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End of First Cycle, Low Season 20672
“I…suppose…” Quickly though, as if she felt she had to add something positive, she said, “But it's interesting!” After all, she was learning things she wouldn't have been able to learn with any of the other masters. With a slight wave - and a bit grumpy to miss that - Ailith let Iriz go to the market then turned away. Before she went back to Yovo's shop though, she quickly went to her room to drop the lock on her bed then rushed to Yovo.

“Oh, we were told about the new Interloper master,” Ailith started to answer Yovo's question, then paused for a moment while she focused on the braid she was doing, “and the new apprentice.” It was very obvious that while she was a bit doubtful about the former, the latter had her a bit more excited: she wouldn't be the latest. And maybe not even the youngest!

“Master Matah showed us the box music the new master makes. It… Well, it doesn't sound too good, does it?” She shook her head, “But maybe he can make something better. Oh and Iriz is going to work with that new master, while I work with you and Master Olk.” She squinted as she considered her work, distractedly adding, “But you already knew that obviously.”
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End of First Cycle, Low Season 20672
In reply to Ailith (msg # 238):

You look up when you're done speaking to see Yovo staring at you.  Like you had just announced you were a dancing yursh

She seems to swallow in a dry throat.

"An Interloper...master?"

She blinks and then points at the knot you're tying in one of the cords.  "That's too tight.  We'll adjust the tension later.  For now, keep the knots loose."

She picks up a couple of cords.  She then lets them fall to the floor.  "You're working with Master Olk?  Are you doing a project for him like this one?"

She stares at the cords that fell and then walks out of the workshop, her hands on her hips.

After a while, Zez pokes his head into the shop.  "I think you can clean up.  Master Yovo and Master Matah as going to be speaking a while."

He looks at the frame you've been working on.  "She always comes up with the most mundane sounding projects.  And they always turn out much different then she described.  And they're always better.  I don't know if I should applaud her or shake my head."

He chuckles and helps you pick up cords.  "You know she wants to make you her apprentice, right?"
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End of First Cycle, Low Season 20672
“Uh, well...yes?” Ailith answered dubitatively to Yovo's question about an interloper master, obviously surprised that it was the first time the unpredictable master heard about that: she had supposed Matah had talked about that with all the other masters first. But maybe Yovo simply hadn't paid attention, or hadn't been there when Matah had talked about it with the others? Not that it mattered much to her of course, masters' matters were most definitely not for apprentices to stick their noses in.

She nodded with a grimace at the remark about the too tight knots, “Sorry.” And when Yovo left, Ailith watched her back doubtfully. Was her working with Olk news too? In fact, the way she had understood it, she was supposed to be working on this project with Yovo, but for dedicate most her time the next season to work with Olk. But here again it seemed to be fresh news for Matah's granddaughter. Fresh and unwelcome... She really hoped they managed to settle things between them as the last thing she needed was to find herself in the middle of two masters - or three if one counted Matah!

She continued working as Yovo had shown her, but she was a bit distracted until Zez came in. “Oh.” Was all she said when he informed her that Yovo and Matah were going to be talking for some time. She hesitated for a moment, then shook her head and picked the broom.

She smiled briefly when he commented on Yovo's project and nodded, “I have much less experience than you do obviously, but it sure sounds interesting. And I'm learning things I wouldn't learn elsewhere.” Would those things be useful was another question, but at the moment it didn't matter all that much: she was learning, and that was the most important thing.

“I was beginning to get the idea, yes.” The young apprentice slightly grimaced in answer to Zez telling her about Yovo wanting her as her apprentice, wondering how that was going to turn out. After a few seconds, she shrugged, “Won't happen before next season if it does though.” After all, she seriously doubted Matah was going to change his mind, no matter what Yovo told him. After a brief hesitation, she asked, “Do you think it'd be good?” Not that her opinion was going to matter obviously, or at least not much, but still.
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End of First Cycle, Low Season 20672
In reply to Ailith (msg # 240):

Zez seems to hesitate.  He looks back at the door, as if checking to see who can hear.  "I don't like to gossip.  But I guess it wouldn't hurt for you to know.

"Master Yovo is...eccentric.  And inconsistent.  Some of her work is just amazing.  And some of it...not so much.  Master Matah dotes on her.  But I'm not sure he relies on her.

