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Sat 5 Oct 2019
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Almost There
The moon came up, full and bright, both a blessing and a curse. You had been running for days. Playing cat and mouse with a small group of Rust Brothers who were taking advantage of the clear paths to ambush unwary travelers. You weren't caught completely unaware but not all of your party managed to to escape. Now it was not clear who was after who. You wanted your supplies and your companion, they wanted further bodies for whatever the Brotherhood used bodies for.

Food was scarce and you were getting further away from the lands you knew with your map with the Brothers. Something needed to change soon as you gathered to plan your night.
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Sat 5 Oct 2019
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Almost There
The light of the moon was both blessing and curse, Arkhos thought, both lighting their way yet also making them easier to find. His ragged, hooded cloak flapped about him as he darted across the undergrowth, and for perhaps the hundredth time his mind raced over how they had been ambushed and why he had been unable to see it, and how he could prevent it from happening again.

But the truth was of-course the same as it always was. Days of uneventful travel had made Arkhos lax, and it had only been Onix's cry of warning mere moments before the trap had been sprung that had allowed the orc to escape capture and possibly death. He had called out a warning to the others, and they had been running ever since.

As if summoned by the mere thought of its name, Arkhos spotted the falcon flying across the moon in the night sky and smiled, his bird companion's form bringing a sense of peace to him as it usually did.

He stopped then, letting the others catch up and turned, gazing at them with narrowed eyes. "The tracks and the trail do not lie, the Rust Brothers are close. Are we all decided then, will it be revenge and plunder from their corpses at the risk of our own lives? Or do we go in the opposite direction and hide until they pass? We must decide tonight if we are a pack of wolves, or jackals."

Arkhos knew he was letting his own feelings color his little speech, but the ambush and the subsequent mad dash had stung. He wanted his pride back and have revenge on the accursed vermin who thought they could kill or enslave him with impunity.
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Sun 6 Oct 2019
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Almost There
Toliek heard the shout just as he saw the shadows of the attackers.

The goblin cursed himself for not sporting the ambush.

He saw others fleeing and yet others, the slowest of the group, being captured.

He suddenly did something totally against all goblin nature.
Sliding off his great big timber wolf he grabbed a small blade from his saddle bag and tucked it deep under his leather armour out of sight.

Turning to his companion"well girl seems like they all need us " he said with a sly grin "keep those escaping safe and help them to track those that are captured I'm counting on you to rescue me so don't let me down"

With that the goblin sprinted forward and into the midst of the attackers. He beat one to the ground before he was eventually brought down and bound.

The wolf looked on at her friends action with a look of concern in her eyes before snorting and racing off in the other direction after the others. She leapt at one attacker on the way taking its throat out in mid air before continuing on to give as much protection to the fleeing people as she could.
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Sun 6 Oct 2019
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Almost There
Eyes glinting beneath the moon, Helmund let out a low chuckle at the taller greenskin's snarled call to arms; his own chest heaved a little and he snapped his fingers softly to call Blackmane to him - hoping the bulkier timber wolf of his long-time companion Tokiel would follow. Letting his breath slow, he twisted Blackmane's fur in his fingers, considering.

After a moment he offered a plan, "If we are to be wolves ... and half of us are ... then we must hunt them like wolves. Strike from concealment, hard and fast, then fade and strike again. Cut them from their pack, isolate them one by one and kill them swiftly"
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Sat 12 Oct 2019
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Almost There
[Elsewhere, in a thicket some distance away...]

Silver's eyes opened, head still aching and throbbing painfully from where it had been struck just some time prior - though she could hardly recall how much time had truly passed. Her vision was blurry with spots and tears as she slowly drew herself up into a seated position, trying to look around at where she was being kept. She barely recalled the attack that had landed her here in this prison, only that it had stung and left her caged like a beast behind iron bars.

Painfully grunting and hissing as she gripped the bars with her bare hands, she recoiled at the touch of iron and let out panting gasps. "Gruh!," she cried, "Metal, metal, everywhere..." It soon became a mantra as she shifted herself from place to place, trying to find some way out through the bars - to no avail, as they enclosed her rather firmly.

As she regained her faculties and slowly tried to gather her wits about herself, she looked around for the people that had captured her - the Rust Brothers, - and the other captives. If she could not find a way out, at least she could observe and learn about what was going on here - being this close to other people had already begun to set her on edge, but she was determined to find a way out.