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Character Trailers
-a wonderful idea for show casing our characters-

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Character Trailers
"I am Raven. I know and I am knowing—I know and see life and death, expansion and contraction and I do not shiver and cry—I am unafraid." - H. Raven Rose

Cue BGM 1: Bis Aufs Blut (To the Blood) - DORO

The quote appears on the screen for a few seconds before the music begins.

The scene opens with many workers toiling away in an underground dust mine. The workers are of all sorts, though mostly human men. There are several Faunus of all sorts seen as well, working alongside the humans. There is the odd female worker, but they seem to be doing other tasks.

Dust crystals are carefully extracted from the rock and provide colourful illumination in the dark. Once extracted, the crystals are loaded into mine carts dedicated to each colour.

The shot focuses on a young woman hacking away at the rock with a pickaxe in each hand. The muscles in her back and shoulders flex and ripple with each strike, causing rock to fly off the wall. She dressed in heavy leather chaps which cover sturdy work pants. The belt on the chaps is thick with two rows of holes. The belt is heavy to support the two warhammers strapped to her belt. Even though they look like they could do far more damage than the pickaxes, she does not use them. Up top, she wears only a black sports bra in the hot conditions of the mine. Her hair is short and spiky, black with purple tinting, and on her eyes she wears a set of yellow goggles. Her midriff, arms and back, glisten with hard work. With each strike of the pickaxe, rock fragments deflect off her body, but she does not flinch. Beside her is a white helmet normally worn by the Foreman, though she chooses not to use it.

As the first song ends, she lets out a deep breath and wipes her brow, wiping some of the dirt from her forehead with her forearm. She takes a bottle of water from a worker and watches as a cart moves past them full of red dust. She smiles with pride and goes to return to work when sounds of panic are heard from deeper in the mine. She looks over in surprise as several frightened miners flee past her.

MINERS: Grimm! A tunnel wall collapsed! Grimm in the mine!

Panicked miners continue to flee away from the Grimm intrusion, but one person walks toward them - the young woman Raven Schwarz. Ahead of her, the glowing red eyes of Grimm can be seen.  A small spider Grimm rushes toward her from the pack and she slams the spike of her axe down on it's head, pinning it. She then brings down the other axe to drive it through the Grimm's head and killing it.

Cue BGM 2: Ravenheart - Xandria

A miner stops and grabs Raven's arm, trying to pull Raven away from the oncoming Grimm.

MINER: Mistress Raven! We need to get out of here and seal the tunnels!

Raven pulls away from his grasp and shakes her head.

RAVEN: Seal the emergency hatch behind me. I'll take care of it.

MINER: But--

RAVEN: Do it!

The miner hesitates a moment and nods, rushing off. As Raven looked further down the mine, several more spider Grimm can be seen coming into the light. She lets out a deep calming breath as she grabs Nimmermehr - her twin warhammers from her belt. She takes an offensive combat stance, waiting just a moment and then charging into the swarm.

Raven wades into the spider Grimm, meeting the first few with traditional one handed hammer blows, each hitting the small Grimm flush and killing them in one hit. As more come, she begins to spin and tumble more, using Nimmermehr's weight to increase her momentum and do more damage. A spider gets through her assaults and leaps at her head. She brings both hammers up just in time to catch the spider on them. She looks up at it with a smirk.

Raven tosses the spider up with her left hammer and then smashes it forward like a tennis serve with her right, using the recoil from a shotgun blast to make the hammer blow a blur. She grins as she watches the Grimm disintegrate, but then straightens up as she sees another wave of them. This time, they come on the walls and ceiling of the tunnel as well.

Nimmermehr splits into two and become a pair of nunchaku, each end weghing 15 pounds and held together by a chain. She twirls them around with surprising ease, swatting them with the flailing ends and using the shotgun recoil to increase the speed and power. She hooks one with the chain and tugs it from the ceiling and into a powerful knee strike.

As the wave of spiders becomes a tsunami, she twirls both nunchaku in front of her like props. She uses the shotgun recoil to get enough speed to actually propel her forward, taking out the entire tsunami. She transforms Nimmermehr into a pair of handheld four-barrel shotguns and takes out the remaining few with single barrel shots.

