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Imperial Coinage
All coinage minted by the Humanic Empire are enchanted to prevent replication.

By Imperial Decree, a standardized loaf of bread is to be no more in cost than a Bronze Legion.

Gold Legion(Value 1200): A coin of Steel with a small inserted disk of Gold on one side. The Gold side has the face of a current or past emperor with the other side holding the Evari Tower of Light. Referred to as a Merit or Gold Merit and is exclusively used for trading between kingdoms of the Humanic Empire.

Silver Legion(Value 200): A coin of Silver with a Lion on one side and an Eagle on the other. Used mostly for trade between noble houses and craftsmen. Referred to as a Gryphon or Silver Gryphon.

Steel Legion(Value 50): A coin of Steel with a central disk of silver marked by crossed swords on one side and one of the following Gods Mealis, Zatolen, Zale, Garon, Korrel, Maralina, or Kayin. Referred to as a Steel Faith.

Iron Legion(Value 25): A coin of Iron with a small inserted disk of silver on one side. The Silverside has the depiction of the kingdom's reigning liege while the other side has the images of a scythe and bale of wheat. Referred to as an Iron Crown or Iron Harvest.

Bronze Legion(1): A coin of Bronze with a musical instrument on one side and the origin cities' reigning Lord. Referred to as a Muse or a Bronze Muse.

Copper Legion(0.1: A coin of copper imprinted with a city's coat of arms on one side. The other side is left blank. Referred to as a copper or a tenth Muse.

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