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Wed 18 Sep 2019
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Game Rules
  • This game is listed as mature. While tempting to list it as adult to enforce a level of maturity, that would open doors not acceptable here.

  • Violence, romance, etc. are all fine. Graphic details restricted to adult games should never be used.
    So while violence is OK, graphic descriptions of torture would be right out. While romance is OK, graphic descriptions of sex would be right out. Etc. Fade to black well before reaching that point. Also, remember that some characters may be children or non-human, and decency and RPoL rules are even stricter when dealing with those.

  • Be nice to each other. Keep conflict between characters if fitting, but do not let it come between players. We're all here for fun. Let's make it enjoyable for all.

  • The game system is Ars Magica, 5th edition, with minimal tweaking.

Credits for this Game Rules to A Legacy Etched, a game from RPOL. I hope he wouldn´t mind I borrow his set of rules, but they were too good to pass.

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Wed 18 Sep 2019
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