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T2K Timeline
It is August 1, 2030. Nuclear war between the USA and the PRC happened three years ago. There are Chinese troops on the North American continent and NATO troops in China. High tech weapons were used up years ago. Armored vehicles are starting to break down. Without air cover and high-tech ATGMs, US troops suffered horrendous losses at the front at the hands of the numerically superior Chinese.

Player Characters have been in Chinese custody for a minimum of six months. Under the Chinese prison system starvation diets their highly-trained bodies, starved of basic nutrients, are starting to break down. Even highly motivated special forces types find it difficult to stay motivated under such brutal and soul-crushingly bleak conditions.

China, equally devastated as the rest of the world was by nuclear fire, is starting to rebuild. Little signs of hope for its citizens are budding like a rose plant in the early days of spring. There is no war here, only men whose lives were ruined by war. Player Character interaction with Chinese nationals is very limited, as even prisoners who show great promise in their 'conversion therapy' are deemed unready to be trusted for long periods of time outside the prison walls.

There has never been a successful escape from a PLA Holding Facility. Will your character be the first to break free from their Communist enslavement and live to tell the tale?