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The World As Styrians Know It... (Setting, Char Gen, Rules)
The World of Styre is...
  • Human: Humans are the only native civilized people in Styre. There are some human-like monsters that have rudimentary societies, but they all see Humans as enemies at best, and prey at worst. The exception is the Star Children, but they see Humans as a means to acquire resources for an unknown end...

  • Dangerous: The Starfall hardened Styre's survivors, from the plants to the animals to the peoples. There are plants that drink blood when water is scarce, towering beasts that can trample warriors under their feet, and predators with razor-sharp teeth and claws that can tear through steel. Far too many Humans think it is easier to prey on their fellow Styrians or pledge loyalty to the Star Children and their inscrutable designs...

  • Primal: The Starfall wiped out most of the wisdom and history collected by Styrians throughout the years. Whereas Styrians in the past may have dabbled in mystical alloys and elegant scrolls, they now struggle to smelt iron, tan leather, and press reeds into rough paper. It is entirely possible, however, that fragments of that wisdom lie hidden in the ruins of ancient cities...

  • Magical: Magic is known to Styrians, but it is rare. Few are able to learn the cosmic secrets behind magic's workings, and fewer still are born naturally gifted with arcane powers. It is rumored that those who lack the will or good fortune to command magic seek that power by making bargains with beings who do...

  • Godless: It is unknown whether the gods are still around or not, but they have been silent since the arrival of the Star Children. Clerics and other people of faith derive their spells from devotion to an ideal.

  • Mysterious: If Styrians ever knew the structure of the cosmos, that knowledge was lost in the Starfall. The only thing Styrians know for certain is that there is The World (the domain of the living) and The Beyond (the domain where the Star Children came). Anything more than that is only known to the gods, the dead, or contained within one of the shattered ruins of the past...

  • Unexplored: Since the arrival of the Star Children, Styrians have remained fractured. Any nation that grows powerful enough to draw the Star Children's attention is either brought under their dominion, or ground into the dust. Thus, large settlements are ruled by the Star Children's minions, and built around mines to excavate Void Diamonds. Those who oppose the Tyrants from Beyond are forced to hide or wander. As such, there are still lands to discover, ruins to explore, and secrets to unravel. Perhaps somewhere, there exists a way to free Styre from the Star Children's grasp...

Character Creation:
  • Materials: PHB only
  • Race: Humans only (normal or variant)
  • Classes: Any in the PHB (please use the above setting information to help flavor your class)
  • Backgrounds: Any in the PHB EXCEPT the following: Guild Artisan, Noble. Please replace language proficiencies with a tool proficiency of your choice
  • Starting Abilities: Use the 27 point-buy method on PHB p.13.
  • Starting Equipment: Use the equipment from your class, and background.
  • Starting Level: Currently at level: 1
  • Hit Points: Max at first level, roll or take the fixed value based on your class.

Posting Conventions:
  • Tense: Third Person Past (Fynn grabbed the sword and slashed at the bandit!)
  • Dialog: "Pick a color and stick with it," said the GM. "Except for Gray. That's for NPCs."
  • OOC: Use Orange and please post dice rolls at the bottom of posts. It makes it easier for me to reference than opening up a bunch of windows/tabs.

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