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RTJ and Character Creation
When submitting an RTJ, please include at least one character concept; the more detail the better, but no novels, please.

Characters will start at PL 10, with 150 Power Points to spend.

Books Used
Mutants & Masterminds 3rd Edition

Origin & Power Descriptors
Characters are required to specify an "origin" explaining the nature of their incredible abilities. This need only be a single word or two, and characters are welcome to choose more than one if appropriate to their concept; this origin will almost certainly be a common factor in their Power Descriptors as well, but this is not required.

The purpose of origins is mostly to add flavour to the game world; they impose little mechanical effect.

Sample origins include:
  • Magic: The character's power is derived from some magical source; includes mastery of spell-casting, power bestowed by ancient wizards, or a pocket full of magic items.
  • Mutant: Your gifts set you apart from others of your species. You may be a genetic freak or the next step in evolution, but you are certainly hated and feared by non-mutants.
  • Natural: Not exactly "super" at all, the character's amazing abilities are the result of superior genetics and intense training.
  • Science: The character's powers are the result of purposeful experimentation or genius run mad, whether intentionally or entirely by accident.
  • Technology: Your powers come from the amazing and unique equipment you have access to, whether as its inventor or its caretaker.

Characters must take a minimum of two Complications; while there is no actual maximum, five Complications can serve as a reasonable ceiling. Complications can and will change over the course of play.

Players should feel free to come up with their own unique Complications, subject to Editor approval.

Trade-Offs are limited to +/- 5.

Limited & Unavailable Traits
Time Travel Effects are restricted.

The Duplication Power allows a maximum of 25 duplicates.

Heroes are limited to a maximum of 25 NPCs acquired through either the Summon (Minions) Power or the Minions Feat.

Character Background

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