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Notes from the XRS:  The Aitzal Species (Ailith's game only)
Various notes about Ailith's game:

- Hot Star: Vainia
- Cold Star: Seipra
- Planet: Athoria
- Species: Aitza
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Uko                       A small, dragonfly like insect.  Considered a symbol of success

Meyo                      Thread from a hibernating caterpillar type insect.

                          The Eyo caterpillars emerge at the start of each high season.
                          Their threads have to be collected quickly so delays in
                          setting up the high village results in a loss of that season's
                          crop of Meyo.

Vezze                     A low seasonal crop.

                          A root that grows deep underground until the middle of the low
                          season.  The root then sends a vine upwards that breaks the ground
                          shortly before the brief rainy period of low season.
                          The vine produces seeds which are picked up by burrowing insects
                          and are secreted underground, growing new roots.

                          After the seeds are released, the vines are collected, pressed
                          for their sap, and the sap cooked to a thick paste.  The paste
                          is used as an adhesive and binder.  It is considered
                          the best glue.

Burq                      A thick paste made by fermenting crushed larva.  Mixed with water
                          to produce a slightly tangy drink that is good for digestion.

Ko Kolo                   A lizard like animal whose eggs are a main source of protein
                          for most villagers.

Quolk                     A mammal that lives mostly in the mountains.
                          Noted for the speed and dexterity it moves up and down steep
                          rock faces.

                          Think of it like a giant badger that moves like a mountain goat.

Kojoji                    An addictive stimulant.  Causes hyper reactions in partakers.

Kwadik                    Large snake like creature with spikes growing along it's back

                          The spikes are used to make knives, arrow heads, and for
                          scrimshaw work.

Myzx                      Firefly like insects.  The puppae hibernate for years, only
                          emerging in the months before winter begins.  They are a sign
                          it is time to travel to the low villages.

                          They glow in different colors.  Children will try to capture
                          one of each color.  There is usually a festival called
                          Gri'zay Myzx to celebrate.

Kisi                      A kebab type dish.  Sweet and salty with a little heat to it.

                          Sort of their version of french fries or takoyaki

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Hulsa Vag                     Cool Shades.  A low village.  Home of the Hiyal family

Ov Kulna Vag                  Old Burrows.  A low village.  Former trade partner
                                            with the Interlopers

Kwala Vag                     Unburnt Ground.  A low village.  Village that lost
                                               the trade negotiations with Cool Shades.

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The Hiyal

Matah Hiyal                    Head of the family

D'Osk Hiyal                    Eldest daughter of Matah.
                               An accomplished maker of musical instruments

Hannu Hiyal                    Grandson of Matah.  Nephew of D'Osk
                               Noted mason and stonework restorationist

Korim Hiyal                    Married into the family.  Her spouse is deceased.
                               Mother of Hannu.  Potter.

Olk Hiyal                      Youngest son of Matah.  Served by Iriz.
                               Specializes in carving crystal and scrimshaw.

Nazin Tobol                    A 'guest' artist residing with the Hiyal.
                               Noted potter.  Served by Helza.

Yovo Hiyal                     Daughter of D'Osk.  Granddaughter of Matah.
                               Bit of a maverick.  She seems to be a generalist
                               Usually  gathering up bits of trash left over by
                               the other Masters and making things out of them.

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Hiyal Apprentices

Zez             Head Apprentice.  Currently does not have a
                Direct Master.  Working on his graduate piece.

Iriz            From Open Skies village.
                Apprenticed to Olk.  Very possessive of her Master
                Obviously has a crush on him.

Helza           From Worn Down Grooves village.
                Apprenticed to Nazin.
                Temperamental and arrogant.

Coq             New Guy.
                Sleepy eyed. Not much else is known at the moment.

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Gova                         A toad like animal.  Prized for it's meat.

Ozubek                       A long slender lizard.  About as common as rats
                             The main protein source during the low months
                             Not the tastiest meat, but digestible.

Yursh                        Large herbivores that dig for roots with a long tusk
                             and hunt in insect burrows with an even longer tongue
                             Picture a moose sized ant eater.
                             Very ornery and very dangerous.  But good eatting.

K Kels                       Large lizard like creatures raised for their use as dray
                             animals and for guard dog purposes.  Picture a
                             Kimodo Dragon with longer legs, shorter tail, and
                             a tongue that's rainbow hued.

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