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The Professor
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Thu 22 Aug 2019
at 17:24
Items discussion
Please list your items wish list here, once itís approved you can add your current items to your character sheet, the rest of the wish list will stay here for me to reward you with stuff.

200,000 gold to buy starting equipment.
The Ranger
 The Ranger, 12 posts
Fri 30 Aug 2019
at 03:20
Items discussion
Item 1: Main Item (still editing)

Masterwork Living Steel Elven craft Yuan tai Wing-staff-lantern Longbow
2400 gp, weight 11lbs
Longbow :  1d8 20/x3 , 100 range increments, damage type special
Quarterstaff : 1d6 /1d6, melee/ gains +1 fire damage when lantern is lit, Bashin or slashing damage
+1 to hit
Utilities : can release a sail on either side to glide, Counts as a hooded lantern.

relevant mechanics:
https://eberron-hok.obsidianpo.../yuan-ti-serpent-bow (secrets of xendrik pg 136 )
Yuan-tai Serpent bow 150gp  1d6 19-20/X2 slashing +150 (masterwork cost is +600 not +300)
Alchemically Silvered
One-handed weapon, or one head of a double weapon    +90 gp
Masterwork +600
Elvencraft pg 166 races of the wild.  (shhhh
Adds 300 gp cost
Wing staff +1000gp
Adds utility: sails to allow gliding
Staff Lantern + 15 gp
one end of the staff is designed like a hooded lantern and can hold lamp oil. When lit, adds +1 fire damage to bash attacks using that end.
+3     + 18,000 gp
Living steel material    +500 gp
22505 total cost