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Distribute these scores:

+2, +1, +1, 0, -1




BRAWN:      (ATTACK and SHIELD) (Sheriff cannot have lower than 0 here)

CREEP:      (CONJURE) (Sheriff cannot start with higher than +1 here)

THROW LEAD - Take your shot with your six shooter and shotgun.
Make sure your aim is true, and the chamber loaded... (On a shooting roll of 13 or higher, you do +2 extra damage. On a 12, you do +1 extra damage.)

LAW OF THE LAND - When you roll to Investigate or Manipulate, on a 13 or higher, whatever order you give a single intelligent individual (smarter than an animal), they must do it.

6-SHOOTER: 2 hurt-- close, reload, loud, messy, shoots 6/6 rounds
SHOTGUN: 3 hurt-- close, reload, loud, shoots 2/2 rounds
WATER CANTEEN: holds 3 days' worth of water (9 drinks)
GOLD - 40
1 PACK BULLETS - refills a 6-SHOOTER one time.
2 PACK SHELLS - each refills a SHOTGUN one time.

This is a lawless place - madmen and monsters maim and murder without fear of anything... anything but you. There is no truer shot, no stronger arm. There may be no justice here, but there is you.

You get all the standard actions, but exactly what sort of justice you will call down...?

Choose one of these to start with...


You have only your best interests at heart, but the law on your side. People do what you
want them to do or they eat dirt. To say youíre persuasive is an understatement.
Bodily harm, money, power...youíve fallen prey to them all - and you know how to use
them against others. Once a day you can use this knowledge to turn a roll to Manipulate, Investigate, or Bribe into a result that's one level higher (6 or lower becomes 7-9, 7-9 becomes 10 or 11, 10-11 becomes 12, 12 becomes 13).

Youíve saved one of the madmen or bandits youíll encounter - and they havenít
forgotten your sacrifice.
One of the MADMEN or BANDITS will switch sides to come to your aide for the rest of
the adventure.

Youíve killed, thieved, and tricked the best of them - and now youíve become the very
law youíve broken. But madmen and monsters arenít the only things hiding in the hills...
Youíve got a secret stash of 2 extra water canteens, 50 pieces of gold, and one
extra food ration hidden away. You can access this stash once per adventure, but
once you do, the whole party will know who you really are... and thereís no telling
what theyíll do.

In this place the law doesnít last long. Your predecessor died a violent death, but left
behind some extra bullets for you. Too bad they also left behind a town full of criminals
and a wasteland full of monsters.
Add an extra pack of ammo for your 6 shooters and shotgun to your items, and pray that you last longer than the sheriff that came before you.

Youíre the fastest on the draw, and your aim is true. Your unnatural speed has been the
talk of the town and wasteland surrounding it.
There isnít any madman, bandit, or monster that can out maneuver your superior reflexes. You ALWAYS get to act first. Always.

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