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Fri 21 Aug 2020
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Aubrey Eden Davis
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Pick a number 1 to 10

He he he

The guards are moving out, the two women taking the lead.  It's hard to tell at the moment how much time you have.  You think you can make it...
Audrey Eden Davis
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Fri 21 Aug 2020
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Aubrey Eden Davis
"Okay, if I say sweetarts then know that i'm going to do that flash thing...  "

Aubrey moves to the tunnels


ummm... 7 :)
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Mon 24 Aug 2020
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Aubrey Eden Davis
In reply to Audrey Eden Davis (msg # 326):

Sometimes 7 is lucky...

You reach the hatch, Lloyd tagging along, just as the first woman starts to make a turn in the hallway.  She's going to see you in just one or two heartbeats...

...and sometimes not.  Sweettarts?  You do have a second, not that there's anything to hide behind.
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Wed 26 Aug 2020
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Aubrey Eden Davis
Aubrey almost felt like they were going to make it. It was like having a cookie in your mouth and accidently dropping it in the gutter. Hoping to react quickly and perhaps confuse the others into thinking the flash was a problem in the reactor Aubrey whispers back to Lloyd


She then closes her eyes and  says the command to the ball of wonderfulness.
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Wed 26 Aug 2020
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Aubrey Eden Davis
In reply to Audrey Eden Davis (msg # 328):

The ball of wonderfulness shines like the crazy diamond it is.

Even with your eyes shut, the flash is still a little blinding.  But as you open your eyes, you can see the other side was completely taken in.

Lloyd still has his eyes shut and is waving a hand in come on, get on with it movement.

You have the upper hand.  What do you want to do with it?
Audrey Eden Davis
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Thu 27 Aug 2020
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Aubrey Eden Davis
Aubrey had no idea what to do so she probably picked the worst option. To get past the guards and to the elevator. Maybe they could make it
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Sat 29 Aug 2020
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Aubrey Eden Davis
In reply to Audrey Eden Davis (msg # 330):

Lloyd seems surprised when you sprint past the guards.  But he follows along, like a big slobbery dog.  He does sucker punch one guy as he passes.

The two of you manage to make it to the warehouse by the time you hear sounds of pursuit.

You recall the layout of the boxes from your recon before.  Also, you just need to keep heading towards the far wall.  So the maze aspect of the warehouse doesn't slow you down much.

The elevators are ahead.  You slap the button as Lloyd comes up behind you.

"They're not far behind," he mutters.  He turns, as if to shield you, but the elevator door slides open and the two of you tumble inside.  As the doors shut, you can see one of the women turning the corner, heading your way.

The doors shut.

There are three buttons and no floor indicator.

The bottom button is marked W

The second button is marked G

The last button is marked P

Lloyd shrugs and motions for you to hurry up and pick one.

W is probably for 'Warehouse'.
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Mon 31 Aug 2020
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Aubrey Eden Davis
Aubrey just tried to move. Make a decision and move on it until you need to make another decision. She was glad that she had an idea about the layout as the moved though the room and finally made it to the elevator. Aubrey kept praying and the door finally opened and shut. Not sure of which floor she pressed them both. When they get to whatever the next floor is they can make a decision. While in the elevator Aubrey looks for the exit box and makes sure that they have other resources. They had to keep the others wondering where they were and not broadcast their location.
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Mon 31 Aug 2020
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Aubrey Eden Davis
In reply to Audrey Eden Davis (msg # 332):

The elevator rises.

Above, The Girl from Ipanema muzaks through the speaker.  Lloyd looks up at the speaker and then at you and then shrugs.

The door chime rings.  The G button goes dark as the doors slide open.

You are staring out into what looks like an accounting firm.  There are cubicles filled with computers, desk phones, small glass terrariums with goldfish, posters of sunrises and slogans about achieving your dreams, and a few Scalies in full battle outfit walking towards the elevator.

"Shit," Lloyd swears.  "Corporate Central..."

