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Character Creation
For creating your characters please follow these guidelines, many of them summarized from the Godbound handbook for your convenience:

1. Assign your attributes using this array: 16, 14, 13, 13, 10, 8

2. Record your attribute modifiers for each attribute:


3. Record your attribute checks. Each attribute check is 21 - your Attribute Score.

4. Decide on your three Facts. One for where you came from, one for what you did before you Awakened as a godbound, and one relationship or organization that is important to you. Please keep each fact to 1-2 sentences.

5. Chose your three Words. We are using both Godbound Deluxe Edition and Lexicon of the Throne. You may not select the following Words under any circumstances: Desire, Engineering, Madness, Network, and Artificial Intelligence.

6. Record any special abilities you obtained from your words. If a Word adjusted your attributes then make the necessary changes now. Reshuffle stats as needed.

7. Spend six points on divine gifts from Words you are bound to. Lesser Gifts cost 1 pt. and Greater Gifts cost 2 pts.

8. Record your saving throws. Saving throws are 15 - Attr. Mod using whichever modifier is higher for each pair:

Saving ThrowAttributes
HardinessSTR & CON
EvasionDEX & INT
SpiritWIS & CHA

9. Choose a weapon and armor as appropriate for your character. Record your weapons damage, to-hit value, and calculate your AC.

10. Record HP (8 + CON mod), Effort (2), Experience (0), Dominion (0), and Influence (2).

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  • Where will the game take place?
     In the in-game setting of Arcem.
  • Are Godbound new to the world?
     No. You aren't the first Godbound and are unlikely to be the last.
  • Can I be a Themed Godbound?
     Yes but I would prefer that you didn't.
  • Can I have an artifact at start?
  • Can I have a custom Word or Gift at character creation?
  • Do I have to be a human?
     No you can be an intelligent slime mold for all I care but those characters will be given lower priority for selection since they are more work for me to deal with.
  • Can I get a low-magic or strife without having a Fact dedicated to it?
  • Can I re-skin the Cinnabar Order to be about ice instead fire?
     Sure. In fact any Low-Magic can be reskinned to fit a different niche so long as the mechanics of it don't change.
  • Can I use the same Word(s) as another player?
     I am open to a single Word duplication but insist that it be a last course of action. I  want people to feel and be distinct.

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