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TRICK - Determines how charismatic, collected, or skilled you are at the art of deception. This is used as a modifier when you roll to MANIPULATE, TRICK, BRIBE someone or something.

BACKBONE - Determines how calm and even-keel you seem. It acts as a modifier for when you want to SURVIVE or GIVE AID.

SMOOTH - Determines how perceptive you are. It acts as a modifier for INVESTIGATE and ASSESS.

BRAWN - Determines your strength. It acts as a modifier for ATTACK and SHIELD.

CREEP - Determines your ability to do the jobs society has determined too dark, sinister, or ghoulish. It acts as a modifier for CONJURE.


SURVIVE (backbone) - Itís the only thing you can do. To be used when your character needs to attempt a
dangerous or difficult action that doesnít fall into any other moveset.
--Feats of strength, climbing cliffs, jumping chasms, falling from heights and surviving
--Showing grit against physical difficulty, taking a stand against an enemy or environment, resisting the elements

GIVE AID (backbone) - Youíll need all the help you can get - so give it. When an ally needs help, you can give aid. If you are successful, their chances for success will improve.
--Bandage or heal wounds
--Join in on an attack
--Give a water ration

INVESTIGATE (smooth)- Much is unknown. If you wish to learn more about this world you will have to seek answers to the questions you keep.
--Explore a canyon, cave, wall, or environment in depth
--Assess the physical and mental threat of someone encountered in the Casket Land
--Open and explore one of the many caskets that fill the landscape
--Survey the land for good stuff to hide behind (or under?)

ATTACK (brawn)- To live is to fight.
--Attack an enemy with a weapon, or without.

SHIELD (brawn)- Protect your allies...or protect yourself.
--Put yourself between an ally and danger
--Use a weapon to block an attack

MANIPULATE, TRICK, BRIBE (trick) - There will always be suckers. When you need something done, or to
get an item, to hide the truth, or learn the truth, use every trick at your disposal. When you canít trick someone, pay them off. Bribing will help you gain items, knowledge, and turn blind eyes to your misdeeds - if the price is right.
--Attempt to make someone think that something is more valuable than it really is
--Intentionally lie or mislead
--Offer someone money to do what you want

ASSESS (smooth)- You will be put in danger. This will allow you to determine exactly, how much danger. What's going on, been going on, or is likely to go on...?
--Size up your enemy: take into account the weapons or physical features they have that could do harm
--Judge distance to a chasm, to a well, or the size of open and exposed spaces, and answer questions like "how long would it take to walk (or run) from here to there?"

CONJURE - Performing surgery, autopsies, poisoning, embalming, and occult rituals - this is for the creeping humans and monsters that use sinister items instead of blunt force.
--Use some ability or skill you possess to call up creatures or dark forces to aid you
--Use some ability or skill you possess to predict a future outcome or control elements
--Non-physical fortitude, resisting insanity, get the upper hand on dark forces, staving off some personal phobia

Survivorís Abilities rank from -1 to +3.
 -1 means you are not great
  0 means you are average
 +1 means you are adept
 +2 means you are quite skilled
 +3 means you are kind of amazing

Most of the time a Move will have explicit instructions for what to do when you roll the dice. Other times a Survivor might do something outside the mold. As a general rule the outcomes of such rolls can be broken out in this way.

10+ You do exactly what you intended

7Ė9 You do it, but something goes awry

6 or less That didnít go well at all! The Guide will dictate your fate.


LEVEL UP: When you roll a result of 6 or less, you get 1 XP.

If you survive long enough to amass 7 XP, you can level up (unless you are in combat or other immediate danger when it happens. If you are, you must wait until that combat or immediate danger is over to level up).

When you level up, you can either:
--Raise a Stat score by +1 (no stat can ever be higher than +3 this way)
--Talk to the Guide about getting a new Aspect

You may always choose to attack with one of your weapons, instead of one of your Moves. Each class is given specific weapons at the start of the game, but you may always choose to trade weapons or buy more if you feel you need them.

Life in Casket Land is a struggle, youíre either taking harm or giving harm. When a Survivor takes Harm, the Guide will explain what hurt them, how badly, and instruct them to mark a number of boxes on their Vitality tracker on their character sheet.

In order to heal Harm, a character must rest for one night or have another character Give Aid. If this is done, they regain +1 Vitality. First aid is a free action, but you can only receive it once per injury or status condition. (In other words, if you get shot for 2 harm, others Giving Aid can only give you back 1 Vitality, even if two friends are ready and willing to do so).

In some cases there may even be additional status effect caused by the Harm. POISONING, NECROSIS, MADNESS, MAIMING, BLINDING, BINDING, SUFFOCATION and EXSANGUINATION are all status effects that a character may suffer. Some effects can be treated with Items or Moves, whose descriptions will dictate how much Vitality is regained and how status effects are resolved.

If a Survivor ever receives more than 4 Harm, they are rendered UNSTABLE. An unstable character will slowly deteriorate until they are healed or killed. The severity and decline of an Unstable character is is left up to the Guide, who will use their best judgment when depleting Vitality from a Survivor - the Guide will do his or her best to remember to keep the game interesting and fun for all involved.

HOWEVER... if your character dies, you may create a new character... at the exact same level and amount of XP as your previous character. (After level 10, though, you might be on your own... We'll deal with that if and when we come to it...)

WATER: Water is your most important asset. At the start of your Manifest, youíll receive one full canteen of water (unless otherwise specified). Survivors must take a drink at least three times a day in order to stay stable, in the morning, at noon, and at night.

Survivors may also choose to take a drink in order to decrease the amount of Harm taken to 0 or change the outcome of a dice roll to an automatic 12...

ENEMIES AND WEAKNESS: Everything has a Weakness. Regardless of whether youíre fighting a Madmen, Bandit, or Monster youíre fighting something that can be killed. You need to exploit their Weakness in order to finish it off for good. If you know their Weakness, use that knowledge. If you donít, learn it through battle with an Attack or discern it through Investigation. If you defeat a monster without using its Weakness to your advantage, it will surely rise up again and return to seek revenge.

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poisoned characters lose -1 vitality every SOMETHING action, and -1 Vitality every game day.

Characters suffering from necrosis lose the SOMEHTING the end of the day

Characters suffering from Madness become more unSOMETHING each day. The Guide gest to determine what theis means in relation to the game. Eventually these characters will become Madmen of the Casket Land.

maimed characters lose -1 vitality due to blood loss each time they take an action, and lose the affected limb at the end of the day.

blind characters suffer a -2 to all moves except for Conjure. Blind characters get a +1 to all Conjure rolls.

bound characters cannot move.

suffocating characters suffer a -1 vitality every time they take an action, pass out after taking 3 actions, and die at the end of the day.

exsanguinated characters become weak and unable to attack, give aid, or SOMETHING until they consume blood. They lose -1 Vitalirt each day they go without consuming blood.

a list of terrible things:

1 arm or leg
2 eye ear nose mouth
3 internal organ
4 one of the five senses
5 reason
6 soul or spirit

1 removed
2 shredded
3 goes numb
4 lose control
5 diseased
6 corrupted