The Scalies seem to gawk at you, surprised you're there.
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Tue 1 Sep 2020
at 19:29
Aubrey Eden Davis
Aubrey pointed at two of the guards and in a commanding voice

"You and You Go get the radiation gear for your command! Those b*tches downstairs are starting a coo in the reactor. They took their own group and killed the ones guarding the room. They might be working with those Heroes. Hurray before they cause ripples in our plans!"

Aubrey pushes the close button hoping to get it closed in their confusion. Otherwise it was going to be combat.
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Tue 1 Sep 2020
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Aubrey Eden Davis
In reply to Audrey Eden Davis (msg # 334):


The three of them sort of gawk, with one coming to attention and another looking at him, asking if he knows who you are.

The door shuts.

Lloyd glances at you.  "Someone's got their pointy heeled boots on..."

The door slides open.

You are looking out onto what appears to be another tram line station platform.  This one is empty though.  So there's at least that.

Lloyd chortles.  "Alrightie!  Halfway home!"

He points at a sign on the wall

Emergency Evac Station 12

Lloyd steps out, glancing around.  He points at a control panel set on one wall.  There are lights blinking on it.

"Jus' a secky-poo.  I'll whistle up a pumpkin carriage for Cinderella."

He goes to the panel and starts mashing buttons.

"Say," he says in what sound a little too leisurely a manner, not turning around to look back at you. "Outta curiosity...and I do hate to be Mr. Morbid.  But let's say we're too late.  Your boyfriend is gone.  Ya know.  One way or the other.

"Whaddya gonna do?"

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Wed 2 Sep 2020
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Aubrey Eden Davis
Aubrey lets out a sigh of relief.

"Ever wear pointy heel boots? There is a reason why they are grumpy. Those things kill your feet. All that trouble could have been avoided if they gave those women slippers. Comfy slippers"

Aubrey looked through the door and stepped out. Aubrey walks over with Lloyd to the control panel and smiles

"A pumpkin carriage would be great"

As Lloyd works Aubrey watches everything around them for any movement or trouble. Hearing the question Aubrey is quiet for a moment

"Besides rage and get unreasonably emotionally unhinged?"

Aubrey frowned

"I'm not sure. I hope we don't have to look at the worst case possible. He got into trouble trying to help me out in a situation and I didn't know. I got all upset with him cause I was in the hospital twice and he didn't show. Thought he was ghosting me. But it wasn't that... he was being a good friend. I should have figured this out sooner and if he is... permanently hurt, dead, altered because I wasn't quick enough, good enough... "

Aubrey sighed

"Not sure and I'm going to shove that worry away into a box inside and hopefully we won't find out"

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Wed 2 Sep 2020
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Aubrey Eden Davis
In reply to Audrey Eden Davis (msg # 336):

"That so?  Well.  Lucky you.  You got options.  Here we go."

He flicks a switch.  From down the tunnel you can hear the screech of a car coming in.  Soon a small capsule, big enough for three or four people comes to a stop.

Lloyd goes to the door and lifts the latch.  "Ladies first.  But I'll drive.  Unless you have a fake Scales ID handy."

The inside of the capsule is comfy.  Lloyd moves to the front of it and starts typing into a screen set near the front.

Soon you are off.  The door shuts automatically and the capsule starts moving.  First chugging along and then suddenly it moves so fast outside the window is just a blur.

Lloyd moves to sit beside you. "Lock an' load.  Once we get there, expect some fightin'.  Prisoners who are being transported are usually taken to Terminal B.  There's a small room in the back called Detention Transport.

"If he's not there..."
  Lloyd shrugs.  "You can try lookin' in the Baggage area.  But he won't...well. He'll be baggage.  Not a prisoner.  Capice?"

The capsule starts to slow.  Lloyd stands up.  "What's your name?  I mean your real one."
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Fri 4 Sep 2020
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Aubrey Eden Davis
Aubrey smiled and put her hands up in a victory V

"A lady always likes to think they have options!"

Seeing the capsule Aubrey waited and stepped in when the doors opened.

