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Please, post info for your NPCs here!
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Personality: Menshnaffit checks all the a****** boxes for an intergalactically lauded artist: he is aloof, arrogant, elitist, entitled, indecisive, opinionated, oppressive, and uncompromising, and that's just the vowels.  All in all, a difficult man, with steep expectations and a limited capacity for affection or approval.  Generally.  While much of his work is routine and functionally disposable, he does have pride reserved for his true masterpieces and particular ire for his self-perceived failure.  Singular.

Technically a doctor as part of being a geneticist, Menshnaffit's ethical code differs from the Hippocratic Oath.  He will never directly take a (partially or more sentient) life, but he has no issue with putting an organism in its 'natural enough' environment and letting nature take its fair course while he remains willfully ignorant of the result.

Other than Amnian and Sjshr'Monshrrjgian aesthetics, Menashnaffit values: telepathy as a function of intellect (and, by proxy, views non-telepaths as some combination of stupid or at the very least cripplingly handicapped); creativity; reputation; and integrity.  While physical health is important to him (largely due to related aesthetics), he places little value in any natural ability he deems irrelevant based on available technological and possibly even organic machines - who needs to run fast when a ship can travel between inhabited planets in the span of several hours?

Walker's perspective: 'Father' might have been ashamed of Walker and kept him at arms' length, but on the other hand he insisted on some family-like traditions, such as collective meals and holiday celebrations, though none common to anyone on Earth - those occasions were all Walker saw of his 'father' - while Menashnaffit saw fit to give Walker a proper education - meaning an Amnian teaching device to rigorously impart the boy with a 'basic' knowledge of culture, art, language, math, particular physics, genetics, and a handful of areas of study no human language has a word for - starting even before it was clear that Walker was not the devastating failure that he is.  However, Menashnaffit made no secret about his contempt for Walker as a failure in terms of his physical appearance, lack of even basic Argent telepathy, and 'disappointing' academic progression.  All are sentiments Walker whole-heartedly agrees with, so can hardly blame Menashnaffit for anything but failing in Walker's own creation.

Comparatively, Menashnaffit is aggressively protective of Portia.  He dotes on her constantly, and is unable to refuse her; sentiments that Walker wholeheartedly echoes.

At present, Menashnaffit doesn't even acknowledge that Walker ever existed, effective from the moment Menashnaffit sent a missive to Walker instructing him to pack his things in a bag or two and immediately vacate the premises with no intention to return.  Locks and security codes changed, and from that point Walker might as well have never been painstakingly spliced together from nine thousand different living organisms.

OOC Perspective and history: Menashnaffit, a well-renowned Argent genetic 'artist' migrated from a planet called Sjshr'Monshrrjge, home to an advanced society known as the Amna.  Their physiology is similar enough to human that Menashnaffit, a fifty-eighth generation Argent hybrid on that planet, can function with relatively few complications on Earth.  Despite his relocation, and the wide array of untapped potential within terrestrial genetic code, Menashnaffit is a bit of a snob when it comes to aesthetics, staunchly refusing to abide Earthly influences when designing his vegetation, microbes, and most especially his 'children' unless there is a specific call for it (such as commissioned work, or 'if its purple it will stick out and predators will eat it').

His work keeps him busy, ranging from the more practical super-crops and gene-therapies to 'artwork,' the latter including projects such as the now 600 lb tiger he genetically modified to be fully domesticated at Portia's casual request.  While his work and expertise are widely regarded, Menashnaffit himself is not particularly well-liked even among the other Argent due to some of his eccentricities and his judgmental nature.


