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Distribute these scores:

+2, +1, +1, 0, -1


BACKBONE:   (SURVIVE or give AID) (The Fool cannot have lower than 0 here)

SMOOTH:     (INVESTIGATE and ASSESS) (The Fool cannot start with higher than +1 here)

BRAWN:      (ATTACK and SHIELD) (The Fool cannot start with higher than +1 here)

CREEP:      (CONJURE) (The Fool cannot have lower than 0 here)

SELFLESS - When you behave selflessly and attempt to save an ally or enemy, you may inflict +1 Harm on your next attack.

MANíS BEST FRIEND - Out in the Casket Land you fed your scraps to the coyotes that stalked you. Your kindness did not go unnoticed. One remains at your side, always... and to summon others, all you must do is howl. Your coyote always fights beside you (with the standard moveset for ALL coyotes), but once per day (resets at dawn) you may howl to summon 2 more to fight by your side for the duration of a combat.

--WALKING STAFF: 2 hurt-- hand, loud
--KNIFE: 2 hurt - hand, quiet
--WATER CANTEEN: holds 3 days' worth of water (9 drinks)
--GOLD - 20
--BELL: a holy object, a symbol of hope.
--WRAPPINGS: Regain 1 Vitality... unless you take them off before two days have passed, in which case you'll lose that 1 Vitality, and 1 extra, too.
--DOWSING ROD: use this up and roll 1d2. On a 1, you find enough water for 4 drinks. On a 2, you find 5.
--TALL TALE: you've heard of this before... and that knowledge is valuable. (Give this up, and it turns out that The Tall Tale you heard explained this exact situation, scenario, monster, or curse in detail... and gives advice on how to handle it.)
--DEAD MANíS HAND: give this up to add +2 to a CREEP roll...

You must take 3 drinks per day in order to survive. You may also trade a drink of water to change a roll to 12 or avoid harm.
Take four or more harm and youíre unstable.

Someone had to wander into the Casket Land and chart its ley lines...find its wells...mark its inhabitants. What you did you did for the good of all - and in returned they stripped you of your name and called you fool.

You willingly walked out into the wilderness, your destiny unknown even to you. But what you did know, what youíll always know, is what fate befell you in the Casket Land.

Choose 1 to start with...

We are in this together. You know this more than any other person wandering this waste, and your compassion has drawn others to your aid.
Enemies will ALWAYS attack you last, and will have a -1 modifier to any hits they deal
against you.

The caskets seem to be placed at random, but you know better. Youíve studied the pull
that the land exerts over all who traverse it, and you understand how to use it to your
You know which path is safest to travel, and what sort of creatures call it home. Take (an extra) +1 to SMOOTH when it comes to the inhabitants of, or the paths across, the Casket Land.

Your purpose is to help others survive - and youíll do whatever it takes to make sure they do...even if it means sacrificing yourself.
When you put yourself in harmís way to save your group, roll +BACKBONE. On a +10 all your enemies are stunned by your selflessness for a round, on a 7-9 half the monsters are stunned for a round, and on a failure they attack you first.

You wandered so long that you went mad, becoming one of the madmen that takes residence in this place. came back from the brink, and now you see things clearly.
Your madness granted you the ability to control a specific element (such as DIRT, BLOOD, DISEASE, or DUST). This can only be used to intimidate, or aid in escape.

The person you used to be was consumed out there in the waste, and now the skin fits
loose around your new, terrifying form.
You are able to shapeshift once per day into something terrible... it might take the shape
of an animal, it might take the shape of a monster... but during this time you get +1 to
INVESTIGATE or SURVIVE and +1 to all attacks... but you lose -1 TRICK.

You wonít die until your purpose is reached, youíll come back over and over until itís
At the start of the game, you pick a purpose for your existence in Casket Land (besides Survival). You cannot die until youíve achieved your primary goal (that isn't Survival) - but each time youíre revived from the darkness, you bring a little of it back with you, slowly turning you into either a MADMAN or a HARPY.