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Jack Sharpe
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Thu 1 Apr 2021
at 22:34
After School Special
When Pale Image sends the woman off, Jack scans her to make sure she isn’t taking something off with her, but the way she acts seems to imply that she is under some sort of hypnotic effect. Turning his head slightly, he scans the interior of the room and then the upstairs. Wondering if the Pale Image’s actions are intended to be some sort of diversion from the real deal. In particular, he scans the sky overhead.

The upstairs being shielded, he darts up the stairs rather than engage with Pale Image. Either the guy is playing games, or he’s drastically overestimating himself.

Seeing as the guy’s focus is on technology, he zips up the stairs and opens the door, checking all of the rooms in the house that he can’t see from the outside.

Only when he comes back does he paw at his mask and realize that the Jesse James comments are about his mask, and not his status as an ‘outlaw.’ Which keeps him from commenting.

He doesn’t want to be recorded by the tech-oriented villain.

Coming back out of the house again a few minutes later, he walks over to the image of Pale Image and gives it a little flick on the forehead out of curiosity. Followed by a sharp piercing whistle.
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Sat 3 Apr 2021
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After School Special
In reply to Jack Sharpe (msg # 753):

Let's back up to Jack going upstairs first

As you zip upstairs, you see...

Well the hallway looks normal.  There are photos on the wall of Milicent and the guy she was talking to in the van the other day.  They're making goo-goo eyes at each other.  The toddler is with them in a couple of photos.  In two of them, she looks older than she did before she turned all shimmery.

All the doors are shut.  You can't peer through them.

As you open the first door, you are confronted with a mirror.  It's right in front, covering the entire doorway.

You're staring back at you.

You can't see past the mirror into the room.  There's a hum coming from the mirror.  Your trick with the whistle didn't seem to have an impact on this one.

There are three other doors, also shut and Jack-proof, along the hall.

Doing anything to this mirror?  Opening the other doors?
Jack Sharpe
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Sat 3 Apr 2021
at 17:31
After School Special
Jack will open and then shut each door in turn, checking each interior. He isn't about to smash things up, he just wants to be certain there isn't some spot that Pale Image's meat body is sitting around waiting for an opening so that it can slip away. As he opens each door in turn, he is looking for ways to shut things down without damaging things.
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Sun 4 Apr 2021
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After School Special
In reply to Jack Sharpe (msg # 755):

Each door has a mirror right behind it except the door at the end of the hall, which just opens into a normal looking master bedroom.

You can't really see past the mirrors or into the mirrors themselves.  There's no circutry on these.  They just seem like blank space.

No meat bodies anywhere.  Maybe for Christmas.

But there are Jack bodies.  As you finish your circut, the doors behind you begin to open and Jacks, obviously reflections, come out.  Three of them.  And these don't break as easy.  There's a bit more solidty to them.  As they grab at you, you can tell they're strong.  Not your level strong.  But they'd give HT a hard time.  No pun intended.
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Mon 5 Apr 2021
at 03:27
After School Special
If Jack had come here on his own, he would deal with this whole situation differently. Vaporize all the mirrors and then deal with the Pale Image a bit more forcefully, probably fly through some of the walls just to make sure there’s nothing hidden behind them. But if he did that, he is almost certain that HT would say that he had over-stepped. He was expected to demonstrate his judgment, but his judgment here is that as long as he can keep the threat from spilling over, it’s not the end of the world.

When the Mirror-Jacks emerge and don’t immediately get torn in half by a passing hand, his eyebrow quirks, but he continues to not speak. Increasingly unsure if Pale Image’s abilities are tech or meta powers. Both maybe?

He tests how fast they are just to see if it’s only strength, and then once he has their measure, he proceeds to start dismantling them so that he can zip back toward the driveway. His main concern at this point is to keep the property damage down. Using a combination of basic grappling and his strength to grab limbs and pluck them apart like flies, albeit with more force than he'd needed against earlier Reflections.

Hopefully Pale Image can’t make them in the future, that’d be a real pain.
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Mon 5 Apr 2021
at 20:38
After School Special
In reply to Jack Sharpe (msg # 757):

They are poor copies.  You judge them to be at maybe a third of your level.  Darja could probably handle one, maybe two.  Three might be too much for her.  They take you about a minute forty seconds.

By the time you have them wrapped up, you find HT in the driveway, standing over a cracked apart Pale Image.  Sirens are coming.  Lots of them.  The cops are about fifty seconds to two minutes out.