The Amna, and by proxy Menashnaffit and Portia, are roughly bipedal, though generally two-thirds the height and stouter than the typical human by a factor of two.  Instead of a skeletal structure, they have a cartilaginous 'tubing,' making them far more flexible than humans and more resilient to certain dangers (like blunt-force trauma) but also physically weaker.  Their brains are located in their chests, which combined with their regenerative capabilities makes decapitation painful and temporarily debilitating but not inherently fatal.  Their touch and hearing are consolidated in a similar way to human taste and smell, with the most sensitive receptor for both a thin webbing between the three bulbous digits they have on each hand and foot.  The Amna are amphibious, and generally more comfortable in water.  Their oily skin, and green-purple coloring reflect that.  To the typical human, they look kinda like giant, colorful, spotted, upright frogs, but lacking any discernible joints; their limbs arch and bow instead of bend.  In lieu of hair, their species has a symbiotic relationship with a seaweed-like, phosphorescent plant - the basic hue of the fronds and the specific color it glows serve as similar identifying features as lingual accents on Earth.

Personality: Portia has a gentle wisdom far beyond her years.  She does not view herself as the same pristine masterpiece her creator does, instead keenly pragmatic of what her state and prospects are.  She is beautiful, yes - but not by any metric that actually means anything anywhere close-by.  Her brother, on the other hand, is infuriatingly obtuse when it comes to recognizing that he, the 'mistake,' is actually...never mind.

...So maybe also a little passive-aggressive.  Hey, don't judge; it's hard being the smartest one on the planet.

Portia has a deep-seated sense of ethics.  Sure, she CAN grab the reins and make people want, think, and do what she chooses, but someone has to be the adult that lets everyone make mistakes and otherwise have enough rope to hang themselves.  The particularly frustrating part of her own self-imposed ethics is putting up with her 'family's' endless praise of her.  She's not perfect, despite what they think of her genetics, but on the other hand will only defend her stance on logic rather than just forcing agreement.  And she has her own sets of difficulties and demons; given the choice, she would look more human and less...plush frog.  On that note, Portia is enamored by Earth creatures and customs.

Walker's perspective: Three years apart in age and several miles in residence, Portia and Walker are quite close despite her clear superiority over him in every field that matters, including their 'father's' opinions of the two of them.  Though still young, Walker is confident that Portia will excel in some as of yet undefined manner.  The one issue they disagree about is whether or not Walker is inferior - Walker is resigned to accept Menashnaffit's assessment, whereas Portia takes any such insinuations as a personal attack.  She is furthermore the only one who considers Walker to be an Argent, even if only about 0.6% of his genetics match Argent 'core code.'  Portia herself is a comparatively whopping 8%.  The remainder of both of them are similar figures coming from flora and fauna in a multitude of Argent-inhabited planets.

Despite Walker's banishment out of Menashnaffit's home, Portia keeps in regular contact via her potent telepathic gifts.  Generally on late evenings when she can slip away from Menashnaffit and Walker can find some time to be alone, they catch each other up on their previous weeks - Walker interested in what Portia is working on or studying or whatever, and Portia eager for details of the world beyond her gilded cage.

OOC Perspective and history: It's not always easy being the crowning achievement, the perfect daughter, or the younger sister.  Portia shoulders all three burdens with astonishing grace.

Portia is one of the strongest telepaths living and one of the most brilliant minds in Nouveau, but she fairly solidly sequestered by her particularly overprotective 'father.'  That doesn't actually stop her from exploring the city, and despite never having really left her 'father's' abode is more worldly than her brother by far.  For her, it's a relatively simple matter to project an 'avatar' into the streets of Nouveau - or Paris for the same effort - to interact with the people.  Her one failing in her exploration is she can't actually interact with anything - she has to borrow the senses of whomever is in the vicinity, as well as occasionally their hands or stomachs.  While not necessarily more so than her own Amnaian appearance, Portia secretly finds terrestrial hominids' anatomy appealing.  She even 'dates' a sampling of Neanderthals, Atlaneans, and reptilians through her illusory projections.  Sometimes at the same time.  As in, ACTUALLY at the same time, hundreds of miles away.

Personality: Despite being shrewd in his business pursuits and being one of the most powerful (fiscally, at the very least) people on the planet, Germane is generally a likable, mild-mannered man.  He has a lazy smile and a hearty laugh, and a silent confidence in everything he does.  Germane's sense of humor is fairly high-brow, to the extent he will drop a witty barb if the general mood is too base.

