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Sun 29 Dec 2019
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Who's Who in Minneaplois (Jack Sharpe's Game Only)
For Jack Sharpe's game only.
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Sun 29 Dec 2019
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To Do
Class Projects:
World History                 Research Paper.  You are assigned a paper on the Khmer Rouge and
                              Pol Pot.  You must present an overview of the rise of their regime
                              and discuss one aspect of how they repressed their people.

                              Optional Training Class at the University Library.  Weekend
                              class for the public about how to use library resources.

Cantonese                     Listening Lab required once a week.  Sign up for either:  during a lunch period,
                              one hour after school Monday to Wednesday, or an hour before school any weekday.

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Sun 29 Dec 2019
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Outside School
Marlene Applewood:              Aunt.  Works at the University of Minnesota as an Admin
Sol :                           Neighbor.  Cool guy.  Rabbi.
Dan Cabrazzi:                   Senior at Jefferson.  May have failed his previous senior
                                year.  Seems to be a figure of some ridicule.  Former football
Emily:                          Owner of Emily's, a used clothing store.
Juanita:                        Waitress at Ray J's

Kevin Hostingale                a/k/a The Monkey

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Sun 29 Dec 2019
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Period 1:  World History - Mr. Callico  Room 248

Darja Tamm:                    From Estonia.  Just immigrated in this summer.  Meta.  Also in
                               your Meta Studies class

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Wed 1 Jan 2020
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Period 2:  Conversational Cantonese I - Mrs Zhao-Room 19

Rosamie Lea:             Filipino girl.  Thinks Jack is 'stiff'.

Ronald Harbor:           Redheaded white guy.  Seems to have a gift for languages.

Jae Bim:                 Pony tailed Korean guy in both the Chinese and English classes.

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Fri 3 Jan 2020
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Period 3- Pre Calc- Room 28B
No classmates of note.

Mrs. Hollister:                Formerly Ms. Deacon.  She was listed as such on your schedule, but apparently
                               she got married over the summer.  Her class is fairly straight forward.

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Sun 5 Jan 2020
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Period 4- AP English- Room 212-Mrs. Whitefalls

Jae Bim:                       Same guy from Cantonese.

Allison Ericks:                Prettiest girl you've seen thus far.  Doesn't seem to
                               be poetry's biggest fan.

Alexa Goodfriar:               Short girl with thick glasses.

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Wed 8 Jan 2020
at 01:34
Period 5- AP Physics- Dr. Spriggans
The 'fun' ones:

Kisha Livingstone
Al Daniels
Bill Puxley
Farzenah 'Fara' Ihara
Cal Stone

There will be a trip to the University for some kind of symposium later this year.
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Wed 8 Jan 2020
at 01:37
Period 6 - Metas and Society-Mr. Casey

Colby Whitehall -     Meta who wears a surgical mask.  When he sneezes, someone around him randomly turns invisible.

Darja Tamm -          Same girl from History. Estontian meta.

There will apparently be a research paper, but the details are vague at the moment.
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Thu 9 Jan 2020
at 02:26

Cape                        Meta sanctioned to use their powers, usually by a government or insurance company.
                            Must be bonded and insured.

Cowls                       Metas who use their powers but are not sanctioned or do not carry an
                            adequate level of insurance.  Different from Hoods in that they tend to act, or believe
                            they act, like heroes.

Hoods                       Metas who use their powers without official sanction and commit overtly criminal acts.
                            Much debate over what separates 'Cowls' and 'Hoods'

Normies                     Terms used by metas to describe non-powered humans.

Wannabes                    Term for either: 1)unpowered humans who train in some way to
                            peak human performance (gymnastics, martial arts, robotics, etc)
                            or 2) Metas who eschew the use of their powers to lead 'normal' lives.
                            Can be a derogatory term depending on it's use.

Halfhome Institute          Well known institute devoted to the study of metas.  Regarded as a
                            Pro-Meta think tank.

The Iron League             A team of Capes operating out of Atlanta.

Metaphile                   Someone who gets sexually aroused by metas.

Gray Mare Effect            A term to describe social defensive mechanisms used by metas when
                            they are nervous about interacting with normies.

                            Named for the WWII hero Gray Mare who was infamous for apologizing
                            profusely to any nearby normie whenever he used his powers.
                            A few authorities equate it with meta self-hatred.

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Thu 9 Jan 2020
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Gransy-Moller Scale         GMS      Scale used to rank metas.  Developed by insurance companies based on
                                     a meta's threat level.  Used by most governments except
                                     in Europe and a few other countries.

Meta Threat Index           MTI      Scale that was devised and refined over decades by media outlets.
                                     Takes GMS as a base, but adjusts a meta's rating depending
                                     on criteria like popularity, marketability, and charisma.
                                     Criticized as being inconsistent and nonsensical,
                                     but most recognized by most people around the world.
                                     Metas on this scale are sorted in to color groups:

                                     Blue:  Largest group.  Powers are minor or surpressed, whether voluntarily or
                                     Green: Wannabes (see above)
                                     Orange: Metas who can not control their powers.
                                     Yellow:  Capes.
                                     Red:  Metas who use their powers and are considered dangerous (Hoods and Cowls)
                                     Black:  Metas whose powers are considered serious enough
                                     To be labeled as weapons of mass destruction.

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Fri 21 Feb 2020
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Gransy-Moller Scale Code Index
Gransy-Moller bases a meta's threat rating on 3 primary factors:

1) How much damage could the meta do within a fifteen minute timespan to an average city block?

2) What kind of powers does the meta have? 

3) What is the meta's outlook on the use of their powers?

The rating is usually expressed as a 3 digit code, each digit corresponding to an index used to rate each factor.  An example rating would be 7YU.  Or 2ZA.