HT glances at you and gestures at the sky.  "Head out.  I'll handle the cops.  Rendezvous where we met up tomorrow oh seven hundred AM."

Seems like your first ride along is letting out early.
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Mon 5 Apr 2021
at 20:50
After School Special
"There's a woman he had hypnotized or something, brainwashed, maybe? This is her house, she's walking over that way," Jack mentions even as he takes a moment to be sure that HT is actually HT and not some sort of copy that the Pale Image can make to trick him. He wouldn't put it past the guy who can make a copy of him to be able to fake a scene like this and send him away.

Once he's certain that he has a good handle on things, he nods his head at the instructions.

Floating up off the ground, he flies away in a visible manner and then circles back to keep watch until the police arrive, but from above the clouds. Just in case.

Assuming that everything goes down in a sensible manner, he turns and banks away.

Flying up north, Jack comes to a stop down the block from the mental facility, pulling the sleeve off his face he rips off the sleeve on the other arm and makes the two sides match. Tossing them into a dumpster as he walks along the drive toward the facility where his mom is being held.

As he walks, he takes the time to pull out his cell phones and check them, sending a few quick messages to Lydia just to be a good boyfriend.

To Kevin, in response to the earlier comment about the file on him: Pale Image is detained. Still curious about the file though, meet you somewhere tonight?

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Tue 6 Apr 2021
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After School Special
In reply to Jack Sharpe (msg # 759):

Millicent has disappeared when you scan for her.  HT nods at your words.

Things seem to go as well as can be expected.  A couple of suits show up.  They seem to be Feds.  HT gives them a run down.

Apparently this was just a simple check in but he spotted Man-eater.  Man-eater is a high level assassin who never surfaces unless they are tracking a target.  You catch this exchange.

One of the Feds:  "You think it's You Know Who trying to drive any competitors off their turf?"

HT shrugs.  "That'd be my guess.  Let's talk about it later."

You notice he cuts his eyes skywards when he says that.  He can't see you, as far as you know.  But maybe he's wondering if you're skulking about.

You skulker you.

Kevin chimes back while you're skulking.  Skulker.

Let's meet up at that burger joint. 9 PM

He means that run down burger joint with the high level shielding.

Kevin is wolfing down two jalapeno cheddar burgers and a plate of tater tots.

The restaurant is, like last time, almost deserted this time of night.  The bored looking cashier and fry cook are staring at their phones in the back, gossiping about how much they hate the dayshift manager.

No one's paying attention.

Kevin pops the last bit of burger one into his mouth and washes it down with a Mr. Pibb.

"Sorry for pigging out.  It's been a long day and I'm starving."

He belches as he unwraps the second burger, then grabs a tot and dips it in the lake of ketchup he's got to one side.  "Word has it Hard Time had a run in with Paley this afternoon.  You heard anything about it?"

He takes out a thumb drive and passes it across the table to you.

"When I peeked around Pale's shop, I found a hard drive.  That's what was on there about you.  It says your Mom is crazy.  Sorry if that's the case."

He leans a bit closer.  "Dude. They've got your DNA."  He stuffs the burger into his mouth as he stares at you, taking a huge bite out of it.  "At least that file says they do.  Any ideas on how they even know about you?"

You recall what you read in the information file about Pale Image Kevin had provided you.

Pale Image was a lab tech who, surprise surprise, gained powers in a lab accident.  He also turned out to be a genius when it came to transdimensional imaging.  Apparently both his powers and his tech are about pulling copies of people and things from alternate timelines.  But the copies aren't perfect.  Pale Image himself can turn into a holographic image and travel along light waves.

Whatever HT busted up this afternoon, it probably wasn't the real Pale Image.

Millicent is apparently his actual wife.  They had a daughter who died.  Part of Pale Image's motivation is revenge against the hospital that she died in.

How any of that relates to you...?
Jack Sharpe
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Wed 7 Apr 2021
at 21:03
After School Special
Jack wonders if they’d actually caught Man-Eater then, or if HT had really just totally blown the surveillance by putting them so close. He’d have to give the man a hard time for it, later, since it means that on a trip that was meant to “test him” it’d been the mentor who’d pushed things too far.

Hearing about Voldemort, his eyebrows arch slightly and he tacks that onto the list of things to talk to people about. Maybe save it for his conversation with Omen, whenever that happens.

