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Fri 13 Sep 2019
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Statistics explanation
I'll post some explanation on most stats I'm gonna be keeping track of. These are here just to make the game more structured and less chaotic.
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Fri 13 Sep 2019
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Civilization statistics
Some clarification on statistics I'm gonna be keeping track of for each civilization:

    Higher population means more wealth and faster advancement, but also more control required to keep order and more possibilities for corruption.

    This will show surplus or shortage, NOT the actual amount of food you have.
    Surplus means faster population growth rate
    Shortage might result in population and happiness decline, or actions failing.

    Sum of riches and/or goods available to your nation. Players can add wealth to some of their actions to boost them (when appropriate).
    Some actions might drain your wealth (if gm decides they should).
    Adding resources, producing goods, trading with other civilizations gives you wealth.
    You can go into negative wealth, but this will cause a lot of negative consequences for your civilization.

    How good it feels to be part of your civilization.
    Positive happiness might make your actions more potent. Also beneficial events might occur.
    Negative happiness slows your advancement, some actions might fail. Bad events might occur.

    List of events, buildings, resources that improve/damage quality of life inside your borders.

    List of available strategic resources. (can't build stuff out of thin air)
    Each resource will come with a number, which shows how much of that particular resource you are currently gathering (+ importing) per turn.
    This number only matters for military units production and some specialized constructions (like, constructing stone city walls might require a lot of available stone, otherwise construction will be delayed due to materials shortage).

    List of your leaders (with soft cap in parentheses).
    NOTE: Going over soft cap voluntarily or by gm's decision will in most cases result in interest clash, misunderstanding and even nation-wide chaos.

    List of your heroes (with soft cap in parentheses).
    NOTE: Going over soft cap voluntarily or by gm's decision will in most cases result in interest clash, misunderstanding and even deadly duels or unhealthy competition.

    % of population ready to fight back in dire situation. (Militia is weaker than military!)
    1 militia unit = 2% of your population. (NOTE: losing militia units means losing your population!)
    You will only have access to militia units if your settlement is under attack

    % of population in disagreement with current state of affairs of your civilization. And as such, % of population you can NOT control with your actions! (NPC part of your nation GM will use to wreck havoc, beware!)
    Being in negatives (and sometimes even in high positives!) with any other civ stat, making controversial decisions, failed actions, radical changes in everyday life of your civilization, other players' espionage actions, all might support opposition growth.
    You can't go without opposition, no matter how you try, so don't worry too much about low numbers. But, at 15% is where you want to start worrying.
    Higher opposition also makes other players' espionage actions inside your borders easier.

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Fri 13 Sep 2019
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Some clarification on military:

For the sake of simplification and as a widely used concept, we will use "unit(s)" to operate armies.

Mustering a military unit:
  •   requires military or nation action
  •   Requires access to appropriate technology
  •   Requires possibility and availability of appropriate resources, tools, production capabilities...
  •   Takes 1% of your population (unless otherwise ruled by GM)
  •   Always costs some wealth
  •   Might affect happiness of your civilization

Unit statistics explanation:
  • Con (condition):
      Shows % of warriors in a unit still capable of fighting, and shows % of injured warriors. (basically "health" of a unit)
      at 50% unit suffers some penalties to all stats, and loses morale.
  • Att (attack): damage a unit deals when it attacks, and attack type (weapon dependent).
    Attack types:
      Slash: bonus att vs unarmored, militia, pierce weapons (units equipped with pierce weapons as their main); higher chances to kill or maim instead of injuring
      Bash: bonus att and def vs slash weapons; higher chances to maim or injure instead of killing
      Pierce: ignore 50% (round down) of armor; bonus att and def vs cavalry
  • Def (defense): (NOT ARMOR) damage a unit deals back when it is attacked.
  • Ar (armor): reduces damage a unit takes. att - ar = damage (min 1).
  • St (stamina): physical readiness of a unit to keep fighting. Every move drains stamina (heavily equipped units drain stamina even faster). At 0 stamina a unit suffers some penalties to all stats, and any move drains morale instead.
  • Mrl (morale):
      mental willingness of a unit to keep fighting. Injuries and deaths drain morale as well as a lot of maneuvers and combat situations, like being flanked or outnumbered.
      At 50% morale a unit suffers some penalties to all stats.
      At 0 a unit will flee or surrender.
  • Pro (prowess): how much a unit excels in combat (essentially, how experienced a unit is). Prowess adds directly to att, def, stamina, morale. Might have other effects.
  • Maneuvers: Special maneuvers a unit can perform (you can always attempt a maneuver even if its not mentioned here, but having maneuver on this list guarantees correct execution).

(see more in examples sub-tab)
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Fri 13 Sep 2019
at 04:19
ROLES (Remarkable people)
Some clarification on heroes, leaders and generals:

All share same stats (3 good ones and 3 bad ones), but some might be more important than other to different roles (as with most other aspects of the game these are just guidelines):
    Three stats to help you:

  • Wits - this is smarts, brains, cunning... their ability to make "correct" decisions, both quick ones and deeply thought out. Most important stat for generals.

  • Socials - ability to influence others by words AND by social/political weight. This includes all sorts of social interactions: negotiations, bluff, intimidation... Most important stat for leaders.

  • Prowess - ability to fight. Most important stat for heroes.

    ...and 3 stats to ruin your life:

  • Devotion - this shows how much they are interested in playing big part in your nation's history. Low devotion means great person might just quit their career for a calm and peaceful (hopefully) life. Or they might go adventuring.

  • Loyalty - the lower this stat the higher chances they disobey/hinder your actions, betray, or join opposition or even other player. High loyalty might help keep a person with low devotion at your services (...for a bit longer).

  • Altruism - This is a real B**ch! Both low and high altruism might completely drive a person away from their path.
    Leaders with high altruism might refuse/sabotage harmful actions or even completely replay those to their liking if they see a more altruistic way to do so.
    Low altruism generals might sacrifice your entire army just to save their sorry ass in a lost battle...
    A lot of events and decisions would also affect people with low and high altruism. (This is GM's stat, totally here to bring more fun into the game! Don't try to fight it, just role-play along ;)  )

These stats will range from 1 to 10, and extremes should be extremely rare. (NOTE: for wits, socials, prowess 1 means common folk level! So essentially, not a bad stat, just nothing remarkable.)

Finally, keep in mind all great people are first of all ...people. They all have their own desires, ambitions, affairs, weaknesses, fears and weird quirks. They are also mortal, so don't get too attached. Don't expect them to stay forever, that's what legends are for ;)

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