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A Typical Day
People's Liberation Army Holding Facility 537, or 'PLA 537' as called by her inmates, is not unlike other POW camps in war-torn China. The food is bad or non-existent. The prison guards are brutal, many of them being declared 'unfit for service' after being wounded at the front.

The weather is brutally hot in the summer and dangerously cold in the winter. At least winter keeps the cholera and typhus outbreaks at bay; not the same can be said for China's long, sweat-soaked summer.

Mornings consist of count, followed by coordinated, choreographed exercise in the prison's exercise yard or 'the yard'. After exercise, mandatory for all prisoners, whether sick or not, comes breakfast. After breakfast, prisoners not on work detail are allowed to attend 'wellness and indoctrination' classes in huge auditoriums. You don't want to fall asleep during one of those.

After propoganda class comes noon count, followed by lunch, if you could call it that. After lunch, prisoners are turned over to their assigned political minders who think of all manner of activities and exercises designed to get them to embrace the People's Republic of China. There are language classes, short films, horse maintenance at the prison stables, and sometimes, on very rare occasions for prisoners showing great promise during their 'conversion therapy', nature walks outside the prison walls.

After activities in the afternoon there's time for prisoners 'to reflect on their day' before afternoon count and dinner. Newly assigned prisoners and a few old hands who still have the energy are allowed to lift crude, homemade weights in 'the yard'. To avoid prisoners having too much energy and getting any ideas, an average inmate is allowed 1,500-2000 calories daily. Prisoners showing promise in their 'conversion therapy' get an extra 500 calories at dinner.

After dinner, traditional Chinese music is played over the camp's loudspeaker system. This goes on until lights out at 2200 hrs. In addition to the camp stables, there is a dispensary that is always out of stock. A camp hospital that is always full. There are also dental services which only seem to be able to remove teeth, not heal them.

Prisoners are expected to be in their bunks after lights out, although some brave souls play dice with homemade dice or even more rare playing cards handed out by liberal political officers until they are eventually caught by the several-times nightly 'wellness patrols'.

Punishment can range from loss of perks/privleges for prisoners showing promise to the obligatory beatings for repeat offenders. Transfers from other Holding Facilities regail listeners with tales of limb removal and occasional genital torture by particularly brutal Camp Commandants for prisoners who are 'problematic'. Prison guards are armed with black wooden truncheons and show no compunction about using said truncheons on unruly prisoners.

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