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STARS & Friends:

Another timeline? Yes. No timeline concerns.

Build rules:
30 Freebie points
150 XP to start.
Fostern rank, with 3 extra Permanent Renown (Justification for lower/higher ratings: “Time is weird, but Spirits like to talk, so it’s possible your mileage may vary.”)
1 lvl 2 Gift (Any Breed/Tribe/Auspice. Garou Only, knuckleheads.)
1 Bonus Breed/Tribe/Auspice Gift.
Notable Heritage (If you have it) might be HILARIOUS.
Metis beware. Dark Ages = ‘Metis? Leave ‘em to die.’ at best.
Glasswalkers: Remain Glasswalkers, as the Warders of Man followed Cockroach, but it should be HILARIOUS to interact with the Warders of Man… And Old vs New Cockroach meeting should be funny.

Modern Totems: Kept if you had any, though without a proper Shrine they will fade and be replaced with a contemporary version. With a Shrine, they WILL rejoin their Contemporary counterpart and become an amalgam of contemporary personality/incarnation. No modification to capabilities/bonuses/Bans, but personality will change. ((Justification for potential changes due to ST handling.))

Firearms: If you had any? You have them. But that’s all you have. Bullets are gonna be painful to reinvent, but knowing it’s possible and having a basis of how they work = good starting ground for learning necessary abilities. ((Read: Science (Chemistry) for the creation of gunpowder/Cordite, Enigmas/Etiquette to ask the spirits for aid, etc.))

Asking Spirits for Help reinventing bullets with cordite charges: This is gonna be a tough gig, to say the least. You’re going to have to HAVE one to show the spirits, you’re going to have to speak to a spirit of Science or Technology (Wisdom, mainly, but War spirits might know…) and will involve an extended roll of Charisma+Etiquette to convince them to assist, Diff. 7, with a minimum of 35 successes, rolling 1/week with access to both those same spirits AND a chemistry lab (Difficult to find/produce in this time period.)

Reinventing bullets in a mundane fashion:
Need to have Science (Chemistry) 4, Enigmas 3, and Int 4. To make the bullets themselves? Craft (Gunsmithing) will need to be rolled at Difficulty 6, +2 Penalty if you don’t have access to fine machining tools.

Use a modern sheet, not Dark Ages.

Idea: STARS & Friends (Mudbuggers, random people who got caught in the ‘event, etc.) find themselves and 3 square-mile of territory around them transplanted into 1298 Germany, near the Black Forest.

Where was the Pack and their friends when this happened? What were they doing at the time? What kind of landscape just transferred with them? Was it a long stretch of road with a rest-stop in 1 mile while they drove away from the shithole that was NOLA? Was it a small town with barely 100 people in it who’ll likely die within the first week if not taken care of in this world without modern conveniences (Or kill each other now that they finally can and not be punished for it?)

And what’ll they do about being so damned close to the main Get of Fenris Sept in Europe right at the start of the transition from the Medieval Warm climate to the Little Ice Age?

General rules (ST/Players alike)
When STing, your PC may only interact through Pack Link or letters. Never directly and may not impact the players interactions (No running up a tab on one of your packmates and then skipping the bill in a city they’re gonna be in, that kind of thing.)

STs characters will be ‘off in the world.’ This cannot be held against the character in question. XP will be gained, but no Renown. They are not allowed to interact with the plot directly, unless through intermediaries to assist on their behalf such as Kinfolk, Allies, or Contacts.

Such backgrounds are not transferred from modern time period, but the characters will be given the chance to claim Kinfolk as befitting their ratings unless the Kinfolk is important to your character in some way. Kinfolk NPCs will explicitly be under Player direction, but ST control. The players may tell the ST, ‘Hey, I’m telling my wife/husband/kid/cousin who’s never more than 3 miles away from me that we need him/her/them/etc. To go to the local village to pick up some stuff’ or ‘I’ll put Jacob, my brother (who was traveling with the Pack at the time) in charge of the mining operation, so’s we have incoming ore for use in building projects’ or the like…. And the ST can say ‘They agree’ and roll appropriate pools, or they can say ‘Your Kinfolk is having a small mental breakdown at the moment/is trying to take care of thirteen war orhpans/is attempting to hit on that cute Black Fury who just came by and is thusly busy and tells you they’ll do it when they’re able.’

Kinfolk are **people.** not auto-dispensing Resource Grinding Machines. Finding themselves hundreds of years in the past is likely to cause some *issues.*

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Tue 17 Sep 2019
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Rules on Attributes/Abilities/Rituals:

No special rules here. move along.

Abilities with multiple Specialties (Craft, Academics, Science, etc.): You may start with 1 free specialty when you purchase 1 dot of these abilities. You may purchase additional specialties for 2 XP/Specialty. Without the appropriate specialty, you cannot use your full ability for application.

Ex: Joe Strongbow has Craft 3 (Woodworking). He cannot then use 3 dice for a blacksmithing roll. If he spends 2 XP to BUY Blacksmithing as a specialty? he gets his full dice pool to the roll.

If you have the Rituals Ability? Pick a number of rituals that Make Sense for your character to have, and put them on your sheet. be prepared to explain to me why your Ragabash has a metric ton of Punishment Rites, or Rights of Renown, etc. or why your Ahroun has a fuckload of Mystic Rites.