The first digit is numerical.  0 to 9.  The higher the number, the greater the potential and predicted scope of damage the meta could cause.  8 is considered to be able to raze the block to the ground or kill everyone in the vicinity within 15 minutes.  9 is considered world ending.

The second digit is alpha in character and will always be a consonant.  The alpha character will always be from the Latin Alphabet. GMS has tried to codify the various types of powers into compact units and currently has 18 subsets of powers.  For example F is for Elemental based powers.  C is for advanced physique modeled powers.  The catagories are meant to be overly broad so as to be as all inclusive as possible.

It should be noted that where a meta may fall in to two or more groups, the GMS scale will default to what is considered to be the 'primary' power.  For example, if someone could grow into a ten foot hulk with steel plated skin, they would default to C group instead of the 'X'/Shapeshifter group.

Sometimes, a rating will include additional digits to define additional power groups.  But the primary will always be capatilized, and the secondary powers will appear as trailing lower case letters.  7CxA in the case of the steel skinned giant.  A meta who has light based powers that also allowed them to teleport might be designated a 4FhU.

The last digit will also be an alpha character, but will always be a vowel.  Y is not considered a vowel in this case.  This chart stands for meta's outlook or state of mind.  The official rating is established by a joint committee of the FBI's MetaBehavioral unit and the American Insurance Association.  The ratings used are

A     Complacent
             Meta has shown no interest in using their powers or
             only uses in benign or mundane situations.
             Ex. Doctor with a healing power.  Welder who is resistant to heat.

E     Active-Benign
             Meta uses powers in government sanctioned ways.
             Ex.  A Cape.  A soldier using powers in accordance with their orders.

I     Active-Malign
             Meta using powers in furtherance of criminal activity.
             Ex.  A Cowl.  A Hood.  A stock trader using psychic powers for insider trading activity

O     Diminished Capacity or Alien Mentality
             Meta either has a diminished mental capacity, recognized mental illness
             that impairs their ability to function in society, or is of a non-human
             origin and operates in a mindset not easily understandable by the average person
             Ex. A schizophrenic.  A living tree.

U     Unknown
             Not enough information is available on the Meta's mindset to make a determination.
             Second largest group after A

Jack would probably be an 8CU or 8CI since he's active but not sanctioned. If he becomes a cape, he would be an 8CE

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Gransy-Moller Scale Code Index

B           Sensory Powers

C           Altered/Advanced Physique

D           Elemental Powers- Usually reserved for metas with a clear association to
            one element and ability to manipulate(ex. hydromancer, weather witch)

F           Energy Projection- Reserved for metas whose primary ability is the projection
            of created raw energy.  (ex. Someone who throws lightning bolts or fire)

L           Invulnerability and/or the ability to create defensive forces





Q           Mental Powers



W           Unclassified.  Usually reserved for Metas whose powers are not well understood.

X           Shapeshifting


Work in progress

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Wed 4 Mar 2020
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The Paladins
The Paladins           One of the premier Cape groups in the US. Operates out of Chicago

Red Tiger              A metamorph.  Leader of the Paladins.
                       One of the best known metas in the US.  Voted Sexiest Meta Alive twice
                       in People magazine. Still active.

Link                   A teleporter.  Former member of Paladins.  Inactive. Retired from public life.

Bronze Medal           A bronze skinned brick.  Former member of Paladins.  Inactive. Retired from public life.

Skates                 A gadgeteer. Longest tenure member of the Paladins.  Still active.

Night Bird             An alleged 'mystic'.  Former member of the Paladins.  Current member
                       of The Iron League.

Hoot'n'Nanny           A comical but powerful brick.  Former member of the Paladins.  Inactive.  Retired
                       from public life.

Brite                  Light elemental meta.  Member of Paladins. Joined in last 2 years.  Active.

The Net                Technomancer.  Member of Paladins. Recent recruit.

Hard Time              Brick.  Member of Paladins.  Joined in last 2 years.

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Wed 11 Mar 2020
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The Program- Candidates
Odelia Allgood      Mrs. Locker Queen.  Shapeshifter.

Ronald Harbor       Guy from your Chinese class.  Mental.

Darja               Needs no introduction

Mia Wallace         Unknown sophmore.  Mental.  Rated as diminished capacity
                    or alien mindset.
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Sun 12 Apr 2020
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GuardStar-Current Roster

Anne Hawthorne                 Science Whiz.  Maintains the weaponry used by most of GuardStar
                               She rarely enters into battle, but when she does she has a
                               number of battle suits she wears.

JackPot                        One of the only two meta-metas on the team.  Supposedly has
                               Powers related to luck manipulation.

Hemi                           Wears a powerful battle suit.  Supposedly an original creation
                               He and Gut Shot founded the team.

Gut Shot                       Expert marksman.  She uses a variety of specialized rifles and
                               pistols.  Co-founder of the team and current leader.

The Alchemist                  Uses various ability enhancing potions and chemical grenades.
                               Claims to be a 12th century Alchemist who has been alive all
                               these centuries thanks to his potions.  A new expose on him
                               from several years ago confirmed he's a formal mental patient
                               who has a genius for bizzare chemistry.  The courts have
                               assigned Hemi as his caretaker.

Omen                           Known to be a meta, but exact powers unknown.  Keeps a low

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Mon 8 Mar 2021
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Bad Guys

Pale Image                 Associated with the mirror at a men's store in the mall

                           Currently, only know powers are making 'mirror ninjas'

Roger                      Sentient idea who can take over people

                           Has a thing for Mozart

Chester                    The Orange Guy.

                           A brick type

'Sand Man'                 Serial killer who likes to bury children alive