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Tue 13 Aug 2019
at 19:37
House Rules
At least 3 posts per week is required - if you cannot make it let me know. If you disappear your character will be turned into an NPC.

All rolls should be in Private line to GM - Don't forget the Reason. All appropriate rolls should use the "Warhammer test" Game System / Special dice

Post when you can with initiative an I will summarize the round in init order.

Use a color for talking, use italic for thoughts (or Private Line (PL), and use orange if you want to send an OOC message in the IC topic.

Role play don't rollplay I'm very keen to see this happen.

I will give XP often for example, after battles, after major chapters, after episodes. If I forget please tell me. Leveling is done according to Ascension:

Rank 1XP: 0 - 499Rank 9XP: 13 000 - 16 999
Rank 2XP: 500 - 999Rank 10XP: 17 000 - 20 999
Rank 3XP: 1000 - 1999Rank 11XP: 21 000 - 24 999
Rank 4XP: 2000 - 2999Rank 12XP: 25 000 - 29 999
Rank 5XP: 3000 - 4999Rank 13XP: 30 000 - 34 999
Rank 6XP: 5000 - 6999Rank 14XP: 35 000 - 39 999
Rank 7XP: 7000 - 9999Rank 15XP: 40 000 - 44 999
Rank 8XP: 10 000 - 12 999Rank 16XP: 45 000 - 49 999

I'm trying to GM the game like a tabletop game. This is not a grinder and I will try not kill anyone (often) but if you go somewhere I have hinted not to, you will die.
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Tue 13 Aug 2019
at 19:45
House Rules

Every second success counts for an extra hit. The enemies will use the same rules.
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Tue 13 Aug 2019
at 19:48
House Rules
The Fate Point is not permanently used and you will regain it at the next session. I will announce the "next session" when appropriate.

Using Fate Point:

- Any failed test can be rolled again. The tests can be re-rolled several times, each costing 1 FP.
- Counts as having 10 for initiative
- Adds an extra level of success to a test
- Heal D5 Wound immediately
- Waking up from being unconscious

In this case, Fate Point will be permanently lost. Burning Fate Point saves the character's life in a deadly situation but only barely...
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Tue 13 Aug 2019
at 20:09
House Rules

Characters may receive Fatigue points in some cases.
Fatigue should updated in the bio section. Accumulating more Fatigue points than TB values makes the character faint for 10-TB minutes.
If a character has at least 1 Fatigue Points, then each roll will get -10.

Humans: 1 hour rest removes 1 Fatigue point or 8 hours of rest removes all.


Each rolls must have the correct Reason! I'm not going to accept a Toughness roll for WS and the like. I will not accept empty reason fields either.

Addendum: The Reason section should always include the final value of the advantages and disadvantages. It's not like somebody rolls and then decides, "I prefer All Out Attack anyway!" If the value at rolling didn't include the bonus then it is lost.

I allow most. Some might not fit into the game but you will be able to take it if you want and let me know as soon as possible. You might take more if you let me know way in advance.

I use the ascension Fettered / Unfettered / Push mechanics for beginner psykers as well.


Shadowing: Basic skill
Chem-Use: Only necessary for de / buff chemicals, not for healing items. I will give a bonus in a relaxed situation.
Command: You're not going to be a kill team, and you probably won't have to lead big teams into battled, this skill will be most useful in hives where I may not describe the crowds very often, but people will always be there with half action is usually required issue an "On the ground" or "Disperse" command to civilians. Command-related talents can add a significant bonus to a skill.
Drive: No rolls required outside of combat or high speed chase if you are trained. A lot of enemies will have some kind of transportation.
NPCs will use social skills against PC, the result is not obligatory, for example, in a seduction attempt, if an NPC succeeds I will describe how sympathetic they are is or something, but if the PC doesn't go along there will be some disadvantage.

Buying equipment is according to normal rules regardless of sourcebooks unless it is clearly not imperial / radical stuff. If we ever make it to Ascension items from other books will be available such as RT.

We do not roll medical care in narrative time, especially when the Inquisition arranges a hospital - the Ordos are trying their best to save you. During an adventure there will be a roll. The situation is similar with cyberware.

XP: Mission oriented xp

Fear & Damnation: PCs gain IP / CP  according to standard rules; their removal is 10xp / point and a visit to the "doctor". The physicians' daily fee is a "weekly treatment base" and is based on their expertise. They remove the following points:
Poor 1 IP or CP
Average 2 IP or CP
Good 3 IP or CP
Excellent 4 IP or CP

Salary: You will receive money for every 400xp or for 1 month downtime. The inquisitor will not pay for any warp induced time dilation.