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Sun 17 Nov 2019
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Blind Lady Tradeways Catalog (Jonas Blaine's Game Only)
Blind Lady Tradeways can be accessed only by using an onion router like Tor to surf the Dark Web.  It only trades in an online currency called BriCoin.  There are three different exchanges outside Blind Lady you can obtain them from.

Currently, One BriCoin is trading for roughly $25 USD.
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Sun 17 Nov 2019
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All Sales Final!
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Sun 17 Nov 2019
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Orders for Armor need exact measurements.  Each suit is custom crafted.  Only the best. A # One!  Go Yankee!


Traditional Kevlar suits created through our proprietary process.  Our Kevlar is just as good but half the weight!
Vest               2 BriCoin
Shirt              4 BriCoin
Pants              3 BriCoin
Leggings           2 BriCoin

Plus sizes available, add 1 BriCoin!

StoneWall Body Armor

Similar to SafeGuard weave but ours works!  Half as light!  Go Go!!
Vest               5 BriCoin
Shirt              7 BriCoin
Pants              6 BriCoin
Leggings           5 BriCoin

Plus sizes available, add 2 BriCoin!

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Sun 17 Nov 2019
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Why you not wear something on head?  Our helmets come in full cover, top and visor, and top.  Check out our selection of custom snap ons!  All A # One Yankee!

Full Helms
All helmets come with no added snap ons.  Armored Only
Kevlar                    3 BriCoins.  Max four snap ons
StoneWall                 6 BriCoins.  Max four snap ons
Ceramic Light             4 BriCoins.  Max six snap ons


Tinted Face Plate         LCD coordinates all other snaps on same base.
DataClick                 Snap On Memory Cartridge.  Adds Two Snap Ons.  Max Two Per Helm
Targeting Display         Syncs only with Smart Weapons.  Max four weapons
Radar                     One unit allows for 50 meter radial distance.  Units will stack.
Thermal Imaging           Forward only.
Back and Side Cams        Know what's around you in line of sight.
Computer Uplink           Compatible systems only.  No Windows.
Wave Scanner              Can tune in to most radio and cell transmissions in 50 meter
                          radial distance.  Longer range possible depending on atmospheric

Ask about our package deals!

All snap ons 2 BriCoin except Face Plate which is 2.5 BriCoin and Dataclick which is 3 BriCoin.


No helmet?  No problem!  Eyewear can appear normal normal or future disco!  All on you!  A # One Favorite Yankee!

'Ray Bahn' Style with 3 snap ons.  No face plate or DataClick.  2 BriCoin.

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Sun 17 Nov 2019
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Finest smoke.  Unless otherwise indicated, sizes are:
Pellet-      One Use.         Fills 20mX20m area.
Grenade-     One Use.         Fills 100mx100m area.
Bomb-        One Use.         Sizes are adjustable.  Minimum target 500mX500m

Usual Smoke  Eye irritant.  Coughing.                   P/1-G/3-B/5
Thick Fog    Dense and opaque.  Mostly water vapor.     P/1 for 2-G/1-B/3
Trippy       Effects random.                            P/2-G/3-B/7
Sedator      Sleepy or Sluggish.                        P/3-G/4-B/7

Colored on request for any.

Mix are custom order.  Please contact.  Super customer service special!

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Wed 20 Nov 2019
at 02:59
Be in the know and the one to know!  Gear gear gear for snooping and spying!  All merch good as gold Cowboy!

There are a number of devices that you could find at almost any home security or police supply store.  All run between one and two BriCoins.  But there are a few more interesting selections...


Many drones!  Various sizes!  Stock up now!

The Night Owl                          Smooth operating helicopter based drone.  Silent rotors.  Soft enough to  sound like breeze on security mikes!  Camera has fish eye, wide scope, and thermal lenses attached.  Reliable feed
                                              within 1500 meters!  Comes with it's own recording equipment for a full day's surveillance!   Battery good for continuous flight up to ten hours.  Well made and able to take small arms fire no
                                              problem!....18 BriCoin

The Ferret                               Ground based.  Five inches long and one inch wide.  Able to climb walls up to twenty five feet.  Same reliable system as in the Night Owl.  Virtually no sound.  Onboard computer detects it's own
                                              noise and will self correct to minimize running sound!  Camera has fish eye, wide scope, and thermal attached.  Reliable feed within 2000 meters!  Battery guaranteed for forty eight hours
                                              depending on movement!  10 BriCoins

The Spider                               Small camera with wide mobility options!  Slow but is able to climb walls up to 90 degree slope!  Able to cross ceilings!  Feed good within 150 meters. Thermal and wide scope lenses attached.
                                              Battery life without movement is good for ten hours.  Optional equipment for faster movement available!  Please inquire!  12 BriCoin base.

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Wed 20 Nov 2019
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You speak quiet with a big stick! No problem!  We can supply stick!  Good prices Cowboy!

The weaponry section continues for pages.  Every conceivable weapon is available, from  concealable pistols to flame throwers.  There's even a tank, but that's in the hundreds of BriCoins range.  Most weapons detail for between one to forty BriCoin.

Near the end of the list is this odd blurb

Need special stick?  Need unusual boom boom?  No problem!  Contact our customer support and we can provide!  Prices negotiable!
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Wed 20 Nov 2019
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Customer Support and Assistance
Unlike the rest of the website, this section appears to be 'cleaner'.  The font and web page are much more professional.  The English is no longer broken or cartoon sounding.  Besides the home page of the site, this is the only page the Blind Lady Tradeway's icon appears:  an older woman in a rumpled peasant dress with steel grey hair sitting on a bench with a cloth bandage tied around her eyes.  Across her knees is a sword. The illustration is black and white, but the shading suggest there is blood both on the sword and her hands.  The woman is holding her hands out, palms facing up, like they were scales and her shoulders were the fulcrum.  The artist rendered a suggestion of a nose and chin on her face, but there is no suggestion of a mouth.

Thank you for considering Blind Lady Tradeways for your needs.

We are committed to providing aid to all who thirst for justice, but find this world quite dry.

Please use the form below to submit any questions, feedback, or to request a special order.

Please note that Blind Lady Tradeways can only offer assistance and advice.  We can not offer direct support.

Our customers are our greatest resource.  Please let us know if there are ways we can better  you.