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--Act as though you intend to survive Casket Land.

-- Take risks to reap the rewards.
-- Work with-- or hinder-- your allies, to achieve YOUR end goal (whatever that might be).


All right, this one seems like a given. And it probably is (though not necessarily). But whether you pick this one or not, you need at least one other goal than this, too. But even if you do choose this, you still have to decide what's more important to you-- this, or your other goal or goals?

The others (pick 1, 2, or up to 3):

--Get rich.
--Make people owe you-- money, or favors, or both.
--Learn secrets (specify):
----about a person or people
----about the Casket Land and the things that live there
----about reality
----about the past
----about the future
--Save souls (for others, or maybe just find some way to save your own).
--Bring law to the lawless places-- which is to say, pretty much anywhere and/or everywhere in the Casket Land.
--Find a way to save the Casket Land.
--Do what you need to do that will allow you to feel (specify):

--Do what you need to do that will allow you to stay alive but stop feeling. Or stop remembering. Or both.

After you have your 1, 2, 3, or 4 goals (depending on if you chose Survival as a goal or not), then you have to prioritize them. Which is/are most important to your character?

Order them:
1 (most important):
2 (next most):

Of course, maybe you don't have 4 goals. Maybe you only have 3, or 2, or even 1, if you didn't pick Survival.

Whatever your #1 goal is: You MUST work on achieving that goal. If it comes down to furthering that goal and screwing over an ally? Fine, maybe you decide that that ally is more important THIS time. But you'll be coming back to that number 1 goal. It hasn't seen the last of you-- not at all.

You may change your goal or goals, or re-prioritize, between missions. But you always have to have at least 1 goal.

If you didn't choose Survival? Then your character living or dying isn't so important to that character. Your character has seen some serious s***, all right? But if your character's #1 goal isn't Survival? That means that your character's #1 goal is REALLY, REALLY important. Play the character that way. I mean it.

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