"No handy fake ID nor the confidence of my ability to stay on the track. You sir are hands down the driver. "

Aubrey sits back against the comfy wall and watchs the world blur by

"They go so much faster then you would think. You doing okay with all of this? "

Aubrey makes sure he has a spot to sit as she listens to the layout. She nods her head as she listens knowing that inside she hopes she doesn't find him in baggage

"It wouldn't make sense for him to be in baggage. Why not just kill him in the cell? They want some sort of info or cooperation. I don't know... "

Aubrey smiled at Lloyd

"told you my real name Aubrey Eden. You're real name Lloyd or something else?"
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Sat 5 Sep 2020
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Aubrey Eden Davis
In reply to Audrey Eden Davis (msg # 338):

Lloyd answers your first question with a shrug.  "I'm doin'.  What else is there to do but do?"  He looks over his shoulder and waggles his eyebrows.  "Betcha didn't think I was a philosopher, didya?"

As the shuttle slows down, and you answer his question, he turns around, leaning against the control panel, arms crossed, a smirk on his face.

"Really?  That's your real name?  Aubrey Eden is your real name?  I just assumed you gave me a fake one.  Well well."

He gets up and heads for the door.  The capsule is starting to come to a halt.

"It is both our lucky days ya know.  Anyway.  I know you like to argue.  But here's what I want you to do.  When these doors open..." He raps on it with a knuckle.

"I want you to count to thirty, and then come out and find your way.  Don't take this the wrong way, but I hope your boyfriend's stupid like I think he is.  I'd hate to have to get into a fight with him later on.

"Anyway.  Count to thirty.  Catch ya later."
  The capsule has come to a stop.  He gives you a leer.  "Count on it."

The doors open.  He rushes out, electricity crackling up his arms.  You hear the popping of sparks and a few shouts.  Then lots of noise of things hitting things.

The shouts are moving away from the capsule.
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Mon 7 Sep 2020
at 19:39
Aubrey Eden Davis
Aubrey laughed and smiled

"Philosopher... nope didn't know that"

Aubrey got up when Lloyd heads to the door and stopped to listen to what he was saying. She opened her mouth to argue and nodded her head to the side as if to say, yeah I do like to argue.

"I think we all can get along.....Count to 30 by 10, 5's or 1"

She gave him a wink.

"In all seriousness... please be good to yourself and thank you Lloyd"

Aubrey held her breath as he left and heard the shouts move away from the capsule as she counted to 30
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Tue 8 Sep 2020
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Aubrey Eden Davis
In reply to Audrey Eden Davis (msg # 340):

You hear lots of shouting and banging and the sound of electrical popping.  Then the noises seem to move away.

Poking your head out, you can see Lloyd doesn't mess around.  There are five...wait a minute...six soldiers on the ground.  The area seems like it was set up as some kind of airport gate, complete with the row seating and ports to plug in your cell phone.

Three hallways run out of the room.  The one to the northwest is the one Lloyd went down.  You can hear more shouting and rifle fire.

There's a hall to the south that's labeled Departures

And there's a smaller hall to the southwest labeled Airport Personnel Only.  Beneath that is another sign reading Baggage
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Tue 8 Sep 2020
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Aubrey Eden Davis
Aubrey poked her head out and glanced around. She was amazed at what she saw. Four men, nope make that five, laying on the ground. She did a quick search to see if there was a card or anything on them that said they were suppose to be in this area and moved the hallway. She read the sign and gave a heavy sigh. Getting out BOW (ball of wonder) , she headed to departures. The other way seemed to be for the baggage and she needed to find Dentention transport or something. She moved as quickly as she could and be quiet for the sounds in the area. If there was a tricky area she will send BOW out to scout.
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Tue 8 Sep 2020
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Aubrey Eden Davis
In reply to Audrey Eden Davis (msg # 342):

You can find three tags on the downed soldiers.

One ID would say you are Specialized Transport

One ID would let you pose as Traffic Control

The last one says Launch Personnel.

There are a number of soldiers running down the hallway towards you, rifles brandished.  But they ignore you.  It seems Lloyd has made quite the impression.

The hall ends in a large terminal looking room.  There are three sections off the main hall:  A, B, and C.  The terminal is mostly empty.  Most everyone has run down the hall to take on Lloyd.

B is the middle most one.  You can see what looks like a departure gate.  There's a small lounge with seats and against one wall is a door marked Detention Transport.

