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Fri 24 Jan 2020
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Character Creation
All Official WotC publications
Unearthed Arcana upon approval

All Official WotC publications
Approved UA:
Class Features
Rune, Swarm, Revived
Other Unearthed Arcana upon approval

All Official WotC publications
Unearthed Arcana upon approval
Or work with me on a custom background

32 point buy, set 17 max 6 min before race and level mods
27 point buy with the default 15 max 8 min and take a free feat at 1st level
Point Buy Calculator
Starting at level 10
Multiclassing and feats permitted. UA upon approval
Level up is XP based.

1st level max, additional levels roll or take average if your roll is less than average.

All official spells are ok with me.
Again UA upon approval

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Fri 24 Jan 2020
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No initiative.
Players always go first and the actions are resolved in order of posting. Bad guys go next.

I'll list AC and HP out as semi-unknowns:
Skeleton: AC? HP?

For Example:
You roll an 18 to hit for 8 damage. It hits.
Skeleton AC18? HP?-8

Next a 15 to hit for 6 damage. It misses no new knowledge just yet. So nothing changes.
Skeleton AC18? HP?-8

Then a 16 to hit for 7 damage. It hits and you learn a solid AC to hit against from then on.
Skeleton AC16 HP?-15

And so on until it's dead.

There will be a general map uploaded to the game map and I'll let you know what room you're in. I will describe general positions of bad guys:
The bugbear is 30 ft to your south.

But I won't update the map with positions, generally all tactics and spells work in the player's favor.

Post your actions and rolls in orange at the bottom of your post. If I can't figure out what you're trying to do from the post both IC and OOC then I'll be making my best guess and it might not always go the way you want.
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Fri 24 Jan 2020
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Take starting equipment from your class and background as well as a trinket. In addition
I'm giving you 1000gp to start

You can buy ONLY 1 magic item.
Rarity   Price
Common     100
Uncommon   200
Rare      1000

Note: Armor/weapons is the price of the armor + the magic upgrade. You canít buy uncommon magic armor for only 200. You can buy the upgrade for your existing armor for 200, but you canít buy full plate for only 200, etc

You can buy as many potions as you can afford
Rarity   Price
Common      50
Uncommon   100
Rare       500

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Fri 24 Jan 2020
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I will use both inspiration points and mulligans in this game. They have the same effect: spend the point to reroll a bad roll.
These are earned through really good role play or really bad roll play.

Inspiration: being a team player, talking in character and involving other players. If you think I missed an opportunity to give another player inspiration give them a shout out in OOC and I'll be sure to rectify it.

Mulligans: roll 3 fails in a row and you've earned a mulligan that can be used on your next fail. A fail is any roll that misses a DC or AC, pretty much anything that isn't a damage roll.

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