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 GM, 41 posts
Mon 19 Aug 2019
at 15:10

10:05, Today: Storyteller rolled 9 using 1d20.  Monster Stealth to surprise PC.

No PC was surprised.

10:07, Today: Storyteller rolled 12 using 1d20.  Monster Initiative.


Phase 1
[PP 13] [PI 13] Lindros (At trance at A4)

Phase 2
Monster F4

Phase 3
[PP 14] [PI 11] Milo (Lying at B4)
[PP ??] [PI ??] Orlando (Lying at B5)
[PP 10] [PI 11] Shinma (Guarding at C6)
[PP 12] [PI 11] Tarascon (Lying at A5)

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 GM, 46 posts
Tue 20 Aug 2019
at 17:04
Lindros failed to post and is sent to phase 3.

Phase 2

The monster starts moving searching for its victim:

Action: Attacks to Shinma
11:58, Today: Storyteller rolled 18 using 1d20.  Attack of the monster.
12:02, Today: Storyteller rolled 3 using 2d4.  Damage done by the monster.

Movement: Moves to D5

Bonus: None

Free: None

Shinma loses 3 hit points.
 GM, 47 posts
Tue 20 Aug 2019
at 17:04
Phase 3 has started.
 Halfling Cleric, 9 posts
Tue 20 Aug 2019
at 17:24
In the commotion, Tarascon stood up but could not see anything in the dark, however listening to Sinma could pinpoint the enemy and attacked it at range.

12:21, Today: Tarascon rolled 21,16 using 1d20+4,1d20+4.  Attack against the monster with disadvantage.

12:23, Today: Tarascon rolled 4 using 1d6+2.  Damage.

Movement: None
 GM, 48 posts
Tue 20 Aug 2019
at 17:25
In reply to Tarascon (msg # 4):

Even in darkness the agile Tarascon coud attack and harm the monster efficiently.

The monster loses 4 hit points.
 Elf Wizard, 2 posts
 High Elf Wizard
Tue 20 Aug 2019
at 22:25
Lindros rouses from his trance and finds the monster moving to his south; "telum ignis" he whispers pointing his staff at the creature and a bolt of fire streaks through the air at it.

Action:  Cast firebolt

18:23, Today: Lindros rolled 10 using 1d10.  DMG.
18:23, Today: Lindros rolled 7 using 1d20+5.  Cast Firebolt.

Movement:  None
Shinma (Rik Deth)
 Half-Orc Paladin, 23 posts
 PP [10] PI [11]
 AC 18 | HP 12/12
Tue 20 Aug 2019
at 22:30
Shinma took a defensive stance and tried to keep between the creature's attacks and his comrades.

ACTION: Dodge.
 Human Fighter, 13 posts
 PP [14] PI [11]
Tue 20 Aug 2019
at 23:34
Milo graps his poleaxe and moves to B6 and swings at the creature.

Milo rolled 23,11 using d20+5,d20+5 ((18,6)).
Milo rolled 10 using 1d10+3 ((7)).