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Thu 12 Sep 2019
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I am sorry but you will have to read through all of these before you rtj (even though I want the game to be more or less free-form (-ish), I still need these rules, mostly as guidelines).

The rules are NOT set into stone and subject for disputes and change.
If you want to discuss them, please feel free to do so in appropriate OOC thread or via pms.
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Thu 12 Sep 2019
at 09:52
The game progresses on turn basis. Each player gets a set number of actions each turn to develop their nation. Different action types players get, and what you can do with your actions is described later (in actions sub-tab).

  • 1 turn = 1 year of history (unless stated otherwise by GM. If you want MORE time, ie turn = month, week or even a day, request it, BUT don't expect this to happen (too often that is xD). Preferably ask in advance and at OOC thread so other players may sound their opinion.

  • Stale Phase. After 5 turns there will be a cumulative +10% chance of nations going into a stale phase. Stale phase is a 10 year period in history with NO actions for players! (See examples sub-tab for more info on how turns work).

  • Stale phase always happens after 10 consecutive turns without one.

  • Actions (and consequences of those) taken on a year when stale phase hits in, will have a lot more weight on history of your nation, your leaders, armies and all other aspects of life of your nation.

  • During stale phase we can delve into role-playing heroes and leaders (If that's what players want), OR gm might just sums up what happened during stale phase and skip to next active phase. If we decide to role-play, keep in mind your role-play decisions might have HUGE nation-wide (or even world-wide) consequences, both good and bad!

  • After stale phase gm might trigger additional random event for each player individually. Random events might vary from devastating natural disasters, or scientific breakthrough to completely unnoticeable local social events, like two merchants arguing about their business affairs (which players might still capitalize on ;) ).

(Random element here is mostly to spice things up, add unpredictability to the game, and make it harder for players to capitalize on stale phase actions' and consequences' increased weight.)

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Thu 12 Sep 2019
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Actions is the core of the game and essentially how you play the game. It is through actions players influence their nations, make decisions, interact with other players and the world.

  • Each action should include a description text (a story or quick insight into your nation's interest/activity). And one sentence (per action) in bold, that clearly defines what your nation is TRYING to achieve with current action. (see more in examples sub-tab).

  • Each action should only aim to achieve one task at a time (slowly progress through tech tree, construct one building, train one unit...) Trying to achieve multiple tasks at a time with single action, progress through tech tree too fast, or attempts to combine multiple complicated task into one would lead to inevitable failure and worse. (If you hurry to live, you just die sooner...)

  • Action types (NOTE: Not all of them will be available to players right from the start, some might require researching, buildings, events or gm ruling. Gm will try to keep available actions you have updated every turn):

    1. NA (Nation actions). Each player gets 2 NA per turn. This is your main instrument. You can do anything with NA: research, construct, expand, search/appoint a leader, or use these actions instead of any other action type.

    2. EA (Expedition actions). Use EA for exploration, resource gathering and other distant activities.
      HINT: Always a good idea to set specific goals for each expedition, so they (and gm) know what your nation is looking for. (Searching for a new food source, a good spot for new settlement, or a trade partner requires completely different approach/equipment/party composition)

    3. LA (Leader actions). 1 LA per turn for each leader! (more on leaders see Statistics explanation). Use LA to influence your nation's happiness or for special social interactions and events. You can also strengthen/speed up/increase chances of success of any other action with your LA.

    4. MA (Military actions). 1 MA per turn per general rank. (see more on military and generals in Statistics explanation). NOTE: These are PEACEFUL time military actions, such as drills, patrols, equipment upgrades, disbanding, looting...

    5. SA (eSpionage actions). Use your SA to do all sorts of stealthy/nasty actions on other player nations. (Please send your SA via pm, as I am planning to archive threads as we progress, which makes private lines in public threads visible).

    6. TA (sTale action). 1 AFTER each stale phase. TA can ONLY be used to react to stale phase random event, either to counter some bad consequences of an event, benefit from a positive event, or try to capitalize on a neutral random event that happened to YOUR nation during stale phase.

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Thu 12 Sep 2019
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Combat is about army versus army confrontations, huge battles and a lot of dead people (1-2 units encounters fall into espionage category). And obviously happens when one player decides to attack another player. If two (or more) players decide to attack each other on the same turn, attacking side is decided by stats of your generals (or GM ruling).

Here's breakdown of combat stages:
  • SETUP stage
      Gm describes geographical layout and other combat conditions
      Defending player(s) set up their units
      Attacking player(s) set up their units

    This is where all role-playing and descriptions happen. Describe your warriors, formations, heroes, generals, inspiring speeches, final orders from your heroes/commanders, random conversations between your people...

    This is also a good time to send private message to gm with your combat plan, and tricks you want your military to perform; highly recommended to mention retreat conditions as well.
    NOTE: Your warriors are humans, your commanders are humans, and even your gm is a human! And humans known to do mistakes, or follow emotions, fears and instincts, so even a perfect plan might fail.

After setup, its all up to gm to decide how combat unfolds, but here is a bit more information in case you want to take that into account during setup stage:

  • SIEGE stage
      If long-range siege units are present they get a free round of fire.
      Unless gm decides both sides feel its beneficial to stay at siege distance, or players gave specific orders about siege stage, we proceed to next stage.
  • RANGE stage
      If ranged units are present they get a free round of fire.
      Unless gm decides both sides feel its beneficial to stay at ranged distance, or players gave specific orders about range stage, we proceed to next stage.
  • MELEE stage
      If no specific orders have been given, attacking units engage first, then defending units get to do their moves.

    Any questionable situations decided by stats of your generals,  ...or gm ruling. (see more on generals in ROLES sub-tab)

    Combat continues until one side retreats or concedes. Other outcomes are possible too in case specific orders have been mentioned by players, OR if gm decides it is in character of people in command to come up with better solution to combat outcome.

  • RESULTS stage
      GM will summarize results for involved players to provide information asap. I will try to write a short combat story during next stale phase.

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Fri 13 Sep 2019
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  • Always use common sense! If your actions don't make any sense don't attempt them, even if they seem to follow all the rules.

  • Nothing comes for free! We start almost blank, almost no different from animals. If technology has not been mentioned your people most certainly don't have it. (this includes, clothes, food preparation and preservation, alphabet, sentient spoken language! Later, any resource you find is not gonna be enough to gain instant benefits from it) Be ready to spend your actions!

  • Help me help you! I am not a super educated all round specialist, moreover sometimes I might just misinterpret what you're trying to achieve. To avoid that, if you feel like you are trying something complex or something very specific, don't just hint me on that, HIT me with it! (just pm me with a clear line of explanation, in case you are worried I might miss something about your action(s) and what you are trying to achieve with it)

  • Finally, I want to stress it again: You are NOT playing a leader, not even a group of people in command. You are a nation; ALL people included: nobles, commoners, warriors, heroes, criminals, maniacal mass murderers and even opposition. Traitors (unless they join/work for another player) and revolts? still you. And even if opposition takes control it is not gameover, it just means you will have to adapt a new political regime and continue playing as "new" reformed nation.

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