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Rules And Other Stuff You Should Probably Know
"After all, even the Servants of The Trickster are bound by the rules of the multiverse...  We're just better at finding creative ways to bend them!"

Character Creation:
- Characters start at Level 5.

- You can choose any basic non-magical equipment that your backstory might have equipped you with (for example, soldiers at the Fort will probably have at least some kind of armour and weapon as standard-issue equipment).  Other items might be added as freebies, depending on your starting role (whether they'll be of any actual use or not is another matter entirely!)

- You can also start with 500gp's worth of any consumables or ritual components you might want to have, keeping any leftover gold from buying these to buy stuff in-game with.

- You can also choose three magical items (any combination of magic equipment and/or wondrous items), one at Level 4, one at Level 5, and another at Level 6.  You can choose to start with one of these, while the other two will be stashed somewhere in the location the game events take place in (so exploring is encouraged, risky as it might sometimes be!).

- Other character options, such as Rituals, Feats, Powers, Themes, and so on, can be freely drawn from any of the sourcebooks, as well as Dungeon and Dragon Magazines.

House Rules and More Stuff About The Game:
- Experience tracking isn't necessary, as characters remain at Level 5.

- You can use the Dice Roller or your own dice, whichever you prefer.  If using your own dice, post up the actual roll result and any bonus to it separately for reference in an OOC comment in the post.

- Can use your own Character Sheet setup, as long as all the vital info like skills, HP, feat bonuses, etc. are clearly displayed for reference purposes.

- Use a different text colour for OOC comments.  Any thoughts, weird dreams, creepy visions, internal villainous monologuing, etc. that you want to add to an IC posting can be in italics, or grey text, or both if you prefer.

- Light sources use the "bright light -> dim light" style, where a source of bright light will grow dimmer as it gets further away from the source, before fading to darkness.  Low-Light vision will make a dim light source appear bright in this way.  If you somehow have Darkvision, forget everything I just said about light sources, 'cos it won't really affect you!

- NPCs cannot be directly controlled by player characters (unless you have some means of Dominating them, of course), although those who trust you enough to ally with you (thus acting as party members) will be more likely to obey your tactical instructions during combat.  Said instructions can be freely shouted to them (or whispered if they're close enough) as Free Actions on your turn.  (Restrictions such as the Deafened status can interfere with this though.  Any other silent or less-obvious methods of communication can replace this, and be less likely to forewarn intelligent enemies of your intentions).
If given no instructions, or if not accepting them, NPCs will act according to their own nature and their knowledge of the situation (healers will try to heal wounded allies, fighters will move to take down visible threats, cowardly characters and non-combatants will panic and flee in terror, and so on).

- Magic Item Daily Powers are tracked separately, meaning more than one can be used per day, but not the same one twice.  Means of recharging them (such as the Artificer class ability) still apply as normal.

- These and any other House Rules can be discussed, altered, and agreed on in OOC threads before the game starts if anyone wants to suggest any.  I'm nice like that! :)

This is my first attempt at DMing.  It is pretty much inevitable that I'm going to screw up somewhere (hopefully not too spectacularly and destructively!)
So, feel free to let me know if you think I've messed up something, ideally before it kills everyone.

Hopefully rocks won't fall, and everybody lives!* :D

*Disclaimer: Fairly certain some folks will die, and rocks might fall if you go poking around in the mines!
Player Characters enter the game at their own risk.  The management accepts no responsibility for loss of property, loss of hair, loss of sleep, loss of sanity, horrible maimings, dismemberment, death, Justin Bieber karaoke nights, or all of the above!

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