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Fri 20 Sep 2019
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You're barely in and a handful of cut-throats measure your size. Not fond of cops in these parts. You climb down the stairs, testing your luck at every step. Dizzy plays the trombone in the back, broken by Mack's percussion. The mahogany counter has seen better days... You add your own round spot, whisky on the rocks. Kat, the australian bartender, winks at you and hides her accent - tough days for a foreigner, even for one as connected as her.

You glance around to see Tommy the Head spitting hate against the Weeper, his gorilla accountant. Neanderthal Mobs do it for the blood, they say. You don't wanna find out...

Sandra comes around and asks if you wanna see what she's got. Most people won't keep up. You, on the other hand, know what she means: the mind reader has a secret to sell. The price's the problem - she only takes favors...

[Welcome to Club Harvest, the lounge area for characters being built. Talk to the NPCs, talk to each other, ask a few questions, answer some more... Who knows, you mind even find out who you are...]

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Fri 20 Sep 2019
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It was just AHAB's nature that, when she arrived in a new place, the first thing she wanted to check out was the local food. However, she was too small to carry more than an emergency supply of money, and so her options in a new place tended to be limited by her and her family's efforts to establish lines of credit on her behalf. Since that request came with a condition of "expect a six-inch-tall doll to come sample your merchandise without actually eating any," she tended to have a pretty random mix of experiences. Like now, for example, winding up not in a restaurant at all, but a bar.

Still, AHAB was looking on the bright side, as she usually did. The clientele and atmosphere here were certainly interesting, and the staff seemed friendly. She was standing on the bar directly when Kat brought her drink, since she'd never be able to reach it from a stool. "Thank you," she said with an almost invisible smile when Kat brought her drink. Her lips didn't move to form the words. "Can I have an empty glass as well, please?" She waited to sample her whisky until she had it, though she did lean over the glass to take a curious smell of it.

She was mildly surprised when Sandra came over to talk to her, since people often didn't unless it was to view her as a curio. In a way she appreciated being treated as a customer, even if she wasn't buying. She was new to the city, pretty much acting as a tourist, and didn't care to immediately land in an unknown debt. "Thank you, but not right now," she said to the mindreader, still smiling in her hard-to-see way. After that, she just went back to looking around the bar curiously while she waited for her extra glass.

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