A full sized spider Grimm then appears, taking up the entire space of the tunnel. Raven reaches into a pocket on her chaps and pulls out a long strip of shotgun shells. She loads them into Nimmermehr and connects the two handhelds to form a rifle. She shouts as she fires at the large spider using all four barrels at once. The recoil causes Raven to slide backward with each blast, but she fires again and again. Finally, the Grimm falls just before it reaches her. Raven splits the rifle into two handhelds again and blows the smoke from the barrels.

A loud roar is heard deeper in the tunnel, coming from where the collapse that led the Grimm to enter is located.

RAVEN: You have got to be kidding me.

Raven lifts her goggles and looks back down the tunnel from where she came. Her eyes glow yellow and a POV shot, shows her vision zooming in like a telescope. She seems the miners sealing the tunnel just as she instructed. She lowers her goggles again and takes a deep breath. She walks down the tunnel and looks into the collapsed section.

Inside is a much larger chamber full of dust crystals on the walls and ceiling, giving an eerily beautiful glow. In the middle of the chamber is an adult Creep Grimm. It roars again as it sees Raven.

RAVEN: You're one ugly mother fucker...

Raven steps into the cavern and a side shot shows the size difference.

Raven charges the Grimm and attacks, but her blows are substantially less effective on a Grimm of this size. It swipes with its claws and sends her flying. She tries a few different tactics, but all with the same result. She grimaces as she finishes tumbling along the ground for the sixth time. She holds her side as a claw got through her aura and cut her skin.

She looks worried as the Grimm turns and stalks her like a predator toying with its prey. She becomes aware of a strong glow against her face. She turns her head and sees that, as fate would have it, she landed near a blue crystal with streaks of green running through it. She grins and with a strike of her hammer, she knocks it free from the rock and catches it with her other hand.

Raven charges the Creep, serving the crystal forward in a tennis style as before. The crystal hits the Grimm in the front of its head and shatters, causing ice to begin to spread. She uses the Grimm's distracted state to rush under it's body. She uses the recoil assisted hammer strikes to smash it's left knee, causing that leg to buckle.

The Grimm continues to try and attack her blindly as ice covers its eyes, but Raven can now easily dodge. She runs up the tail of the beast and onto it's back. Seeing how much the ice is covering its head, she smirks. She leaps into the air, using the shotgun recoil to get dozens of feet into the air, nearly touching the cystals on the roof of the cavern. She tucks into a tight flip, firing off four more shots to become almost a blur as she falls back toward ground. Just as she reaches the Grimm, she untucks and swings down hard with both hammers. She strikes true on the ice covering its head, shattering the frozen parts. The Grimm slumps to the floor and disintegrates as Raven walks away, breathing heavily. The song ends.

As Raven exits the cavern back into the mining tunnel, her scroll vibrates. She pulls it out and sees a text message from her younger sister Macha.

"Father wants you to attend the gala dinner this evening. Lots of great food~♡! You need to be fitted for your gown. Please don't leave me alone with our older sisters. You know how they get at these functions. (◕︿◕✿)" - Macha

RAVEN: Boring.

She rolls her eyes and types a quick reply. "Sorry, sis, working a double at the mine."

She pockets her scroll and ignores the reply as she goes to check on the miners.
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Character Trailers
For a few moments, there's only silence and a black screen. A crimson wolf's eye opens along with a howl before fading away to the shattered moon glimpsed through leafless trees.

Camera pans down to the pathway, broken twigs and old, half-rotten leaves flickering barely in a whistling wind.

They're disturbed by a foot smashing through them and the camera follows a young boy running through the path, panting loudly, eyes wide in fear as he glances behind him.

Four beowolves chase him through the path and between trees as he scrambles to escape, his panting grows louder and he looks behind him once more, claws flashing towards him.


Camera focuses back in on the child lying on the ground, looking over his arm, camera pans over.

