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Thu 12 Sep 2019
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Behavior and posting rules
  1. First and foremost, even though the game is a strategy game, this is an RPG. You are role-playing a nation. Every action your nation takes should be in a form of a story, a quick insight into your civilization life.

  2. Be creative. Adapt. Exploit! And don't expect easy life here, be ready your actions might fail, your people might revolt, and your leaders might die any moment to assassins, food poisoning, tripping on stairs, flu, or of old age which was around 30+ years old till pretty much 18th century.
    But, a quick notice: there are no bad events or outcomes, take those as new possibilities! Remember a lot of scientific discoveries started with a failure...

    On the other hand, creativity + a good story might yield some huge benefits. Your gm is an rp junkie, hit me with a good story and I'll shower your nation with all sorts of goodness.

  3. NO player (and GM) disrespect or flaming! You can hate each other in-character, but I want only hugs and rainbows in OOC threads. Don't take anything happening in game personally. This is just a game, and we are just playing roles here.

  4. No game system rules are set into stone. Those are there just for your (and my) convenience, just as guidelines. If you disagree with some, have an advice, suggestion, or just want to discuss them, lets do it! I'm always ready to talk about the system.
    But keep in mind, it also means a lot of outcomes will be decided solely by gm's judgement.

  5. Gm's decisions are final. What's done is done. Don't try to change the past. BUT we can still discuss any situation via ooc or pm, and if you manage to convince me I was.. not entirely correct, I might later throw a beneficial event or two for your nation to compensate.

  6. No godmodding. All your actions should be open-ended attempts, trials, or unfinished decisions. Outcome of your actions ALWAYS decided by gm. Continuous attempts to godmod will be punished (in form of disasters, revolts, critical failures, leaders going insane, and any other harmful event gm would deem appropriate for your situation).

  7. No inconsistency in your nation's story. Every action you attempt should have a reason and a plausible story behind it, preferably linked with your nation's history and past decisions you've made.

  8. Partially no metagaming. Ie, no outside (ooc, pms, "intuition") information using for in-game advantage. BUT, I am totally fine if you discuss your situations with other players in ooc and even ask for advice there. (So, if you hear someone is about to attack you from ooc thread and you start mustering armies - that's NOT acceptable and punishable! But, if your people are about to revolt and you don't know how to calm them down, its totally FINE to ask in ooc for advice).

  9. Do not expect to "win". We are here to shape the world and write history together. No nation can be fully wiped from existence, you can enslave/kill/hunt some of them, but there will always be a portion that will survive, restart somewhere else, and most probably have their cold served revenge one day...
    BUT in no way I discourage aggression! Quite contrary, if you want to play the Empire of Evil, by all means, please do! As gm I actually do hope we'd have some warmongers and some serious player versus player conflicts.

  10. Personal history thread per player. Each player will have personal thread group to post their actions in. We will start with private threads, but as soon as civilizations meet each other will move to public threads.
    There will be separate threads for diplomacy, combat, and role-playing (if needed).

  11. One "actions post" per turn. Please don't spam in your personal thread, keep it to 1 post per turn; describe all your actions for a turn in one post. These threads are important to keep track of your nation history. If you want more role-play possibilities just ask for another thread.

  12. No editing of the past. Once your post has been updated by gm (ie you got your results for a turn). Do not edit it any more. Proceed with your next turn in a new post.

  13. Read RULES for game rules and player post example.

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 Time takes everything
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Fri 13 Sep 2019
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Game flow
  • I expect the game to progress at a pace of 1 turn per 1-3 rl days.
    As players post their actions I will be updating them with results. As soon as you get your actions updated by gm you can proceed with your next turn.

  • Stale phases might take me a little bit more time.

  • If for some reason you know you will absent from play, please inform me via pm. You can even pm me a couple of actions in advance for your civ to follow while you are away.