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Background and Setting
You have been Marked, joining the chosen few of humanity who possess the ability to wield the entirety of magic. With this power comes new opportunities but also dangers. You have not gained this power by chance but through the intervention of beings beyond the mortal plane. Their desires and motives are not always apparent but just as their mark is upon your soul so to is their hand upon your life.


The game will primarily take place within the Kingdom of Dawn, a feudal monarchy of middling strength. Dawn is divided into three fiefdoms with each fiefdom ruled by a Duke and/or Duchess and control of various areas within these fiefdoms delegated to Counts and Countesses and beneath them Barons and Baronesses.

Dawn has a population of ~400,000 individuals who are largely constrained to mountainous valleys and coastal rivers so that they can access clean water, fertile land, and maritime trade. Major cities are connected in a network of paved roads which give rise to steadily lesser roadways as you move from populated regions until eventually they become dirt roads and beaten paths which sparingly connected many villages and small townships.

Additionally, technology varies across Dawn. In distant rural areas people lead simple pastoral lives, making due with subsistence farming and barter for manufactured goods. In urban areas sewage systems, running water, and heated bath houses are common place. Doctors and other learned professionals are commonly found travelling between major cities while the rural areas rely on folk medicine and hedge doctors. The kingdom is even home to few academies which teach philosophy, logic, rhetoric, and medicine. Also while not a formal academic pursuit the beginnings of the natural sciences are studied by some. On the more esoteric side of advancement crude firearms can be found within Dawn. They are expensive and inaccurate in exchange for being exceptionally deadly. That said they are often collected only by nobles as a conversation piece rather than implemented in combat.

Beyond the mundane, Dawn is largely an untamed place. Its mountains, forests, and plains are filled with bandits and rogues, wild beasts, and monsters created of intentional and wild magics. Compounding this is the fact that the land of Dawn is ancient and forces which long predate the founding of the kingdom stir in their crypts, tombs, and ancient fortresses.


This game focuses on individuals who through no mechanism of free will have obtained the ability to use magic. What this means for their normal lives is yet to be seen but the magical world is always aware of those within its domain and it will not stay away for long. You may either rise to the challenges of your new life or be consumed by them.

This game is inspired by several sources including: Ars Magica, the Dresden Files RPG, Mage the Awakening, Dungeons and Dragons, and Powered by Apocalypse.

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