Music Begins: Sign - Berserk

Camera pans up a large black and silver coffin and to the stockinged legs of the girl standing on top of it. Her cloak flutters, revealing the previously attacking beowolf, head crushed under the base of the coffin. Her skirt flutters in the wind and it snaps around to show the lower half of her face, the rest shrouded in shadows.


Her face flashes into a feral grin, revealing sharpened teeth as she kicks the coffin, dropping down and sliding her arm into a series of grips on the back of it. She spins, hefting the coffin up, revealing the silver embossings on the front of a pair of axes crossed and wrapped in chains and the words 'Cry Havoc' underneath.

As she spins, a large barrel slides out of the top of the coffin and several vents spring out along the sides. When her spin finishes she's wielding the coffin like a tonfa, cannon barrel pointed to the ground just past her wrist and her body low to the ground in a predatory stance.

The camera snaps up to her face and her single, burning red eye, the other hidden behind her hair and seemingly an eyepatch.


The beowolves and Scarlet launch at one another at the same time, the first is struck in the face by the barrel of her cannon and driven into the ground, undergrowth and earth crunching under the force of the blow. This swings Scarlet's body up and she flips forwards, pushing off the wolf and avoiding the second before hammering the side of the coffin down into the third, knocking it down and away.

As she lands, she spins and ducks under the second wolf's next attack, driving the barrel up into its stomach and pulling the trigger. A thunderous explosion echoes out, twigs and leaves flying from the cannon shot and the beowolf is sent into the sky before a brass casing is ejected from the bottom of the coffin.

Camera cuts away to show more wolves running into the battle from the trees, snarling and howling and getting into a circle around Scarlet. The girl crouches once more and spins the coffin around so the barrel is pointing backwards.


There's a moment of near silence as the wolves and girl regard one another before the music begins again.


Scarlet fires the cannon, the shell hitting a beowolf behind her before launching her forwards to slam the base of the cannon into the head of another wolf, pulping it. She kicks off its body and takes a hit on the coffin, deflecting it before slamming her heel down onto another wolf, knocking it aside. As she lands she rotates, driving the coffin into the side of a wolf and knocking it away.

Suddenly she ducks, a beowolf flying over her and flicks the coffin, aiming the barrel up and firing. This creates another shockwave, launching dirt and twigs into the air and blowing a hole in the beowolf.

As the dirt settles, the camera is behind a beowolf whose head violently explodes, revealing Scarlet has rotated the coffin once more, the wolves dance back and she slams the coffin down, kicking the lid open.

Whirring machinery and strange pipes of various colours run through the inside of the coffin and Scarlet flicks her cloak back, revealing the twin ammo slides down her back. She takes out four shells before loading them into the cannon and snapping it shut.


There's a flash of white and Scarlet slams into a tree, using the coffin to weaken the impact and shattering the tree behind her as she drops to the ground.

The camera turns to reveal a Beowolf Alpha, black smoke dripping from its maw.


Scarlet dives away as the tree she was at explodes under the beowolf alpha who leaps after her again. She ducks under several blows and rolls to the side, pulling herself up onto her hands and feet before being forced to throw the coffin in the way, launching her backwards and into another tree.


The girl gets to her feet, rolling her neck and letting out a snort of rage as the music builds up again.


This time Scarlet takes the offensive, leaping in and hammering several heavy blows into the Alpha. Bursts of air and shudders through the ground emphasise the force of the blows but they barely do more than make the Beowolf take a step back.

She hops up, kicking off one of its paws as it tries to claw her and bringing the cannon around to launch a shell into its face. It flinches and the blast sends her flying backwards. She turns and lands on a smaller beowolf, blowing it to pieces with another blast before going forwards into a roll and coming to her feet.


She sighs and her body goes loose before everything around her starts to darken and pulse. The beowolves lose their colour, turning grey and muted, the trees seem to shrivel up even more, even the light of the moon fades.

Scarlet's own colours however turn more saturated and vibrant, seemingly staining out into their surroundings, her eye gleaming and turning lupine in the shadows under her hood. Her cloak and hair flutter and flicker in a new wind and the leaves and dirt picks up around her, howling echoing through the trees, the intense shadows seemingly moving in large wolf-like silhouettes. The silver of her coffin glows even more revealing darker words under the initial two.

