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Tue 27 Aug 2019
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Intro to the setting
I'ma give you an intro purely for seeding  character/party building, so don't get the impression that I have anything more than this (which I just pulled out of my ass):

You are all members of the Hazzaldim, a relatively small, but ancient nomadic tribe that crawls a large desert known locally as The Red Stretch.

The Hazzaldim are most remarkable for the fact that they have long outlawed childbirth. They abhor weakness and have saved the tribe the collective costs of raising children by relying entirely on slavery & conquest for expansion of their ranks. Once properly 'converted' these former slaves become full tribal members who may achieve any rank.

The Hazzaldim do not recognize land as property, and within the tribe status and rank are determined by battle experience, livestock and any particularly shiny spoils of war that can be tucked away in a pocket. The Hazzaldim have no concept of family, outside of their particular warparty.

*Your* party is made up of a handful of new slaves who have just graduated form the Hazzaldim's version of trade school.  Your pre-Hazzaldim lives likely involved all sorts of trials and tribulations that followed a more conventional script, but those memories have largely faded.

You have all spent the last few years on the furthest edges of the tribe, literally and figuratively, scrapping through the gauntlet with your various skills, but today you have been finally and formally declared a Hazzaldim raiding party!  Tomorrow you will finally leave the training grounds, you are scheduled to meet a bonafide Hazzledim captain and receive your first orders.

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