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Game Overview (Read First)
Rifts: Nicht-Jager An Overview

Welcome to Nicht-Jager. Nicht-Jager is a dark fantasy game, set in a dystopian future world beset by paranormal beings. Ironically, some of these beings have become the defenders of the world. Feared and despised by most normal humans, they struggle to survive and to fight the true monsters who have taken over the world. In this game, the true monsters (called the Nightlords) have quietly seized control of the government, the police, and the military. The average person does not realize this, however, and lives out his life in a high tech and dystopian world without suspecting that he or she is nothing more than cattle for evil entities.

The themes of this world are war and horror. War against the looming evil, and horror from within as well as from without. This game tries to combine heroic and horror role-playing. The players have strange and supernatural powers, but their enemies are just as powerful, if not more so. The player characters are scary and monstrous-looking, but may have more compassion and humanity than some of the humans they meet. Ultimately, they face terrifying foes in the guise of the Nightlords, vampires, demonic entities and, in many cases, their own inner demons, fears and desires. Their struggle promises to be long, and perhaps doomed from the start. Against all odds, they must expose and destroy the evil threatening the world, or at least survive.
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Game Overview (Read First)
Millennium of Shadows

The setting is based on the Rifts world book of Triax and the NGR along with that of Nightbane, with some differences influenced by Judge Dredd and shadowrun. I don't expect for the group to leave their small area of the world, an older and neglected urban community in Eastern Europe. I'd like the game to involve intra-character drama and character propelled plot with some monster of the week and underground resistance thrown in. I see the players attempting to patrol their little area of the world to keep it quiet, fight against the nightlords when the opportunity arises, and generally survive.

Nicht-Jager takes place in the alternate future, a cyberpunk world in the early years of the 22st Century.

The setting is a dystopian future Earth damaged by a series of international conflicts; much of the planet has become hostile to human life, and so populations have aggregated in enormous conurbations known as 'Metropolis'. These Metropolis were formed by urban sprawl rather than deliberate design. Giant, multinational corporations have begun to replace governments as centers of political, economic, and even military power.

Daily life was impacted by rapid technological change, an ubiquitous datasphere of computerized information, and invasive modification of the human body. Extensive automation (including intelligent robots) has rendered much of the population unemployed.  The accumulations of power always clutched in the secretive hands of wealthy or corporate elite. The high levels of genetic weapon use have created instances of mutation in humans and animals, the Metropolis largely operate on a system of genetic apartheid.

The main location for the game is the most powerful surviving state,  a coalition of Metropolis in an area generally referred to as Mitteleuropa. The Mitteleuropa German Republic or MGR is a descendant of the ancient victorious central powers in WWI. The most powerful of the Metropolis here is based around Germany and the Baltic area and has a hegemony over the surrounding Metropolis. The other Metropolis in Mitteleuropa cover areas between London and Paris across the English channel and on the coast of the Caspian sea, and a sprawling area in western Russia. Greatly involved with the bureaucracy of the MGR is the largest Mega Corporation on earth, Triax.

Despite this, the natural world is very much like our own, or at least so it appears to the average person on the streets. In this world, however, supernatural beings have invaded and covertly taken over every major government and many corporate powers on the planet. In this world, thousands of young men and women have discovered they can transform into inhuman creatures of great power. These beings are known to themselves at Nightbane. Most live in hiding, their existence denied by the authorities and the "mainstream press," although not by the tabloids in the 22nd century, some of the tabloid headlines sharing space with UFO and Bigfoot sightings contain more than a grain of truth.