'Let slip the Dogs of War'


She crouches, her colours leaving a trail behind her and gets back into her predatory stance for just a moment, the music itself even fading and becoming tinny and near impossible to hear.


The music bursts into life again and Scarlet launches her coffin into the air with a burst of air before dashing forwards. Her speed is much greater this time and she hops up, kicking off the head of an opportunistic beowolf and sending it hammering into the dirt.

She flips in the air and lands on all fours as she charges forward, her features seeming even more wolf-like, her hair flicking backwards to reveal the crimson wolf's eye emblazoned on her eyepatch.

She leaps forwards and smashes both her hands into the Alpha, forcing it to take a step back before she jumps upwards, a smear of colour and leaves following her.

Above her, the coffin catches the light of the moon, glittering as it rotates and she catches it, turning in perfect time to land on the Alpha's face and drive the cannon into its maw.

There's an infernal blast of energy and the Alpha's head explodes.


The music fades and Scarlet lands on the ground as the other beowolves scatter. She turns and loops some hidden chains of the coffin over her body before starting to walk away.

The boy stands up behind her and she turns her head, single eye gleaming as she grins at him.

She opens her mouth to speak but the words turn to smoke in the middle of the screen as it fades to black.

"I'm the real Alpha, pup, never forget that. Now scram." -Scarlet Valois
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 We walk on Hell
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Character Trailers
"In this world, we walk on the roof of Hell, gazing at flowers" ~ Kobayashi Issa

The screen fades in on a picture of a broken moon, the only sounds heard the sounds of night. The camera then begins panning down, showing a snowy landscape, the ground visible even under the moonlight. On it, a girl is walking, soft footsteps barely heard in the cracking snow as she looks around as if searching for something.

And then, all of a sudden, she stopped, dead silent as she listens to the sound of the forest. A forest that was as silent as she. A hand went to her chest, then slowly raised a mask to her face, attaching it to the two horns on her forehead that marked her as a faunus. Growls could now be heard of a Beowolf pack moving to surround her. Not a large one, she guessed six in all, but mixed among them were the heavier steps of something larger.

The girl ran for a small clearing further up ahead, but two Beowolves stepped out on the path to block her. Drawing one of her swords at a run, she threw it at one of them, but the Grimm swiped its claw to send the blade upwards. She evaded to that side of it, driving a second blade into its armpit and using the hold to leverage her momentum in a semi-arc, before a third blade decapitated the beast from behind. A kick kick to its dissipating chest wedged her blade free, and she turned her landing into a low spin, building up momentum to slice one of the legs off of the second Grimm in passing. It would heal, but by then she would be at the clearing. On the way there, she caught her third sword in passing, before her boots skidded to a halt on the snow of the clearing.

She saw three Beowolves in front of her, which meant that with the one whose leg was still reforming, there was still one unaccounted for. She would need to be careful of that one. Plus, there was still the heavier Grimm she had heard. Before the other would be able to blindside her however, she would need to thin the numbers a little more in her favor.

She drew her swords, and they reformed into a large shuriken, which she threw at one of the Grimm. It was poorly aimed however, going a decent amount wide. The Grimm, seeing this as well, figured her now unarmed, and jumped forward to advance upon her.

The girl balled one of her hands into a fist, and made a pulling gesture. A line connecting the shuriken with a ring on her middle finger glinted for a moment as it pulled taut, and the weapon changed direction, now tilting and going in a horizontal arc, tearing through the legs of the advancing Grimm. A second pull at the string had the weapon return to her before she tossed it upwards. This time, a gust of wind seemed to catch the weapon, and when the string was pulled, it was the girl who moved, out of the way of the legless Grimm crashing on the ground, claws flailing wildly through the air where she had been.

Up in the air, she caught the weapon again. One blade came free, which she tossed up, while two others now reformed into a fan. A crystal glowing a soft red appeared in her hand, which she inserted into the weapon, which in turn made the fan glow in that same red. She yanked at the fan, and a gust of wind tinged with fire came down from above at the three legless Grimm, slamming into their backs with no hope of dodging. The scent of burning Grimm hovered in the clearing for a moment before that too dissipated, along with the dead Grimm.

