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Distribute these scores:

+2, +1, +1, 0, -1


BACKBONE:   (SURVIVE or give AID) (Barber cannot have lower than 0 here)


BRAWN:      (ATTACK and SHIELD) (Sheriff cannot have lower than 0 here)


CUT TO THE BONE -You can aim for a crucial spot on any madman,
bandit or monster you encounter. Roll +Brawn - on a 10+ you inflict +2 harm and they become unstable due to blood loss. On a 7-9 you inflict +1 harm. On a fail, your own weak spots
become open to your foe.

EXTRACTION - Your allies are able to trade you their teeth to regain hit points. One tooth = one hit regained.

RAZOR: 2 hurt-- hand, messy, quiet
SCALPEL: 2 hurt-- hand, quiet
WATER CANTEEN: holds 3 days' worth of water (9 drinks)
GOLD - 30
LEATHER STRAP: use this, and all hits you manage to give for the rest of the encounter do +1 harm.
MIRACLE BALM X2 ...regain up to 4 vitality!
CURE-ALL X2 ...regain up to 2 Vitality.
WRAPPINGS: Regain 1 Vitality... unless you take them off before two days have passed, in which case you'll lose that 1 Vitality, and 1 extra, too.

You must take 3 drinks per day in order to survive. You may also trade a drink of water to change a roll to 12 or avoid harm.
Take four or more harm and youíre unstable.

Shaves, haircuts, amputations and tooth extraction. You know enough to know that to heal, you must hurt. Itís a tough world out there, and the anesthetic has all run out. Bite down, power through, and remember... Donít. Miss. Twice.
Youíre a jack of many trades, and a plier of many remedies, but you are still only human. You get all the standard actions, but what sort of special medicine will you practice...?

Choose one of these to start with...

Two bits... will get you more information than youíd think. You treat all sorts, and you
know all sorts of secrets.
You know a secret code that will let you access hidden places and ONE secret about
a madman, bandit, or monster per adventure. Use it wisely.

Thatís the code. Line up your blade, and slice it clean. Someone elseís blood on the
ground means youíve kept all yours inside.
You have an extra attack move with your RAZOR once per encounter. If your attack is
successful, you gain +1 VITALITY for you or an ally.

There isnít anything left to dull the pain, but best you bite down on a piece of leather to
get through it instead of your tongue.
Once per day, you (or an ally) is able to play through an encounter after being seriously impaired.

Sometimes to become the perfect picture of health, you must deal in something truly
ugly. Whatís a little leech when youíre knocking at deathís door?
Once per encounter, all damage done to enemy combatants in a round can be re-distributed as VITALITY to your party members instead of damage to the enemy. NOTE: You decide who gets how much VITALITY.

Your razorís red sheen marks a job well done. You didnít miss, and as your enemies' bodies grow cold, you can rest easy knowing youíll live to practice your craft another day.
Once per day, all damage you deal gets +2 HITS, and you gain +1 VITALITY.

Itís not science - thatís why it hurts so much. Before your limited knowledge of preventing diseases instead of chopping off diseased limbs hurt you, but out here? In the casket land? Well, every vial of imperfect inoculation is one less threat youíll have to face tomorrow.
Add three vials of fatal diseases and three syringes to your satchel. You may use them
to poison a madman, bandit or monster. Roll +WEIRD - on a +10 your enemy dies
immediately, on a 7-9 they are infected and will die after 2 rounds, on a miss, they
become immune to the disease and make you unstable.