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Wed 26 Aug 2020
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The 2020 Class of Saint George's Academy

Adam Browoski               Kid with a halberd

Samantha Cullers            Redhead with the canary

Adam Duncan                 Bewildered looking blonde guy with a slightly large nose

Ahina Guzman                Pudgy girl with thick glasses

Robert Rutherford           Big guy who likes fried chicken

Louise Telman               Ms. Sunshine

Tuyen Truc                  Twin with the skin like a snow storm

Giang Truc                  Twin with the skin as blue as the sky

Saul Zachius                Mr. Scruffy with the tattoos
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Sun 13 Sep 2020
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The 2020 Class of Saint George's Academy-The Normies
Hester Abrams
Scott Alexander
Edda Fogley
Stephanie Gressher
Simon Gaston
Joesph Hu
Edna Issacs
Abdullah bin Mohammed
Oeinga Mycohbu
Quentin Swallowtail
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Thu 24 Sep 2020
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Other Classes

Constantie Aubach              Monitor for the Spring 2019 class.  Room 310

Paula Mergrave                 Second Year.
                               President of the Chess Club
                               President of The Dragons

Alec Johaness                  Former member of Security Force X
                               Seems to have some kind of mental power
                               Kind of a jerk

Brady Armatrading              In your kendo club
                               One of the aces
                               Has some kind of reality bending power

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St. George Staff

Mrs. Edlstrum            Advisor for the Monitor Program