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The Professor
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Sat 20 Jul 2019
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Academy Courtyard
In front of the wide spanning Academy, beyond the ivory gates, is an enormous Courtyard, with a large fountain standing in the centre and spraying water in intricate patterns, with a cooling spray to rain upon the area on the hottest of days. This is the area most frequented by students not in classes, many often found hanging around, studying in the sun, eating together outside. The area is simply always overflowing with the sounds of chatter and laughter.

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The Professor
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Sun 21 Jul 2019
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Academy Courtyard
From the balcony overlooking what is for all intents and purposes His academy, The Professor watched as the teems of First Years come in through His front gates. This would be a wonderful year, he could just feel it on the air. Leaning in to the corner of the balcony railing, he looked out, eyes scanning the crowds to give himself an impression to the sorts of students he was letting in. He always let the other professors do the interviews, leaving him to see every student with fresh eyes and seeing them in person. It helped that he had a knack for seeing a students talents in just a few looks.

His fellow professors were somewhere in doors, preparing for His opening ceremony. But this was how it always was. The students were given a time to arrive, and transport for their belongings before even reaching the Courtyard. Of course they were encouraged to keep their weapons on them. Promised that they would not need to use them for combat, but suggesting it "The perfect time to show off," and from what he saw, specifically one young man off to the side in a circle of benches that was showcasing an impressively large broadsword. He was more surprised when a young woman from by the fountain came running over, and unveiled her own equally large axe. Truly the youth and their measuring contests got a little crazy sometimes. He made a mental note that these two could very well work well together in at least a spar. Time would tell after all.

With a check of his watch, and a tap of his cane against the white wall besides him, the much larger clock above chimed noon. Another hour of mingling, and the show would well and truly begin.
Argent Fierte
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Sun 21 Jul 2019
at 15:17
Academy Courtyard
Argent was already bouncing off the walls just coming in to the courtyard, the six foot four, thanks to her heeled boots, woman acting like a girl two feet shorter and two thirds of her age, and she couldn't care less. Her eyes were wide, and her excitement couldn't contain her Semblance as every couple of minutes her hair would shimmer with the red coat it would get on full activation. She knew it would calm down soon, but she saw no point in trying to contain something that wasn't going to be any sort of problem. With Löwein extended and covering her arm, she was just excited to show off her own intricate handywork. So many of those she saw first seemed to favour blades, which was perhaps why she enjoyed her weapon choice so much, but there was also plenty of guns too from what she saw, so at least Féline would fit in there. But for now she stayed strapped on her hip.

With most of her own belongings taken away for transport to... who knows where, she dug out her Scroll and found a quiet little spot by the fountain. Her sister had been unable to drop her off, express instruction to 'let her know she got there safe', and a photo was better than anything. So she posed herself in front of the fountain, and struck a 'peace' sign with Löwein, waiting for just the moment of a burst of water from the fountain in the background to make the picture that much better. And damn, she didn't realise she was smiling that much until she looked back at the picture she'd taken, and even then it didn't fail. The first day in becoming a real Huntress! She just couldn't wait to meet her team.
Kiku Yukimura
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Sun 21 Jul 2019
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Academy Courtyard
So, this was the academy.

The scene in the Courtyard was almost overwhelming. So many people, from all over the world, each as excited as the next to be here. But that same excitement, mixed with the ridiculous number of weapons Kiku could see everywhere she looked, made her nervous. Most of these people seem to have left their serenity at the front gates. And in their excitement someone was likely to get hurt.

Keeping her stride short and her bearing straight, she tried very hard to convince herself that everyone here was trained to use those same weapons, and the situation was far more under control than it appeared. She wasn't doing a great job of convincing herself, but these people were going to be her peers and, hopefully, her friends. So she tried not to look like she was preparing for a fight as she circled the grounds, knowing she had an hour to kill before orientation.