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Shoppings and Dragons.
The locations and the rates will be posted here for convenience.

When performing rolls for shoppings and dragons, it is 1 roll per item per vendor site. In Example if the team goes to Atlantis and looks for a Greatest Rune Shaving Kit of Atlantis and fails the roll there are no Shaving Kits of Atlantis available at any of the vendors in Atlantis. The roll covers the time it took looking for a safe / reputable vendor, ignoring vendors attempting to con the target, and traps to turn the party into paste.

After 30 Days the players may go back to that vendor site and attempt the roll again, as that has provided time for the vending site to refresh.

Shoppings and dragons rolls doesn't cover custom spell chain TW items, only TW items with a book, page, and price. When a listed creation time for the TW item is present the item will be available after that amount of time has passed.
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Rifts Earth - California - Cazadero
  • Buying and Selling in the Market District takes 2 Hours per item attempted as you peruse and arrange delivery.
  • When the player purchases something from the three galaxies multiply the price by 10.
  • When the Player purchases Tech Items that are from the Coalition add 30% to the availability Roll.
  • Items from R.U.E. are always available without any roll.
  • All Vampire Slaying weapons and personal gear are always available without any roll.

Selling Chart
30Gems, natural.
25Jewelry and Art.
10Gems, artificial and industrial
25Magic items.
40Medicine and Drugs
20Weapons, Body Armor, and Power Armor
10Used Weapons, Body Armor, and Power Armor
30New Weapons, Body Armor, and Power Armor
10E-Clips, full
10E-Clips, used and empty
10Giant Robots and Armored Vehicles
15Robot Weapons and Vehicle Parts
10Commercial Vehicles
15Cybernetic Parts
20Bionic Parts and Cybernetic Components
10Electronic Equipment

The P.P.E. exchange:
  • Player buying: 1 P.P.E. = 50 Rifts Monies
  • Player selling: 1 P.P.E. = 1 Rifts Monies

The I.S.P. exchange:
  • Player buying: 1 I.S.P. = 30 Rifts Monies
  • Player selling: 5 I.S.P. = 1 Rifts Monies

Purchase Availability Chart
01-75Bandito Arms weapons and personal gear.
01-60Black Market knock-offs of brand weapons.
01-60Wilk's weapons and personal gear.
01-55Northern Gun weapons and personal gear.
01-45Manistique Imperium weapons and personal gear.
01-30Triax weapons and personal gear.
01-35Glitter Boy Boom Gun and ammo and G.B. repair capabilities.
01-30Naruni weapons and personal gear.
01-40Kittani weapons and personal gear.
01-10Rune Weapons.
01-25Magic / TW Weapons and personal gear.
01-20Alien / otherworldly personal item.
01-45Smaller / Larger sized body armor; excluding magic armor.
01-45Cybernetics, Bionics, / All technological Augments.
01-65Power armor from Bandito Arms.
01-50Power armor from Northern Gun.
01-30Power armor from the Coalition States.
01-20Power armor from Triax.
01-10Power armor from Naruni.
01-10Glitter Boy power armor.
01-60Robots and vehicles from Bandito Arms.
01-40Robots and vehicles from Northern Gun.
01-20Robots and vehicles from Naruni.
01-20Robots and vehicles from other manufacturers.

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