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Setting Rules

Gritty Damage
The streets of the sixth world are dangerous, Omae. Gritty Damage rules from the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition (SWADE) are therefore used. Soak rolls are still allowed as normal.

Starting NuYen
Characters start with 10,000 Nuyen to buy items and lifestyle with (they can take Rich or Very Rich Edge or Debt to increase this amount). Using points in character creation increase the amount by 5,000 each point.

Each player starts with either two Level 1 contacts or one Level 2 contact. Contacts are essentially NPC’s that the player creates, who can provide information and other services (For the right price, obviously. Nothing is free, Omae). Contacts are detailed in the Edges section, under Connections.

Skill Points
Each character begins with 15 skill points instead of 12.

Every character starts out knowing their native language, represented by a D8 in knowledge (*language*). Other languages must be bought as knowledge skills, linked to Smarts. Common languages are English, Japanese, Mandarin and German.