"She goes through apprentices."
  He shrugs.  "Both Helza and I were her apprentices at one point.  I liked working with her.  It was an interesting project.  She was a patient teacher.  Then she just told me I wasn't working out and asked Master Matah to reassign me.  No real explanation given.  It really stung.

"Helza was a whole other issue.  It did not go well.  Helza actually asked Master Matah to release her from apprenticeship.  He reassigned her instead.

"Doq'n...she was the head apprentice when I started...actually worked with Yovo when Yovo apprenticed.  Yovo's only been a master for eight or so seasons.  Anyway.  Doq'n told me Yovo has always been a little off."
  He finishes stacking cords.  "Anyway.  You can learn a lot from her.  I did.  But just know it won't come easy."
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End of First Cycle, Low Season 20672
“I...see...” Ailith commented slowly, obviously having trouble digesting all of that. “Well, there's not much I can do at the moment though, is there? It's just part-time for a season though, at least for now, so who knows what'll happen in that time right?”

“And if it doesn't work out...” She grimaced, thinking about what other options there were. She didn't have a passion for stonework besides sculpting, seeing pots now made her sick from all thr sanding she'd had to do, which pretty much only left D'Osk who probably was the master she had spent the least amount of time with. Which was saying something... Plus, she was more or less Zez's master, if not officially.

In the end, she shrugged, “At least I won't be surprised and will know that it's not the end and I'll have learned lots of interesting things, right?” She smiled, “Thanks for telling me.”

After a brief second, she asked, “Oh by the way, what is your project?”
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End of First Cycle, Low Season 20672
In reply to Ailith (msg # 242):

He grins.  "I'm going to make a odiq.  It will be my gift for the shrine."

A chime garden.  If done correctly, an odiq can be a beautiful soundscape that gives a shrine a mystical air.  If done poorly, it's an annoying distraction.  They're notoriously difficult as the planning for them has to contemplate so many variables like wind, location, and traffic.

"You should start thinking about your project.  I know it seems far away, but it will arrive sooner than you think.  And it's good to align yourself with a master who can further your interests as soon as possible."  He leans on his broom.  "What exactly are you interested in working with?"
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Tue 6 Apr 2021
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End of First Cycle, Low Season 20672
Ailtih clearly seemed impressed by Zez's choice. While she had never doubted he was talented - Matah wouldn't have picked him for first apprentice otherwise! - she was happy to see confirmation of it. After all, only someone truly talented, or a fool, would choose to work on something like that; and Zez was no fool.

As for her own project... My Project? Uh...” She seemed dumbfounded, “But I've just arrived!” Though of course what he said made some sort of sense she supposed. “I... Well, I like sculpting, but... What I like most is learning to do new things. Doing the same thing over and over...” She shook her head, “I don't think I could, even if it's to try to always improve.”

“Which...” She grimaced slightly, “Would mean Master Yovo is the way to go, right?” And that hadn't been a problem at all...up until she had learned what had happened with Zez and Helza in the past...
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Tue 6 Apr 2021
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End of First Cycle, Low Season 20672
In reply to Ailith (msg # 244):

He thinks about it.  "Yeah. You'll definitely get a lot of different things thrown at you with Master Yovo.  So for you that might be the best choice.  Well.  Other than Master Matah.  He likes to dabble all around too.  But getting him as a master..."

He shrugs wistfully.  "Master Yovo is just...what's the best word here...'capricious' maybe?  Anyway. It couldn't hurt to stay with her as long as you can.  You'll wanna talk to Master Matah though.  He may not know you're interested.

"As for your project..."
  He purses his lips.  "My advice for what it's worth.  Start thinking about it.  The longer you take to decide, the longer your apprenticeship might last.  Here's something no one may have told you yet."

Another check at the door to make sure no one is listening.  He leans towards you, his voice low.

"Master Matah won't let you start on a master's project until he's judged that you're ready.  Learning everything you can is good.  But spending too much time deciding can drag things out.  Pick a date in the future and tell yourself you'll decide on a project on that date.  And stick to it.  That's what I had to do."
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Wed 7 Apr 2021
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End of First Cycle, Low Season 20672
Whimsical, I think.” Ailith mumbled, while she considered Zez's advice. “I'll think about it... Maybe... Maybe I can try to have something by the end of the season? I'll have spent time working with Masters Yovo and Olk, hopefully I'll have a better idea of what I want to do.”