Cutting away, he glances at his phone and heads home.

Still no AER, so he decides that today he’ll continue to work on languages while he watches Star Wars. Egyptian could be a good one to know that he doesn’t know already.

And damn, he’s going to need to get rid of this shirt.

Scanning the area as he comes in, Jack proceeds inside, hoofing the distance from where he’d landed to the restaurant.

Showing up at the burger place, Jack goes to get himself something to eat, getting a double cheddar burger with bacon, and a chocolate shake. He stands to the side until he is called up and then takes his tray over to sit across from Kevin.

“No worries, I had to learn to get over how people sound when they’re chewing when I was five,”
he mentions with a smile and nods at the question about Paley. “I was there, so was Man-Eater, and Pale’s wife, though I thought she was a bystander. She seemed out of it, but she hid. Makes me think it was a ruse,” he mentions.

Jack reaches out to take the thumb drive, putting it into his pants pocket.

“Crazy is a simple word for a complex woman, and she has drowned herself in alcohol,
” he answers with a mild shrug. He knows she’s unwell, but that was not a new idea, he’d known that for years.

The mention about DNA earns a mild shrug.

“I have some ideas, but no, no certainties on how they know about me. But I can assuage any worries you have, I’m a result of a lot of tricks all being applied at the right moments in the process of growing an embryo, super-genius meta work, I can’t be copied. They could make a genetic clone, but my genetic makeup is only a small aspect of what I am,”
he mentions to Kevin, so that there is no worry that they need to go and storm the castle to get back his genetic material.

Not that he isn’t concerned and won’t act, but it’s not something that makes him panic.
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Thu 8 Apr 2021
at 21:23
After School Special
In reply to Jack Sharpe (msg # 761):

Kevin listens to what you say and then shrugs himself, sucking ketchup off his fingers.

He goes in for more tots.

"Maneater showed up huh?  That's funny what-the-fuck not funny ha-ha.  Maneater only takes contracts on other metas.  Or that's the gossip.  I wonder who..."it's"?..target was."

He thinks a moment.  Another shrug.  Another handful of tots.

"Paley's wife is, far as I know, really his wife.  Yeah, she probably acted all hypnotized to try to get away.  As far as I know though, she's in on it.  They have some hard on against some doctor or something like that.

"Good to know they can't copy you.  One of you is enough of a pain in the ass."
  He burps.  "But I'm sure Gun Shot is sayin' the same thing about me.  Welcome to the club.

"So.  How are things in the kiddie pool?  They gonna let you do the adult swim soon?"

Your cell buzzes.  HT.

Things all straightened out.  You did good for things going south like that.  We'll recon tomorrow.  Link for AER attched.  Your user name is Buckshot.  I didn't pick it.
Jack Sharpe
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Fri 9 Apr 2021
at 02:02
After School Special
“One of the Feds speculated,” Jack mentions and then does his best impression of the Agent, like how Darja had done it, but he definitely hasn’t practiced it enough to know if it’s within his powerset. Then again, he also doesn’t want to step on Darja’s nuts too much, she needs to know that he isn’t stealing her thunder.  "You think it's You Know Who trying to drive any competitors off their turf?"

Having said that, he makes a little gesture like that explains it, but realizes that out of context even Monkey might need the last dot.

“I think it might have been there to kill Paley, or scare him, at least, he seems tough to kill, just a guess though, obviously I didn’t try,”
he speculates, and hearing the comments about how she’d been in on it, he nods a little. He’ll remember that for next time and just detain her. Then again, that would have probably prompted Pale to pull out the stops and retaliate.

She’s the family he has left.

“Well, I think I handled this thing well, and I’ve shown I can get around without them knowing I’m out there,”
he answers with a shrug. “I’m still not sure if I should show them my new suit, or keep it as backup in case I want to do something on the QT.”

Pulling out his cell phone he glances at it, making mental note.  Cool.
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Sat 10 Apr 2021
at 22:49
After School Special
In reply to Jack Sharpe (msg # 763):

Kevin furrows his furry brows when you first mention "You Know Who".

"What the fuck..."  he mutters.  He probably isn't aware he said it out loud from his expression.

He absentmindedly picks up another handful of tots.

'Something's going on.  Minneapolis has never been this active before.  There's too much going on. And there's too many coincidences."