The door to Detention Transport is open.  There's a room beyond that looks like it is made of reinforced steel.

Above the departure gate for terminal B is a LED board.  The board is flashing:

Final Board for Flight XX2.  Special Clearance required. Departing in 2:04...2:02...2:00...
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Wed 9 Sep 2020
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Aubrey Eden Davis
Aubrey put the id's in different pockets not certain what she might need.  She heads out and sees the soldiers she tries to appear like she should be here and watches them run off for Lloyd. She wonders if she needs to help Lloyd after she finds Charlie. Turning back to the hallway she presses on. Seeing the door open for Detention Transport she grabs the id for Specialized Transport and puts it on as she heads in to get a look at what she is going to be dealing with. Seeing the flashing light drops her stomach, she had 2 minutes to figure it all out.
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Thu 10 Sep 2020
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Aubrey Eden Davis
In reply to Audrey Eden Davis (msg # 344):

B Terminal and the inside of the holding cell are empty.

You would guess Charlie, if he was here, was loaded onto the plane that is departing in 2 minutes.

Heading for the departure gate, you can see down the hallway beyond the departure gate door.  It's a curved hallway that looks pretty much like a loading gantry for a regular aircraft.

Except at the end of the hall, right before the open aircraft doorway, are two Scalies in full guard mode.  Their uniforms are quite different.  The armor if thicker, the helmets obviously have computers built into them, and their rifles look quite large.

You don't see many other options here.  If you want to check that plane, you will have to head down that hallway and get past those guards.  And they will see you coming.

Let me get five numbers please, 1 through 10.


Audrey Eden Davis
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Fri 11 Sep 2020
at 16:44
Aubrey Eden Davis
Aubrey figures that the helmets would protect the guards from the flash. So she looked for anything that would give her cover or a reason to get to the front of the plane. She figures she could use the electrical  charge to fry the electronics on the plane and cut the wheel/landing gear in the confusion.  She can use BOW to make noise that could hopefully draw there attention and if there was no cover walk up to the front like she is part of the runway personal doing takeoff check list. Where shell act like the plane zapped her if she got close,. Or if it is by cover she'll try to zap and move

8,5 ,7,4,6
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Fri 11 Sep 2020
at 19:18
Aubrey Eden Davis
In reply to Audrey Eden Davis (msg # 346):

There is a podium by the door.  It's not much in terms of cover, but it does have wheels on it.  It is one of those scanner stands you will sometimes see by airport gates.  It is a little wider than I imagine Bree is and comes up to her waist.  She can duck behind it and push it forward as it does have wheels.  Not made of the sternest stuff though.

You can also see several wheeled racks, like the big ones used to push luggage about the terminal.  None of them are loaded, but lots of the chairs in the waiting room could be stacked on one.

There are several clipboards and tablets laying about, the type airline personnel would have.

There are few handheld fire extinguishers around as well.

The tram ramp leading from the terminal gate to the airline is lit by hanging lamps strung on pretty unsecured wiring.

There are plate glass windows on each side of the terminal gate.

That's about all you can see that might be interesting.
Audrey Eden Davis
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Mon 14 Sep 2020
at 19:42
Aubrey Eden Davis
Aubrey sends BOW out to the other side of the room to hover in the corner hidden from  a possible distraction if needed. She grabs the clipboard and tablet as heads out like she is involved in the takeoff count down. She only needs to get close enough that she can do the electrical shock to the airplane itself. If ramp is extended to the airplane and touching she can try to get the pulse to go through the wire to the plane (her finding something wooden to stand on). Otherwise she will use the podium to hold her tablet and go through the "checklist" to get close to zap the plane.
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Mon 14 Sep 2020
at 21:25
Aubrey Eden Davis
In reply to Audrey Eden Davis (msg # 348):

The tram goes right up to the side of the plane and the door.  More or less like the standard airport gate.  If you can get past the guards, you can come up to the side of the plane itself.

The guards snap to attention as they see you coming down.  One of them trains a rifle in your direction and the other one takes a step forward.  He must be the talker of the pair.

"Halt.  Identify yourself."