After a brief pause, she grinned, “And who knows, maybe I'll perform so well that Master Matah will be dazzled by my genius and will just have to take me as his apprentice.” She quickly grimaced though, “I'd need a very strong - and good - idea of the project I want to work on, right? At the very least.”

For a few seconds, she tapped her lips, pensive. “You know, I wonder...” She stopped there for a while. Finally, she added, “Maybe I want to look at that Music Box thing. Not because I want to make one myself - though it could be interesting and would probably make a very decent project in fact - but because I want to understand what makes it work. It's certainly not wind! I wonder what other things we could do with stuff like that... Maybe I'll suggest something to Master Yovo about that.” She smiled, a mischievous light in her eyes.
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End of First Cycle, Low Season 20672
In reply to Ailith (msg # 246):

Zez grins.  Funny you should mention that thing.  I asked Master Matah if I could take a closer look at the music boxYou wanna join along?"
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Fri 9 Apr 2021
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End of First Cycle, Low Season 20672
Ailtih nodded eagerly, “Oh yes, sure!” Quickly though she hesitated, “Uh... But... He's talking with Master Yovo, no? It's probably not a good idea to disturb them right now...”
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End of First Cycle, Low Season 20672
In reply to Ailith (msg # 248):

He laughs. "Not now idiot.  It'll be tomorrow.  I'll ask Master Matah but I'm sure it will be fine."

He hands you back the broom he was using and nods before leaving.

Moving us along

Maste Yovo works you fairly hard the next morning.  The two of you have finished braiding the frames.  You have what looks like a table and chairs, though they aren't too sturdy.

Now comes the work of weaving in the support layers.  The structure that will actually give the furniture some strength. After that will come the fun part of the job:  the decorative layer.

Zez comes to fetch you just before lunch.  Yovo isn't thrilled that you're going, but Zez says Master Matah is calling for you.  What can Master Yovo do?

Master Matah is seated in that side garden you met him in before.  The music box is set before him.

He glances at you and nods.  "Greeting Ailith.  How goes your work on those knives?"
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Sun 11 Apr 2021
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End of First Cycle, Low Season 20672
Through the morning, Ailith asked a few questions to Master Yovo, wanting to understand some of the things she did, or more precisely why she did those that way. One of those questions was for example about the necessity of separating the frame and the support layers. She suspected she already knew the answer, but she was curious to see if the whimsical master had other reasons for it.

“Hello Master Matah. I have mostly finished the design of what I want on the blades and I've talked with Master Olk about it.” She paused to consider her answer, then added, “I haven't yet started working on the knives themselves though, as I first need to learn how to do it. I mean, I could sort of sculpt them in the shape of knives but...” She shook her head, “Even though I probably won't manage to make them first rate knives, I still want to...well, to be able to cut things with them, so...”
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Mon 12 Apr 2021
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End of First Cycle, Low Season 20672
In reply to Ailith (msg # 250):

Yovo answers your questions...mostly.  She gets distracted easily and goes off on tangents.  But you get enough to figure out her reasoning.  It's all sound.  The furniture will be functional.  As far as the design'll have to wait and see it at the end .  You think you get what she's aiming for.  But it's hard to visualize from what you have in front of you.

Matah chuckles.  "It's good to consider the practical aspects.  You can create an item just for decorative purposes.  But if it is knives, the owner will probably want to use them as knives at some point.

"But bear in mind that you are an apprentice.  Part of your training is to figure out how to make the most of your failures as well as be successful.  Sometimes it is better to charge ahead and sometimes it is better to proceed cautiously.  Part of being a master is figuring out which speed to run at.

"Alright.  Let's take a look at this music box,"
he adds as Iriz joins you.  She gives you a nod and then the three of you sit before the music box.

Matah gestures at it.  "Go ahead and examine it."

Zez picks it up first, turning it over.  He figures out how to activate it.  A knob on the side twists and at some point it cannot be twisted any more.  The music then starts.

The top of the box is glass.  Inside is a little cylinder of some kind of metal.  It is spinning.  There are little knubs on the cylinder that move little tabs of metal.

Zez points at the tabs.  "The protrusions on the cylinder hit those tiny nubs.  The sounds are from the striking."

Iriz frowns.  "But how does it move?  A spring?"