Unlike other embarrassingly wealthy men, Germane does not search out companionship, of any kind, on the basis of credentials alone nor does he use his wealth to acquire friendship.  Sure, he'll sit with presidents and heads of state, but he won't accept a second invitation if he didn't like the man personally.  In point of fact, Germane's household staff is almost entirely comprised of people he offered jobs to only after befriending them, from the half-human/half-Atlantean who serves as his head butler to the Neanderthal that supplies groceries to the house.  The remainder are mostly favors to friends, like his former gardener's grandson who now cares for the stable of genetically-created unicorns he had originally commissioned for his ex-wife's birthday one year.

Germane's altruism extends far beyond Walker, though Walker is a special case regardless.  At any given point, Germane's charity foundation takes on the base living and tuition costs of three orphans per year for the duration of their university studies in addition to funding three orphanages (Gorilla, human, and Reptilian respectively), a handful of hospitals, libraries, and a street's worth of artist-colony.  Walker, though....  Colin has an obvious, genuine, paternal affection for the lad, as though Walker were his own flesh and blood at this point.

Colin has his rituals.  Rise at five-thirty to be 'presentable' for at six, sharp, breakfast and coffee with three newspapers - one he owns, one the Rockefellers bought to compete with him, and the Times.  Then, by seven, the start of the work-day.  A second coffee - a latte please, Genevieve - by seven-fifteen.  A break for lunch and a constitutional at eleven - Walker, you dear, handsome devil, stop working so hard and take air with me in the park - and back for one meeting or another by one-o-clock  Tea and biscuits at three - the British have that so right.  Come, have a scone, Mark.  No, sugar then milk.  Lighten up, chap; it's only tea - sometimes even in the middle of a meeting.  Finish work at four-thirty, off home and change to riding gear and take Peppercorn and Ash for a ride, but try to remember that Ash can't so much as scuff Walker's boots if the Walker doesn't let him.  No matter how frustratingly bad Walker is around horses.  Roughly four-thirty six, lightly jibe at Walker's expense regarding how absolutely tragic he is in the saddle.  From about five to five-fifteen is bedding down the unicorns, upkeep of gear depending on time, or hand it over to Jaime, then washed up and either changed for supper at home or a night out, restaurant and a show probably, or cards with the gents - Walker, doing that numbers-thing where you know everyone's cards is basically cheating.  Keep it up, my boy; you need it to balance off not being a good bluff - then retire with a nightcap and either a book or to watch Walker tinker.  Elaborate parties for Christmas and Easter, birthdays, Labor Day, and at least one in the summer at no set date.  Travel, usually to Europe, for parts of the winter and summer.  At least one good hunting or fishing day per season - for Pete's sake, Walker; make it sporting and use the gun....  Weekends generally at one of his beach-houses, yachts, or on an extended riding/hunting/hiking/camping trip.  And so on.

Walker's perspective: Not that Walker was the shining example of well-adjusted to begin with, but Colin found him at his lowest point and took him in.  Though Walker still doesn't feel fully at home in Colin's manse (or, more correctly, any of Colin's private residences), he trusts Germane enough to bear that and other aspects of their relationship that put Walker outside his comfort zone.  Like parties.  Or like getting complimented and praised - the teasing jabs Walker takes seriously, and is much more comfortable with as a result.  He does reciprocate Germane's paternal affection, but it's a relatively foreign concept for Walker to experience first-hand, and as such makes him feel somewhat vulnerable and exposed.  Those, at least, are not entirely foreign.

Though Walker knows conceptually that Germane is one of the wealthiest beings on the planet, it's not really something that registers in that big 'ole brain of his.  Colin is 'Mr. Germane;' the kind soul who he both feels a debt and emotionally close to, not Colin Thaddeus Germane; Nouveau Nightly's 'the most powerful man in North America,' New York Tribune's 'businessmen's gentleman,' and at least a hundred other equally magnanimous titles.  Walker has similarly failed to notice that Germane was putting him to work in large part to groom him to take over, and eventually inherit, CTG Incorporated.

