Roll +BACKBONE. On a +10 the ground crumbles around two of your enemies, and traps them within it for one round. On a 7-9, the earth also crumbles around one of your enemies - causing +2 harm. On a failure, your rage takes over you and the earth crumbles beneath your feet, causing +2 backfire and trapping you for a round.