Matah shrugs.  He's smiling like he knows the answers though.  "Feel free to pick it up and examine it more closely."
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Tue 13 Apr 2021
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End of First Cycle, Low Season 20672
“I suppose.” Despite having just said that, it was pretty obvious that Ailith didn't quite agree with Matah. Or at least, that she didn't agree on this particular instance: she certainly wasn't going to present to him a shabby knife for his test! After that, yes, sure. She was having a lot of ideas about that music box thing, and no doubt some - maybe most - of those would range from bad to terrible. But that was then.

While eager to observe the Interloper's art, Ailith stayed a step behind Zez and Iriz. In fact, when the music started, she seemed to pay very close attention to it...while counting. The music itself was...well...not so great, but it wasn't what interested her the most: instead, she wanted to know if the rhythm was the same from beginning to end, or if it sped up or slowed down as it progressed. After all, from what Zez had found about how it was produced, it seemed assured that it was a cycle. And if it stayed constant...

She waved a hand to let Zez and Iriz know that she was paying attention, but that they could go ahead and examine the thing more closely before she did: she didn't need to know right that instant how it worked, whereas the both of them were going to be working on it in the near future. She had a lot of time, likely an entire season, to learn as much as she could.

She was however starting to think about what her project could be, and an idea, albeit deem still, started to take shape in her mind.
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Tue 13 Apr 2021
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End of First Cycle, Low Season 20672
In reply to Ailith (msg # 252):

The music definitely slows down.  It doesn't stop like a proper song.  It sort of repeats and then slows until it comes to a halt.  Like a singer who runs out of breath.

Zez begins to upend the box and Iriz starts poking at it.  The glass top pops off.

"I think it's supposed to do that," Matah says, seeing the shocked expression on your faces when the glass top comes off.

The inside of the box is filled with small, intricately crafted bits of metal. More metal in this small box than you are used to seeing.

As Iriz and Zez talk excitedly about the parts, Matah sips his tea.  He suddenly chuckles.  "It is exciting.  Isn't it?"  He gives the three of you a look like he's watching children with a new toy.  He then shakes his head.  "But unusual as it is, is probably nothing to the Interlopers.  I examined this mechanism.  We could replicate it.  The metal would be expensive.  And it would take some experimentation.  But I can see, in my head, how it could work.

"But what's important here.  What the three of you need to understand.  We must learn as much as we can from these Interlopers.  And as fast as we can.  That is why I am assigning two of you to apprentice with the Interloper.  You three have my permission to interact with the Interlopers as much as you like."
  He looks serious now.  "Just make sure you learn as much as you can.  Am I understood?"
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Thu 15 Apr 2021
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End of First Cycle, Low Season 20672
Ailith squinted, as she considered the music box, but she seemed a bit disappointed. Or at least annoyed that it had slowed down. After a couple of seconds though, she cocked her head to the side: sure, it had slowed down...but towards the end. Maybe she could use that, somehow?

Soon enough though she focused back, just in time to see the top pop off, which made her jump. Reassured by Matah's declaration that it was probably normal, she studied the box's innards. A lot of metal indeed, which would make it quite expensive and sadly not something she'd be able to play around with easily.

She was lost in thoughts for a moment, then intently focused back on Matah when he gave her instructions to learn as much as she could from the interlopers. She opened and closed her mouth a couple of times, clearly hesitating to say something. In the end though, she decided against it and she simply nodded. While she probably wouldn't have all that much free time to interact with an Interloper, there was still the little problem of her find in the river.

Something that she had been wanting to do something about for a few weeks now without ever finding the time. Maybe she'd have to take the time. At the end of the season, the interlopers would leave, but she would too until the next cold season. Maybe she should try to convince Yovo that she needed more Emz reeds... She'd also have to convince Ildera but that shouldn't be too hard.

No, what she really needed was to find something to work on with Emz, something that would appeal to Yovo... Maybe... Yes, she was starting to have an idea and she would...

Shaking her head, Ailith focused back on the current situation with an embarrassed blush. She nodded, “I'll do my best.”
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Thu 15 Apr 2021
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End of First Cycle, Low Season 20672
In reply to Ailith (msg # 254):

You said you had an idea on how to get back to the river.  You want to pitch that idea to Yovo or whoever?  We can start down that path if you like.