The fan came undone again and she tossed one sword down, hitting the ground where the snow had started to melt a little before she landed on the hilt, pausing a brief second to catch the blade she had tossed up in her other hand. She looked straight at the place the heavier footsteps had last come from, needing to catch her breath for a moment as beads of sweat appeared on her face. The bear-like Grimm growled, and begun to advance.

She somersaulted back, again briefly juggling her blades to free up a hand, so that she could draw the third sword from the ground and have the shuriken reformed in an instant. She tossed it again, the arc as wide as when she had fought the Grimm, which caused the Ursa to be wary of it. But when the weapon went too far, it began approaching again in confidence, a hungry glint appearing in its eyes. Behind the mask, the girl smiled, and pulled the string again, causing the blade to again begin a horizontal arc.

While the blade was too far to have the shuriken catch the Ursa's legs, the string still could, and basic momentum had the weapon circle around the Grimm, winding the string ever tighter around it, binding its legs, before having reached high enough to begin binding its arms to its side. It was then the girl sprang forward, moving quick as the wind. A moment before she reached it, the string ran out, and one of the blades on the shuriken slammed into the Grimm's chest. She reached up to the weapon, unhooking the two still free blades from it, before using its stomach as a foothold to jump up, and land on the blade impaling the Grimm's chest. A brief twirl of the blades, and she held them at either side of the Grimm's neck as it began to fall backward, pushed by the girl's momentum. In one movement, she sliced its head clean off, somersaulting back again to land on the ground as it hit the ground, dissipating a moment before her third blade fell onto the snow. A fourth Grimm, the one that had been hiding, decided to take that moment to flee, and the girl's shoulders slumped slightly in relief.

- "Whew... Close one."

She collected the third blade and crouched on her knees, gently digging into the snow where the Ursa's path would have taken it in. A wild growl was heard from behind her, a Grimm appearing with one leg still smoking from the regeneration aftereffects, its gaze too filed with rage to consider retreat. It jumped at her, but her shuriken had already formed, and she threw it behind her in an underarmed swing, immediately pulling the string to have it spin and hover in the air behind her momentarily. The Grimm, still in mid-jump, no longer had a means to dodge it, and the weapon sliced it cleanly in two, both halves crashing to the ground where the girl was still knelt.

She took a deep breath, and resumed gently brushing the snow aside again. There, in front of her, were several plants bearing yellow flowers. She dug out a few as best she could in the cold ground, before standing up to head back from where she came. The screen darkened to a transition of her arriving at a village, and heading into one of the houses. An older woman took the flowers and picked the leaves, throwing them in a put of water that had already begun to boil. Further up, coughing was heard, and a young boy could be seen in a bed with a wet towel on his head, running a fever. The villagers fretted over the child as he slowly drank a bowl of the liquid, while the girl went outside into the snow again, to continue her journey.
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Character Trailers
For those unwilling to brave the fire, the only alternative is darkness.;index=4&t=0s



The camera tracks through the center of the illegal gambling hall. The way the patrons glance in the direction of the camera implies that it is POV, but the shot remains steady and direct. A door sits closed at the end of the path.


The camera cuts to the other side of the door, which opens to allow two young women to enter, followed by a trio of well dressed muscle behind them. The camera swings to capture a large desk in the center of the room, where the lead female visitor drops a heavy looking bag onto the polished surface that clinks with the coins inside. A well dressed woman sits at the other end of the desk, her eyes slowly moving from the bag back to the lead female.

                FLOOR BOSS, FEMALE
        And what is this pray tell?

                KIKU YUKIMURA (lead female)
        Two weeks ago my sister took out an ill advised loan from your organization to pay for the medicine for her ill father. This is the amount borrowed. The debt is paid.

                FLOOR BOSS
            (incredulity creeps into her voice, matching a sardonic smile)
        Cute, but that's not how this works young lady. See, part of any loan is the interest, so what your sister over there owes me is a bit more than what she borrowed.