He looks at you oddly and then reaches for the last bite of his burger.  "If you tell them about the suit, they'll tell you to mothball it.  They won't want you runnin' around without being on someone's insurance.  And if you're as powerful as I think you are, that's gonna be one hell of a monthly insurance premium someone's gonna have to pay.  And that someone will want a say in how you do things.

"Don't take this the wrong way.  But maybe you should mothball it. At least for a little while."
  He shrugs and chomps on the burger.  "I'm sayin' this as a friend.  I don't know your whole background and whatnot. But it's pretty obvious you didn't grow up in the regular nuclear family.  Maybe take some time to be regular folks.  You might find that you like it more than the Life."

He shrugs and pops the last of the burger into his mouth.  "Just throwin' it out there.  You should do what you want."
Jack Sharpe
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Sun 11 Apr 2021
at 02:08
After School Special
Jack doesn’t get the impression that Kevin knows who they are referring to, but he isn’t about to voice that. The whole Voldemort thing makes him think that discussing it is probably something he should only do with someone like Omen.

The comment about coincidences just mirrors earlier thoughts and comments he’d made, indirectly skirting the idea, rather than directly speaking about his father or someone like him.  Someone pulling a lot of strings to maneuver events for some reason.

“Okay, so don’t use it with them, but I’m not going to mothball it. I’ve had need for it recently, and I’m tired of tearing up shirts to make a mask,”
he grumbles and stares off into space for a moment as he thinks about things and then glances over his shoulder, letting himself do a periodic glance around to make sure that they aren’t under surveillance.

The comment about being ‘regular’ makes him roll his eyes.

“If the world were at peace, if I couldn’t hear people,”
he pauses, “Maybe I could really bury my head in the sand. I could maybe move somewhere remote, build a cabin. That’d be nice. The Yukon or something? But I don’t have that luxury, and being ‘regular’ means ignoring things. You know, I’m sure you’d have handled Faust just fine the other day, but maybe you wouldn’t have? Maybe the world would be short one Light, if I’d just buried my head in the sand that night, and then all the good you’ve done since would be,” he throws a little hand into the air. Like he’s sprinkling dust.

He answers and shrugs a little, returning the shrug.
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Mon 12 Apr 2021
at 20:04
After School Special
In reply to Jack Sharpe (msg # 765):

Kevin cocks a hair eyebrow when you mention the shirts.  "Why don't you just carry a bandana?"

He shrugs back at you.  "Sorry.  Not tryin' to piss you off.  It's not like I can blame anyone for not takin' the easy way out. And I don't mind the assists ever.  Just...well.  You never know if someone's joining the life cos they want to or cos someone expects them too.  Like your friend Odeila.

"Anyway.  I won't bug you about it again."
  He belches and wipes his fingers on a napkin.  Picking up his Mr. Pibb, he looks at you.  "You want me to nose around and see if I can figure out why Paley was interested in you?"
Jack Sharpe
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Mon 12 Apr 2021
at 21:01
After School Special
“I had originally mostly just wanted a mask for that reason, something small and pocket sized, but yeah, since I can’t carry that around,” Jack agrees, he’d make a mental note to always carry a bandana in the future. Something pocket sized to disguise his features somewhat. Though apparently people like Paley had his details, which meant that he probably wasn’t accomplishing a lot with the measures. "Good idea."

The mention about Odelia gets a quirked eyebrow.

“She was out in that outfit because someone expected her to?”
he asks.

The question about nosing around earns a sort of non-committal shrug. “I mean, if you can do it safely, yeah. Just don’t stick your neck out for me, since it’s not like I’m really at risk,” he asides, and finishes off his own cheeseburger, dipping a few more fries into the ketchup.
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Tue 13 Apr 2021
at 22:31
After School Special
In reply to Jack Sharpe (msg # 767):

"Yeah," he mutters when you question about Odelia.  "She's definitely a brat.  But she does seem to have come by the chip on her shoulder fair and square.  It's...complicated."

He shrugs back at you.  "The thing about it...if someone has your DNA...I dunno.  Makes me wonder if maybe someone's trying to make another you.  Or find a way to deal with the one they got."

He finishes his drink.  "Anything I should know?  I mean...I do live here.  And I guess I'm kinda committed to keeping it safe.  Well.  Safe-ish.  Anyway I'll keep you in the loop. But if you come across something, do the same."
Jack Sharpe
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Wed 14 Apr 2021
at 17:13
After School Special
Jack isn’t sure that answered the question, but he doesn’t push the issue.