Wanted to ask before I moved us on.  Thanks

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Thu 15 Apr 2021
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End of First Cycle, Low Season 20672
The next day, Ailith pitched her idea to Master Yovo. It was, in principle, rather simple: she was thinking of making a hanging mobile, with parts of it coated with Emz juice. She wasn't too sure about what would be the best, but she saw two possible directions:

In the first one, she wanted to use reflective surfaces. The mobile would be an outdoor one: it would reflect the light of the suns in interesting, colourful, and ever moving patterns as the winds would play with it.

For the second one, it would be indoor. This time, she envisioned paper, or leaves, or...well, she wasn't too sure, but something that would be translucent and again, coated with emz juice. As it would be indoor, it wouldn't use the light of the suns, but of a candle placed in the center.

The "problem" though was that she didn't really know in either case what would give the best result and thus would need to experiment...which meant there wasn't going to be enough reeds.

While it had started as just a way to justify going back to the river, something that left her a big uncomfortable, the more she thought about her idea, the happier Ailith was about it: it could actually result in something pretty nice and be a lot more than a simple excuse. Assuming she found the right materials to work with anyway.
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Sat 17 Apr 2021
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End of First Cycle, Low Season 20672
In reply to Ailith (msg # 256):

Yovo considers your idea.  She nods her head.  Then shakes it. And finally nods again.

"That is interesting.  And we could use more reeds...

"I have some budget.  But not a lot.  Let's finish this piece and get it sold.  If we can turn a profit, Grandfather might give me some more budget for further reed projects."

The two of you spend the next two weeks finishing the furniture.  The table turns out much nicer than you envisioned.  The stain work is actually quite beautiful.  It sells quickly.

The chairs...not so much.  Yovo apparently hadn't figured the balance correctly.  One of the chair comes out with a permanent wooble.  The other chair falls to pieces when you do the 'test-sit'.

Yovo acts like the chairs never existed.

During this time, the new apprentice arrives.  Coq is a thin young man with sleepy eyes.  They never seem to be open, though he moves around without any problems.  In fact, he's quite spry.  You don't get a chance to talk to him much as Yovo keeps you hopping.

His apprentice project is impressive.  A robe with some of the most amazing embroidery work you've ever seen.  It's incredibly detailed and intricate.  Zez and Helza are both speechless when they see it.  Irza is impressed, but seems relieved it's not a scrimshaw work.

Yovo comes to find you shortly after the table sells.

"Good news!  Grandfather has given me some funds.  Quickly. Just like before go fetch some reeds.  Hire a cart and driver.  Oh.  Grandfather wants you to take Coq with you.  He wants you to bring back as much emz as you can.  So take the new boy and bundle it all!"
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Sat 17 Apr 2021
at 15:08
End of First Cycle, Low Season 20672
Ailith was pleased by the table and obviously disappointed by the chairs. Sure, none had been her ideas so praise and blame rested mostly on Yovo's shoulders, but still: she had been a part of it. More importantly, she felt that if she had paid a bit more attention, if she had checked, she might have caught the chair problem before it was too late to fix.

It seemed that Yovo was big on ideas, but was prone to overlook some of the details. Which might be a relatively easy thing to solve for Ailith, except for two things.

The first one was that while a young master, Yovo was a Master and more meaningful than the difference in position, it meant that Yovo knew more than Ailith did. It wasn't an impossible thing to solve though: she'd have to ask questions. A lot of questions. If Yovo's ideas and concepts were sounds, she'd learn. If they were not, hopefully it would reveal the weaknesses while there was still time to do something about those. And she'd learn too she supposed.

The second point though was a bit more of a problem: she was pretty sure she was herself a lot like Yovo, at least as far as that problem was concerned. Which meant that not only she'd have to fight against Yovo's nature, but she'd have to fight against her own too, which was a whole lot harder...

One way or the other though, it would have to wait for a bit. For now, she was pleased to hear that she could go back to the river...but a lot less to learn that she'd have to take Coq with her. Not that she had anything against him of course and like the others she had liked the robe he had submitted. But... Well, either she let him in on the secret, or she'd have to forget her own goals for the time being. Neither options were all that palatable, but...

Plus, on a completely other front, there was the little fact that her little project was going to use Yovo's funds. It was a very good thing that she had actually come up with something that could really work and be quite nice in fact, especially if she managed to use something she could sculpt.

