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The Professor
 GM, 59 posts
Tue 10 Sep 2019
at 04:06
Gameplay Expectations Discussion
Some questions for starters:
1) Do you want to focus more on combat or role play?

2) How serious do you want the tone? I'm usually making a joke in every other post, but I can be serious.

3) How hard do you want it to be?

4) How much do you want the story fed to you, vs. how much do you want to have your actions affect the story?

Regarding world building, I prefer to give minor details and have the players fill in the blanks, i.e. I say, we're on a steam punk train. You say, I tap the gold spoon on the mahogany bar and ask the robot bartender for a bourbon on the rocks. Especially with the concept of colliding worlds, you all will be a huge part of describing what elements your world brings to the table.
The TA
 GM, 20 posts
Tue 10 Sep 2019
at 04:39
Gameplay Expectations Discussion
another question i just thought of:

5) how would you like combat to be run, detailed with rolls and number crunching where fights are a bit more "realistic" and smaller scale or more cinematic where you're dealing with uber monsters and armies? usually more a question i ask of epic play, but we're on the threshold so thought i'd ask.
The Ranger
 The Ranger, 16 posts
Tue 10 Sep 2019
at 05:48
Gameplay Expectations Discussion
Honestly, given the nature of what we are doing here.... I want some degree of player vs gm intensity.

Though, I also want rp, sand box, and general creative time as well.

That said, if I put down a building and use it for crafting, I am 90 percent good with theives coming in trying to snoop around and steal stuff. It'd be interesting playing around with actual things like putting together a wizard towers defense (yes, no, not a wizard... still).

And after we kill a dragon, it'd be interesting to have the dragons mother come after us.

or, the classical 'oh, so you just killed the lich... cool... now all, and I mean ALL, of his minions are without a point of control/command'

I'd rather see the gm actually try to 'fight' us though, to have npc's built before hand with the intent of hurting us rather than making something on the fly but then making it easier on the fly so as to challange but otherwise not actually kill us.

I prefer right time right place seriousness, that is... jokes at the right time is cool but at the wrong times I want seriousness.

I am an explorer, not a maker, I dont want to build the world around us. The exception here, of course, is making something from something that already exists, such as hearing there is a forest and so going out and chopping down trees to make a hunting shack.
that is to say, I am not the kind of player that says "I could really use a forest, and so there is a forest for for me use." I am more the "oh, he just said there is an abandoned town with a mine? and if we clear out the goblins then there is nothing else in those mines? Sounds like a perfect place to clear out and make a hide out in."

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The Hexblade
 Mercy Sweetjoy, 18 posts
Thu 12 Sep 2019
at 23:52
Gameplay Expectations Discussion
1) I would like the focus to be more about combat. I am an evil Hexblade and I will work along a good paladin. I think the best way to evade any party problems is making the characters too focused in problems outside the party.

2) I think this is a joke game. The future of the multiverse in the hands of an hexblade, a sohei, a paladin, a ranger, a soulborn and a divine mind? Hilarious! I can imagine a god saying us: "No you idiots! Don't try to save the world! None of you is a wizard or a cleric or druid! You are an hexblade! Try to free the wizard Xipiti so I can empower him with my divine essence and then he can save the world!"

3) I am prepared to play hard. I am prepared to see my character die. In any case, I expect the GM to give us challenges that we have a chance to defeat.

4) Affect the story is affecting the world. We are here to save those who can save the world!

5) I would prefer smaller encounters. Too many NPCs in the field can make the GM work very tedious.
The Divine Mind
 Divine Mind, 13 posts
Sun 15 Sep 2019
at 10:46
Gameplay Expectations Discussion
1) I love combat, but sometimes we must roleplay too. LOL. Besides, the Hexblade needs to show off her intimidate and diplomacy checks. Myself, I am trying to put some ranks in Sense Motive.

2) The hexblade wants all joke, the Ranger wants all serious. I am in the middle. We are a bunch of losers, but 20th level losers!

3) I want "normal hard" for a party composed by a wizard, a cleric, a fighter and a rogue. Let's add a bard and a Factotum too, just in case because we are six. Yeah, I want challenges that those guys have a chance to surpass.

4) Everything is fucked up... Of course I will change everything!

5) I think we can play against uber monsters and have crunching numbers. :) But also powerful NPC with class levels.
The Soulborn
 player, 16 posts
Tue 17 Sep 2019
at 10:43
Gameplay Expectations Discussion
1) I agree with the Hexblade: If we roleplay too much, the party will be in peril of PvP. Let's focus on the enemies trying to kill us all.

2) A serious tone... with a joke about how this is and adventure only fit for Tier 1 classes.

3) I want to have a chance of survival... My class is barely better than a fighter, but I want to think that I have a chance to kill the bastard in front of me.

4) You mean railroading vs free exploring?

5) Detailed combat please :)