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Character generation
I want character ideas with a colorful background. I don't need a novel but they should be credible and should fit into 40k. I also want a description of personality and appearance. Don't leave out anything on the character sheet. Answer questions on page 35 at least with a few words.


Every stat must be rolled randomly. You can reroll one stat but if it is worse than the original you don't have to keep it. Other things (name, height, etc.) can be chosen.

You have to roll for the following:

- Starting money
- Fate Point
- Sanctioning (If you spend 100 XP, you can choose)
- Divination.

The above can be rolled twice and you can choose the better (or preferred). Anything not mentioned (eg Daemon Hunter Corporeal Sanctification) you can roll twice and the choose the better or preferred one.

The list is not exhaustive. If you come across an element of character creation that I forgot to mention please let me know.

Skills (this always applies not only for character generation)
If a skill / talent:
appears in the character's advancement list AND
Non-specialist knowledge: you can buy it for 1.5 times the normal xp
Special knowledge: You can buy it for double price with justification
-Not included in character advancement list AND
Non-specialized knowledge: 200xp
Special knowledge: 300xp or twice as much as the cheapest you can find for any basic class.
-Background package: If you give me a good story I will probably accept any background package.

For now everything is allowed as long as I get a good justification, except:
-Inquisitors Handbook: Noble: If you choose this background there will be potentially lethal encounters with the party that swore vendetta (or Kanly as the word is put in some circles) unless you publicly renounce your house which would deny you the noble salary but canceling the vendetta. Your choice.
-Blood of Martyrs in Sister of Battle. Since this is an investigative group rather than a kill team, a Sister of Battle would probably be quite disadvantageous. And thus it is banned.
Ordo Famolous Protégé: If you don't renounce your house, the bald sisters will ask you to do potentially lethal stuff. Your choice.
-Lathe Worlds: Crimson Guard get Guardsman gear only. You can't choose integrated weapon cyberware ever.
-Book of Judgement: Cybermastiff handler does not receive a dog at the start. They will have the option to buy it at a later time with reduced rarity.
-Ascension: If the group ever reaches Ascension level, I will allow multiple inquisitor careers if there is a need for that. However with the exception of the Sage all classes with unnatural abilities will have those abilities moved to at least Rank 14. Further nerfing (especially looking at Ascended Assassin classes) is to be expected.

Open a private message thread for advancements.

Basic equipment for beginner characters.

The characters start with 400XP as normal.

You can use any character sheet as long as it is easily readable for me.

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