“All?” She finally asked, “Uh, alright. We'll do our best. And by quickly, I suppose you mean, starting tomorrow?” She blinked a couple of times, then nodded, “I'll get things started right now then?”

So, she'd have to talk to Coq, Ozcow and Ildera. After a second, Ailith decided to leave Coq for last: she knew where to find him, and it wasn't like he was going to have other things planned by the time she got to him. Between Ozcow and Ildera, she decided to start with Ozcow as he'd have a bit more to prepare than Ildera would.

Going in town, she asked after Ozcow, and when she found him she didn't waste any time, “Hello Ozcow! I have a job for the next couple of days, are you interested?” After a brief second, she added, “It's the same as last time: go pick emz reeds.” She had a promise to uphold after all, and it wouldn't do to not let him know what this was about.
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Mon 19 Apr 2021
at 05:27
End of First Cycle, Low Season 20672
In reply to Ailith (msg # 258):

Ozcow seems happy to see you.  "Sure.  That sounds good.  You want me to rent a cart an' k kel?  Same size cart?"

Coq is busy polishing.  No surprise.  He has a despondent look in his eye as he studies the amount of pots he still has to work on.  He hasn't seen you yet.  The pots seem to be occupying all his attention.  He sets one down and picks up another one to start on it.

You haven't really talked to him yet.  Or at all.
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Mon 19 Apr 2021
at 16:39
End of First Cycle, Low Season 20672
Ailith smiled happily. Before she answered his question though, she briefly hesitated. “Maybe something a touch bigger?” she suggested. “Master Matah wants us to take all the reeds we can, and Coq - that's the new apprentice - will come with us so we'll be four…three I mean, this time.”

“We'll meet you tomorrow an hour after dawn, same place as last time?” She asked, then went to look for Ildera. Which she'd have to convince to come without saying too much…

Ailith grinned when she noticed Coq's activity: apparently some things didn't change, Interloper or not… After a few seconds, she knocked on the nearest surface. “Hey Coq. I'm Ailith.” She glanced at the pots, “Enjoying your apprenticeship this far? I can't tell you how glad I am to have left that,” she indicated the pots, “behind me…”

“Anyway, I'm here to save you. Or well, to save you tomorrow. I'm going to get some emz reeds for a project I have with Master Yovo, and Master Matah wants you to come with me.” Though she wasn't sure why… “We'll leave tomorrow morning and spend the night there, so take what you need for that and we'll meet by the well a few minutes before the first hour after dawn. Alright?”

She waited for Coq's answer, then asked, “You doing alright? Any question?”
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Mon 19 Apr 2021
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End of First Cycle, Low Season 20672
In reply to Ailith (msg # 260):

Coq blinks at you, like he's not sure what language you're speaking.  He then looks puzzled.

"I...I can go out?  I...didn't think..."  He sets the pot down and shakes his head, like he's trying to clear it.

"I...I'm sorry.  Guess I'm being rude.  Hi Ailith.  Nice to meet ya.  Yeah.  If I need to go with you, sure.  I didn't think I'd be allowed to leave the compound is all."

He looks at the pots and sighs.  "Does everyone have to do this?  Not my favorite thing.  But they gave me food.  So this is okay..."

Something seems to occur to him.  He whips his head around and stares at you.  His sleepy eyes come open all the way.  "Ididn'tbreaknothin'Iswear."

He says this as fast as he can.
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Tue 20 Apr 2021
at 18:18
End of First Cycle, Low Season 20672
“Uh, well...” Ailith blinked, obviously surprised while she processed everything. Finally, she nodded, “Of course you can go out.” She grimaced slightly, “You won't have a lot of time to do so in the beginning though, so you should take advantage of it whenever you can.”

She then looked at the pots, “And I don't know about everyone, but I certainly had to. If I never have to sand a pot ever again, it'll still be too soon... Anyway, I suspect everyone has to go through that.” She tilted her head to the side while she considered asking him more details about his comment regarding food, but decided that it could wait. Instead, she addressed his frantic denial. “And if you do happen to break something, I'm certainly not the one to tell, much less the one who'll get you in trouble.” She smiled, apparently pleased, “After all, before you I was the newest apprentice here, so...”

“Oh, speaking of food, can you go to the kitchen and ask them to prepare enough for us for two or three days?” She asked, “And I'm not particularly picky so if you want something just ask one of the servants there if you want.”