“I’m not saying I’m not concerned, I understand,”
he confirms, nodding his head, the second thing might be a thing, he supposes. A weakness.

The question of things that Kevin should know earns a thoughtful look as he goes over his mental rolodex of problems. He’d told Kevin about the BEs, the sandman thing, Faust he knew about, exploding people he definitely knew. He’d passed along HT’s warning.

The only thing he hasn’t mentioned is his father and some of his suspicions, but those are the sort of thing he wants to play close to the chest. Not because Kevin would sell him out, but because without more information it’d just be idle speculation and could put a target on the Monkey.

“No, I think that’s it,”
he answers.
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Thu 15 Apr 2021
at 18:43
After School Special
In reply to Jack Sharpe (msg # 769):

Moving us along

Lydia texts you.  Mostly a lot of nothing.  Seems she just wants to chat or some such?  Since one of her texts is about which is better:  Fresca or Diet Barq's Root Beer, you assume she just wants to chat.  Or maybe it's code.

Darja texts you.  She's getting pulled in for early morning training.  She'll see you at school.

Colby also texts you.  <i>Have you got time this weekend?  Need help with a big pizza delivery.  Couple hours of work.  Will $$$$$$$$$

HT has a thermos.  One of those big thermoses as long as your arm.  You probably assume it's coffee, but when he pours a cup it smells and looks like tea.

"I gotta switch from joe to tea.  This is white tea.  Supposed ta be good for ya.  My wife's been nagging about it."

The two of you are sitting at a small breakfast table inside the house you met at last time.  The house is sparsely furnished.  Most of the furniture looks older than you are.

HT chuckles.  "We decided not to spend a lotta money on amenities for the safe houses.

"Alright.  So before I tell you about what happened yesterday, you tell me what happened.  What were your impressions?  What did you think went right and what went wrong?  Don't be afraid to be blunt."
  He grins at you as he starts to sip on the tea.  "I don't break easy."
Jack Sharpe
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Thu 15 Apr 2021
at 20:55
After School Special
Jack text back Lydia: Fresca is part of some sort of mind control experiment, avoid Fresca.

He sends back a thumbs up emoji to Darja.

To Colby: I assume in the evening? Should be fine. Might have some stuff in the morning, but it shouldn’t take all day.

Jack is surprised he couldn’t smell the difference through the thermos, then again, it is just water with leaves in it.

“Your wife back in Chicago?”
he asks, looking around a little as he sits down, he wonders if HT is making her up, or if there are actual signs of another person living in the small house.

He doesn’t judge the furniture, or the choice. Mom had never been one to mind the age of the furniture, or electronics. Despite how much one would assume that’d be a thing for a mad scientist.

“I can tell.”

The question about his impressions and right/wrong earns a small nod as he appears to take a moment to organize his thoughts.

“Let’s see.

For you, first: you should have SOP for approaching a target like that. Brief me or another trainee on what a target can do before hand, and known ways to take them out or detain them. Should I have annihilated all of the mirrors in the area the moment he was exposed? Should I have avoided contact at all costs? I should have known his wife was in on it. Next, since you were trying to ascertain my sensory range for your edification, you should have been dialing in from further off. Stop at a few miles off, see if I can hear the people there, then move closer until I can, not drive up and scope it out like it’s Brooklyn 99. Nine-nineee.

For me:  I should be carrying a better mask in my pocket,”
he pulls out his bandana.
 GM, 1077 posts
Sat 17 Apr 2021
at 05:52
After School Special
In reply to Jack Sharpe (msg # 771):

"Oklahoma City," HT answers when you ask about his wife.  "My mother-in-law is early stages Alzheimers.  Helen wants to spend some time with her while she can."

He laughs at the end of your analysis.  "So I get the beating and you get "better mask" huh?  Well.  I can't argue that it didn't go well.  I had no plans on engaging with Pale Image.  Maneater kinda threw a wrench in the works."

He leans forward.  "Yesterday wasn't really gonna be about your sensory range.  We coulda tested that at the gym.  I wanted to see how you'd scope things out.  Ya know..."  He waves a hand at his temple.  "How you'd process the set up.  Was gonna have you give me a plan of attack and everything. Which you ended up doing anyway.

"You won't always get to know what the bad guy can and can't do ahead of time.  Personally, I think it's better to throw you guys into unknown situations.  Let you sink or swim...ya know.  Of course backing you up.  But the best teacher is experience.  Making you run obstacle courses for months on end can only get you so far."

