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Sun 18 Aug 2019
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Modus Operandi
The following posts will give you the information needed to post in my game. This includes the rules of the game and the combat system.
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Sun 18 Aug 2019
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*Combat rules may change as gameplay goes. We may develop an easier way of doing things as we go to better streamline things.*

Combat in these sorts of games can be very tedious but also very necessary. I will try not to bog down the game with too many roll requests.

Step 1:
 - Initiative: When an encounter happens, I will have all of you roll Initiative and have you post it in the Combat Rolls Thread. Once all rolls are in, I will give a post showing the complete Initiative order for you and the monsters.

Step 2:
 - Posting: Once I place the Initiative order, we may start the rounds. I will set the scenario up so you know where everyone is. When its your turn, you will post what you wish to do in the Combat Rolls Thread as a Private Message to me. This includes what attack, ability, etc... you're using, what the results of the rolls are (attack, damage, special factors, etc). You can role-play the attack but not the result. I will do that.

When using the dice roller, make the roll private and be sure to give a description of what the roll is for. If you wish to not use the dice roller for every roll in combat, I can roll my own dice and let you know the result. I like using my own dice for almost all my rolls. Just seems more random than a 'Computer Generated Random Roll'.)

The next person will then rinse and repeat the process. The Initiative order will not change during the encounter unless there is a special circumstance that changes it.

Step 3:
 - Results: At the end of the encounter, we can lick our wounds and post what we're doing immediately after the battle. From healing to looting to praying and normal posting may resume.

Meanwhile, I will let you all know if you found anything on the bodies worth taking and also divvy up the XP.

XP is awarded based on participation in the battle, creativity and storytelling. I used to give extra XP to the person who made the killing blow but that was unfair to supporting characters who made a huge impact in the battle but in a non attacking role.

I will attempt to try to set up maps to make it easier to visualize where everyone is. They will be online maps that you may have to go to to see. I will provide the links.

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