            (shaking her head)
        No. You took advantage of her when she was at her most desperate. You are lucky I chose to honor even the original amount. The debt is paid.

                FLOOR BOSS
            (leaning back in her chair)
        Boys, show our brash young flower maiden here, cute outfit by the way, just how little bargaining power she has.

The three thugs advance, causing the other girl with Kiku to whimper and retreat. Kiku, on the other hand, has no such reaction. Instead, she stands steady, her gaze locked on the floor boss, seeming to ignore the men at her back.


The first man, Fighter A, puts a heavy hand on Kiku's shoulder, and then she is immediately in motion. She slips backwards, to the side of her attacker, and comes up behind him. A quick kick to the back of his knee begins his fall forward, which is then helped when Kiku places a hand on the back of his head and slams his forehead into the heavy desk. With a crunching sound he groans once before collapsing into a heap on the floor.

The other two, seasoned fighters, realize that it is a mistake to underestimate this woman and attack in earnest. Fighter B throws a series of quick jabs that Kiku simply avoids with an economy of movement that border on the supernatural. Fighter C, believing his opponent is distracted, comes up behind for a bear hug. Kiku intercepts the left hand of Fighter C as he tried to wrap his arms around her, pulling back on the thumb and causing him to roar in pain. Still holding his thumb she began rotating his arm, forcing Fighter C to start bending forward. Kiku then brings her knee up into his jaw, abruptly cutting off his screams. He collapses next to Fighter A, a trickle of blood escaping his lips.

Still standing on one leg, her knee held high, her right hand shoots out, her index and middle fingers striking Figher B's eye as he tries to take advantage of her apparent divided attention. He falls backwards, his hands coming to his face, all fight gone even though he is the only one of his companions still conscious.

            (lowering her foot back to the floor and turning to face the floor boss)
        The debt is paid.


The floor boss, looking unimpressed, begins clapping.

                FLOOR BOSS
        Damn, little girl. Guess they teach you more than just fancy dancing and how to make tea at that little shrine of yours.

The floor boss then rises to her feet. As she begins walking around the desk she activates some kind of trick weapon, a tonfa settling into each of her hands.

                FLOOR BOSS
        But they seem of have neglected your maths. So, let me make this clear, the debt is paid only when I say it's paid.


The attacks from the floor boss are lightning fast, jabs with the tonfa that would have broken ribs. But as with the attacks from Fighter B, Kiku seems to flow away from the violence like water. As she does, she straightens her wrists, allowing the thin bracelets that adorn her arms to fall into her palm. Then she brings her hands together, holding each bracelet between two fingers. With the activation of her semblence a staff begins to form in her hands, like its disintegration is being played in reverse. When the weapon has completely reformed the eight bracelets are now embedded in the head of the staff, a soft chiming sound heard as they clink against the crown. The entire process take only a moment, giving the floor boss no opening to take advantage of.

Now armed, Kiku begins to counter attack. The vicious attacks made against her begin to clack softly with the sound of wood on wood. But as the floor boss attempts to push forward she finds the staff now blocking her progress. Quick downward strikes with the weighted end of the staff almost crush bone; would have crushed bone had the floor boss not begun to retreat. Within moments it's clear that Kiku has the superior reach and the superior technique needed to use that reach. She is toying with the floor boss, and her opponent knows it.

Rage now clouds the features of the floor boss, which turns to desperation as she lunges forward. This is what Kiku is waiting for, that moment when her opponent loses all hope. She doesn't like toying with her opponent like this, but it is necessary. Her opponent needs to understand that Kiku is simply better than she is. This is the only way the situation doesn't just lead into an endless cycle of vengeance.

Kiku easy avoids the clumsy, desperate attack. Her counter brings the head of her staff down hard on the right arm of the floor boss, not just breaking bone but shattering it. The floor boss screams out in pain and drops, craddling her arms and staring up and Kiku. There is still rage in her eyes, but it now wars with fear. A moment later, fear wins.

                FLOOR BOSS
        The debt is paid.

Kiku bows but says nothing. Then she turns to leave, the other young woman rushing to not be left behind.