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Welcome to NowhereMash
NowhereMash has been a pet project of mine for about a decade now, a sci-fi/fantasy mashed-up crossover of various media I've liked or found useful, all cobbled together into a single relatively-cohesive setting.

In tone, NowhereMash hovers somewhere around that of the early Marvel Cinematic Universe, and in fact takes some pieces from the MCU, but the characters are more-or-less traditional adventurers rather than supers-game crimefighters. But they're no less super. NowhereMash characters are just as likely to be magical girls as cyborg super-soldiers, or maybe wizards, killer robots, or superspies.

Mashup 2.0, the homebrewed d20 used as the basis for NowhereMash, is built with the goal of absolute flexibility. Want to be a D&D-style sorcerer? Easy. A mecha pilot? No problem. A shapeshifting psionic warrior from Alpha Centauri? Less difficult than you'd think.

The world of NowhereMash changes a bit with every game, to allow for whatever concepts the players come up with, but at its foundation, it is a world just a couple years ahead of ours, but with some changes here and there. For instance, aliens invaded Earth in 2012, the United Nations has a powerful military branch called the Global Defense Initiative, and the United States military's Recycle Military Bill is replacing soldiers' lost limbs with cybernetic prosthesis that make them better combatants than they ever were before.

The world is also magical, though that's not as obvious as flying saucers and cybersoldiers. Elves and other magical creatures live among humans, but a magical glamour known as the Veil of Shadow prevents the average person from noticing any differences. There is a school of wizardry hidden on the grounds of the University of London, and a massive magical marketplace beneath the Brooklyn Bridge. The U.S. government has a secret branch dedicated to the investigation of the paranormal, originally founded to combat the influence of Hitler's Nazi blood mages.

All in all, NowhereMash is a weird and wild setting where practically anything is possible. Your party may investigate a haunted island in one adventure, fight alien invaders the next, and hunt down cyborg terrorists in the one after that. Oh, and your team may very well consist of a SHIELD commando, a time-traveling robot, an immortal samurai, and a particularly clever housecat.

Sound like your kind of place? Welcome to NowhereMash.
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What You Need
What You Need

To be able to play in this game, you need the following:

  • The Mashup 2.0 Character Creation Draft
  • A working familiarity (or willingness to acquire it quickly) with the Pathfinder RPG by Paizo Publishing
  • The willingness and ability to work with the GM to create your character

The following character types need a bit more:

  • Cyborgs will need access to d20 Modern's Future and Cyberscape supplements.
  • Robots will need access to d20 Modern's Future and (optionally) Future Tech supplements.
  • Characters with the Own Big Mecha attribute will need access to Guardians of Order's d20 Mecha supplement. GoO's d20 Military Vehicles is recommended as well, but not required.

If you want to play one of the above concepts and do not have access to the required supplements, get with me and we'll see what we can do about it.

While not required, the following supplements are recommended to get the full Mashup experience:

  • The d20 Modern line of RPG products from Wizards of the Coast, particularly Future, Future Tech, and Urban Arcana. Items from these supplements that are common in NowhereMash will be provided on the wiki.
  • The Jester Dragon's Guide to Defects from Skirmisher Publishing. All of the defects in this supplement are worth 2 character points, but must be approved, as some are either inappropriate or worth a whole lot more than 2 points.

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What You Can Expect
What You Can Expect

As players in NowhereMash, you can expect to participate in globe-hopping (and possibly planet-hopping) missions full of action and adventure, just like any decent adventure RPG. You can also expect to have a hand in developing the setting.

Through the use of Attributes and Defects, you'll have much greater control over the world your character is a part of than you might in other games, especially d20 ones. I encourage you to take full advantage of it! You want to play an immortal monk from a secret order of world-steering assassins? Well, there isn't one of those in NowhereMash. Or, at least, there wasn't until you wanted to be a member. You buy a few ranks in the Organizational Ties attribute, and we'll work together to define your secret order. Want to play the result of a secret government genetic experiment? Well, we'll work out the details of the experiment and the government agency that orchestrated it together. You want to have an undead Nazi scientist as a nemesis? We'll work out the details and you'll get a few extra character points from the Nemesis defect to boot.

That said, I won't be able to accommodate every request. Some may directly contradict existing parts of the setting (you can't be the only surviving member of the elven race), while others may simply not mesh well with the tone or theme of the game. However, most of the time we should be able to reach a compromise.

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Base Assumptions
Base Assumptions

The basic assumptions of what a NowhereMash game is about are:

People know the world is strange. Aliens invaded Earth in 2012, and were defeated by a highly-publicized joint effort between highly trained and dedicated soldiers and a few special individuals with supernatural powers. The details are still unclear - most people don't believe in elves, vampires, or wizards - but the world isn't entirely clueless about the strangeness that surrounds them.

The PCs are freelance adventurers<b>. They are "enhanced asset" troubleshooters that take missions from powerful patrons. Their motivations are their own, whether they be money, desire for power, lust for adventure, or just "doing the right thing", but they aren't tied down to a single employer.

<b>The PCs are driven.
They each have their own goals and agendas that they pursue, and those ambitions inform their decisions on seeking missions. When they are asked "Who do you want to work for?", they should have an answer. When not working for a patron, they may decide to create their own "mission".

The PCs are powerful. Supernaturally gifted or not, the PCs are powerful individuals. They may be magically talented, have superpowers, possess incredible skill in otherwise mundane abilities, or simply be extremely wealthy and influential, but they are definitely not "average".