OOC Perspective and history:  Almost entirely self-made, Colin Germane's business acumen, to say nothing of his holdings, makes Andrew Carnegie look hapless and fumbling for twenty-years worth of fiscal rivalry.  However, their personal relationship was nothing if not respectful and any financial fencing light-hearted up until Carnegie's demise, though the same can not be said between Germane and John Rockefeller; the two have a spiteful relationship, and generally seek to slap their names on things to spite each other.  Their feud has helped the arts boom in Nouveau and other locations, and left Germane's homes positively littered with Renaissance and contemporary art.  Save Rockefeller and Germane themselves, who aren't sharing, no one is absolutely sure what is at the root of their disgust of one another.  For a man at the 'adult table,' Germane is comparatively young - at fifty-four, he's a good several decades younger than the other well-known North American financial giants, even if he overshadows them both.

His business was first built up as a delivery service, which blossomed up into a mega-corporation with lots of fingers in lots of pies, ranging from actual pies to weapon technologies.  Popular cultural references include that Argents brought their technology so Germane could make a profit from it, or that CTG Incorporated is an empire to rival Alexander's.

If Germane is anything other than normal, red-blooded human, he does a good job of hiding that part of himself.  He has distanced himself from his family, including his ex-wife and two children, due to their collective bickering over division of his assets as though he was already in the ground.  When he was in his early-forties.  With an army of Argent doctors making sure he stays healthy, and a few 'toys' to protect him from going the rout of Lincoln.  Because he is now technically single, and despite his middle age, Colin is generally still considered to be the most eligible bachelor in Nouveau, if not the world.  Suck on that egg, Rockefeller.

While others in his echelon are charitable to publicize their name or even out of genuine compassion, Germane's primary motivation of his charity is as an investment like any other, and he has an eye for those.  The orphans he cares for know full well who is caring for them, and they are well taken care of.  In turn, they bear him loyalty.  He might provide accommodations for factory workers in exchange for slightly lower salaries, but the economy of scale pays more than the difference.  Mr. Ford has the right of it, in that regard....  That, precisely, is where Walker comes in.  At least, at first.

There is the obvious.  Any paper with a picture of Walker printed on the cover is going to sell well - and once every six-or-seven months Germane makes sure to have Walker beside him when cutting a ribbon or announcing a new... doesn't even matter.  Put the boy's face on the paper, and people spend more attention on it than the large-print headline, and everyone from shrewd businessmen to giggling teen-aged girls will want a copy.  Having him around the house is not unpleasant, and not just in the same way that waking up every morning to a Kandinsky above the mantle is not unpleasant.  Though Walker might not recognize it, Germane is well aware of the lad's genius.  Reverse-engineering some of Walker's completed - then discarded - projects have yielded some lucrative patents to CTG Incorporated.  Walker's super-senses and other handy super-human gifts are just icing at that point - Walker can eavesdrop on everyone in a crowded room.  He can tell if the shrimp is fresh or not, or crush a building with his mind, or speak French.  Handy.

But there is more to it than that.  When they met, and even now, Walker's modest.  He's innocent.  He doesn't have a clear enough grasp of wealth to greedy.  And he's the right age to stand in for Colin Thaddeus Germane II and Harper Barcomb Germane from right before that horrible Christmas when Colin divorced his family.  So, yeah; Colin's gonna keep this one.
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Maximilian Corduroy - Master villain who gave Amy her powers.

Dirk Derringer - Man-of-mystery who opposed Maximilian Corduroy. Presumed dead.

T-cubed - Self-duplicating female musician who Amy and Silverback rescued from the mob. She plays instrumentals for them sometimes.

Nine-Fingerd Clyde - Neanhderthal. One of Club Silver and Steel's bouncers

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