He takes a swig of tea, studying you over the rim of the cup.  "You've got pretty control of your powers.  What you're lacking is experience.  So what I'm considering is letting you do monitored patrol activity.  You'd get to actually patrol the city under supervision.

"Whaddya think about that?"

Jack Sharpe
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Sat 17 Apr 2021
at 19:04
After School Special
Jack nods in understanding about the Alzheimer’s. “I’m sorry to hear that,” he mentions and wonders if there isn’t some solution to Alzheimer’s out there.

The analysis is something he’d stand by so he just smiles slightly and continues to listen. “I suppose I can see your point about sink or swim, but my opinion is that you should expose trainees to good practices. As in, show them how you take the time to know what you’re walking into, instead of just showing up all willy-nilly and relying on your toughness to keep you alive when things go wrong,” he reflects after taking a moment to think about how he would coach someone to do things.

Rather than really expressing outright joy, even if he’s happy to hear that he might actually get to start patrolling, Jack takes a moment to think about the particulars.

“Who would I be patrolling with?”
he asks. “Someone fast, I hope?”
 GM, 1081 posts
Mon 19 Apr 2021
at 05:21
After School Special
In reply to Jack Sharpe (msg # 773):

HT chuckles at your remark about good practices.  "I do. Usually.  But you aren't exactly the typical recruit, are ya?"

He taps his chin with his forefinger as he considers your last question.  Finally he says, "Me.  Some.  But I think it'd be best to pair you with a few different folks.  Everyone has their own styles.  You need to develop yours."

He sits back in his chair.  "For now...Are you gonna get in trouble for staying out late on a school night?  I think I'll take you an' Darja on a little night cruise.  Sound alright?"

Darja isn't in class.  Colby comes up to your desk right before the bell rings.

"So here's the dealio.  Saturday night.  I just need help with a catering job.  Setting up some tables.  Chairs.  Laying out fifty seven pizzas and drinks.  Maybe two hours worth of work.  At most.  Can you make it?"
Jack Sharpe
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Mon 19 Apr 2021
at 18:02
After School Special
Jack glances at HT when he talks about typical recruits, but doesn’t really respond beyond a brief nod in agreement. That seems accurate.

“Sounds good, I’m assuming I’m still on track to meet up and start training with Omen as well?”
he questions, since Gut Shot had not followed up on that yet, curious if there was movement on that plan.

The question about staying out late earns a shake of the head.

“I can stay out, and yeah, that’s fine with me, as long as you can keep up with us,” he says with a grin.

Checking his phone when he notices that Darja isn’t around, he blinks slowly and then throws a long look around the school. Just to check on her if she’s around.

“I mean, I can do it either way, though if you can get us alone in the room for a few minutes I can do the tables and chairs quickly,
he quietly mentions to Colby, he’s prepared to help either way, but as with the heavy stuff from the storage locker. A little alone time would speed up the process considerably.
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Mon 19 Apr 2021
at 23:48
After School Special
In reply to Jack Sharpe (msg # 775):

HT gives you the finger for your last comment but chuckles.

He takes another sip of tea.  "Yeah...Omen.  You'll find out, but...problem with Omen is he's not on our schedule.  We're sorta on his.  He..."

HT thinks for a moment and then sighs.  "Don't say nothin' to Gutshot about this.  But it's probably easier if you know.  Omen doesn't exist in the same timeline we do.  He sorta wanders in and out of it.  He knows he has to meet you.  Just more a matter of when he can."

Colby chuckles.  "That's fine.  Less work for me.  I'll pick you up at four that afternoon.  We should be done no later than five...five thirty."

No Darja anywhere around.

Lydia texts you.  You wanna grab a burger after school?  My folks are out and I gotta find food.
Jack Sharpe
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Tue 20 Apr 2021
at 18:56
After School Special
Jack smiles at the finger.

“Can you clarify that, or should I wait to talk to Omen himself?”
Jack asks. His gut had told him to just wait, but HT is in a talkative mood and perhaps he can learn more just by asking.

Jack makes a mental note so that he doesn’t let anything overlap. “Sounds good, man.”

Glancing down at his phone when the text comes in, he thinks about it for a second and then sends off a brief: Sure! You know, I really don’t need a car, but you’re making me reconsider for your sake.