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Sun 8 Sep 2019
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1 - Be cool. This is a game.  We're here to have fun.  If you have an issue, bring it up with me.

2 - No PVP. Sorry, there are other games on this site for that. The Northlands is trying hard to kill you as it is, much less other party members.

3 - Posting rate - between 2-3 posts a week, sometimes faster, most often slower.  I find the games that blaze through lots of posts a day quickly leave others behind then they flame out.  If you don't log in for 2 weeks without any notice, then it is easier to drop you and get a new person to take a slot.  I have chosen not to NPC players.  I will try to be good about giving deadlines on when I will post updates.

4 - No godmodding.  In a game like this, that means don't post something like "He looks at me and is awed by my Whatever".  Or "the NPC quakes in fear as I draw my sword". That includes other players.  You don't move or post what other players are doing, that is what their post is for. So no, you don't get to post that you instill fear in anyone.

5 - Don't make "If" posts.  Meaning, "I do this, but IF the door opens I do this, but If the door is stuck I do this".  When you post, and you see where you feel the need to post that, that is a good place to stop. Someone else may have done something that changes what you intend to do on their post.  If too many players are doing that, I will miss something you wanted to do while I'm too busy tracking everyone's contingency posts.

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