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Philosophy, Expectations, and Rules

I am hoping to tell a compelling narrative rather than simply arbitrating a game. To that end I treat the players as the agents of change in a world of my design. What they seek they will often find but not always without consequence. Due to the nature of the game players and their characters will be faced with opposition and compromise. This is not a game of built around fulfilling a need for power but one that deals with how someone uses power, especially when it creates as many issues as it solves. Because of this I am looking for roleplayers rather than "rollplayers". Emphasis is always on the narrative and those who aren't interested in investing quality writing to the game should not apply.


As the GM you can expect me to make regular updates to the game, each made with the intent of being substantial and meaningful as well as providing you with mechanisms to advance the plot or your own agenda. I will be responsive of your desires and try to work with you, within the limits of the system I've created, to make your experience an enjoyable one.

As players I expect you to bring quality posts to the game, to interact meaningfully with NPCs and other Players, and to make decisions and take actions which fit the narrative rather than the meta.


1. The GM has final say in all matters. If you disagree with my decision please PM me and we can discuss it. I will not humor OOC debate. Violation of this rule will lead to your dismissal from the game.

2. Keep IC and OOC separate. I do not expect you to agree with your fellow players at all times but I do expect that you separate your feelings as a player from those as a character.

3. Post in a timely fashion and announce absences. I will delete you from the game if you do not post in the game for 21 days without a given reason. During that time I will likely sideline your character as to not hold up the rest of the players. This serves as your official notice.

4. Be civil. Be civil with the GM and to each other. We all have to work together to tell an interesting story which can't be done with animosity.


For those who are interested please know that you do not need to understand the system in its entirety to apply. I understand how complex and perhaps daunting the system is. We will work through it together and you can learn while playing.

All that is required is that you adhere to the expectations and rules of this thread and have at least given a cursory glance at the threads.

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